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5 Serene Resorts in Palawan That’ll Help You Get Over a Broken Heart

These resorts in Palawan are your perfect spots to relax after a breakup.

By: Mira Maestrecampo | June 29, 2022
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Images: Cauayan Island Resort (L); Terra Sancta (R) Facebook pages

Breakups can be challenging, and sometimes it takes time to heal from wherever you are at that specific phase of your life. Travel is one of those if there’s any form or avenue of letting yourself heal from a broken heart. Distracting yourself from sad thoughts and bittersweet memories of your past takes time and courage. Taking some time off and letting your emotions out in the most relieving way possible can sometimes be in the form of going out in nature and basking in the ambiance of a serene beach—like that in Palawan. So these are some of the best recommended beautiful and serene resorts in Palawan to heal and relax while easing your worries and pain.

1. Terra Sancta

Address: Sitio Lugadia Brgy, Barangay Corong Corong, El Nido, 5313
Contact Number: 0928 1726899

Serene Resorts in Palawan – Resorts in Palawan – Palawan, serene resorts in Palawan

Images: Terra Sancta Facebook page

Terra Sancta is one of the prime resorts in Palawan that you should visit if you want to heal from a breakup and temporarily forget your heartaches. This luxury boutique hotel is built to be a sanctuary for the free-spirited wanderer who wants to shift to a new mindset and be surrounded by a calm and accessible environment. The hotel’s name, ‘Terra Sancta’, is derived from these Latin words, which translates to ‘Sacred Earth’. This boutique hotel is located at El Nido, Palawan, with seven boutique rooms where you can fully settle and relax.

When you stay and have your alone time, Terra Sancta is equipped with amenities just for that. A lush, hidden backyard paradise is just a few steps away from your room, where you can take a dip at the pool, do sunrise yoga, or read a happy and self-help book by the hammock. Terra Sancta also serves exclusive vegan and vegetarian menus cooked with only the best, handpicked, locally-sourced ingredients from local Filipino farmers.

Terra Sancta is just 50 meters from Corong Corong Beach, a 10-minute walk from Las Cabanas Beach, while the town of El Nido is just a 10-minute tricycle ride away. Terra Sancta can also make arrangements for you if you want to go diving, snorkeling, or canoeing. Massage services are also available at the boutique hotel, perfect for your self-care breather in Palawan.

2. Maremegmeg Beach Club

Address: Sitio Maremegmeg, Barangay Corong-corong 5313 El Nido, Philippines
Contact Number: 0999 7243965

Serene Resorts in Palawan – Resorts in Palawan – Palawan, resorts in Palawan

Images: Maremegmeg Beach Club Facebook page

Maremegmeg Beach Club offers all kinds of travelers a piece of Palawan’s paradise they can call their own. Situated along the magnificent Maregmegmeg Beach in El Nido, Palawan is a boutique resort where you can happily make new memories, refresh, and escape. Maremegmeg Beach Club awaits you in Palawan. Only 15 minutes away from El Nido town, nestles this lush resort. It is where you can laze away by the beach, swim by the infinity pool, have tasty snacks and refreshing drinks from the Maremegmeg Beach Bar, and many more activities that will ease any love life pains inflicted on you.

All rooms at Maremegmeg Beach Club are structured facing the beach’s turquoise waters. Exclusive balconies are also featured in this resort’s room amenities evoking a calm vibe throughout your stay. You can choose from the Double Sea View room, the Deluxe Queen Seaview room, or the King Sea View room. Whichever room you choose, the cozy interiors and the mesmerizing views are sure to comfort you and make you enjoy your single and alone time in one of the best serene resorts in Palawan.

At Maremegmeg Beach Club, beach activities are also available for an added thrill to your ‘me-time’ relaxation. You can have more enjoyable me-time moments by the crystal clear waters and white-sand beaches at Maremegmeg Beach Club. Activities available at the beach resort are sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and sunbathing. Of course, dining activities are a must since letting yourself enjoy the delicious food is also one of the ways to forget your post-breakup worries. Local and international dishes and many comfort food options. The Maremegmeg Beach Bar offers an extensive list of drinks, and you can choose from a wide array of meals and dishes and enjoy eating them at the al fresco restaurant.

3. Buko Beach Resort

Address: Sitio Lugadia, Corong-corong 5313 El Nido, Philippines
Contact Number: 0995 1010357

Serene Resorts in Palawan – Resorts in Palawan – Palawan, Palawan

Images: Buko Beach Resort Facebook page

A classic, eco-friendly, and nature paradise in jungle-clad mountains lies Buko Beach Resort. It is inspired by the stunning, natural beauty of Palawan. The resort’s overall amenities, interiors, and structures are built out of native materials made by Filipino craftsmen. The designs and classic, natural interiors of Buko Beach Resort exude uniqueness and establish the signature ‘Buko’ experience that will last on your core memory. Buko Beach Resort offers cottages, a spectacular Grand Villa accommodation, a restaurant, a beachfront bar, and other amenities that ease your mind and make you busy having the most relaxing vacation in Palawan.

What makes this peaceful resort in Palawan stunning are the abundant coconut or ‘buko’ trees that are maintained, and it’s good that not a single coconut tree was touched during the making of the resort. In the Philippines, the coconut is considered the “tree of life,” making the resort an avenue for you to reflect on life, just relax, and create new memories for yourself.

You can choose from six stunning and unique cottages in the vicinity of the resort, all giving you breathtaking views of the ocean, jungle landscapes, and unlimited sunset views. Each cabin has rustic yet elegant interiors, making you be one with nature in all senses. You can also choose the location of your cottage, from Sea View, Garden View, and Standard Cottage accommodation.

Buko Beach Resort offers the best cottages and has The Grand Villa accommodation, boasting to be the first and only of its kind in El Nido, Palawan. The Grand Villa is the epitome of Filipino artistry and iconic craftsmanship. This accommodation has four bedrooms and four bathrooms and is located by the beachfront. This accommodation is ideal if you want to get some company to make you laugh or even bring your fellow heartbroken friends with you. Imagine that ‘Camp Sawi’ vibes!

4. Cauayan Island Resort

Address: Cauayan Island Bacuit Bay, El Nido, 5313 Palawan
Contact Number: 0917 6329048

Serene Resorts in Palawan – Resorts in Palawan – Palawan, serene resorts in Palawan

Image: Cauayan Island Resort Facebook page

Cauayan Island Resort is the place for that dream, laid-back luxury. This lavish, private resort in Palawan is located on a remote island, and yes, you can enjoy the most intimate vacation time at this island resort. You will be warmly welcomed by picturesque coasts of white-sand shores and the calming sound of the gushing waters while surrounded by majestic limestone cliffs, which would give you the best escape away from all the pain and negativity. Each villa at Cauayan Island Resort is designed to offer the best kind of relaxation and comfort. If you opt for a quiet, indulgent, and luxury vacation to heal from a hurtful breakup, then Cauayan Island Resort is the best for you.

You can choose from five types of villas, all offering different picturesque views of the island. Cauayan Island Resort houses the following: Beach View Villa, which starts at PhP16,625 per night; Lagoon Villa accommodation which starts at PhP17,575 per night; the Beach Front Villa with rates from PhP24,225 per night, the Water Villa at PhP28,500 per night, the unique Resort View Cauayan Pool Villa starting at PhP43,225 per night, the Bay View Cauayan Pool Villa at PhP52,725 per night. If you like to make the most out of your alone time post-breakup vacation, you can book the Sunrise Cauayan Pool Villa accommodation, starting at PhP54,625 per night.

At Cauayan Island Resort, the possibilities are endless. They also offer water activities for you to experience: island hopping, diving, trekking, a sunset cruise, a dip in the infinity pool, meditating through yoga, kayaking, snorkeling, Fauna watching, shopping local crafts at the boutique, or continue your workout routine at the fitness center, even while on vacation. You can also have a healthy and rejuvenating escape with the resort’s wellness spa and experience the full-body Cauayan Signature Massage and the Cauayan Foot Reflex. The Cauayan Foot Reflex treatment uses bamboo sticks to apply pressure on target areas of your feet, making you feel genuine relaxation while in Palawan.

5. Flower Island Resort

Address: Barangay Casian, Big Budacan Island 5312 Taytay, Philippines
Contact Number: 0917 6354431 / 02 8100 266 loc. 110

Serene Resorts in Palawan – Resorts in Palawan – Palawan, resorts in Palawan

Images: Flower Island Resort Facebook page

Flower Island Resort remains the best resort in Palawan for nature lovers, making it a sanctuary for guests who want to pause and appreciate life. Flower Island Resort is firm in protecting the island’s natural resources and creating a resort haven that would harmonize with the beauty of nature. Simple yet classy amenities at this nature island resort: Pearl Restaurant, where you can satisfy your hunger with delectable dishes; recreation activities like walking by the beach, swimming, scuba diving, trekking, kayaking, standing board, and more for those who seek adventure; the resort’s exclusive spa set in the tropical midst of the resort where you can feel peace while being enveloped in nature; the Sunset Bar where you can grab a cool drink or a refreshing fruit cooler while ending the day with an immensely breathtaking sunset view; or simply enjoy and lay down by the hammock where you can listen to music, read a book, and hear the soothing sound of the sea waves.

The accommodations at Flower Island Resort are commendable because of the utmost comfort you experience throughout your stay. You can book the Deluxe Fan Villa accommodation with cottages fronting the best sea breeze to cool the room. The Standard Bamboo Suite is equipped with an air-conditioning unit, a private bathroom, a solar-powered hot shower, plus a veranda in each room overlooking the lush flora and sea views. The Deluxe Beach Villa is situated closer to the beach, the Designer Villa with a lavish bungalow with sophisticated and Balinese interiors, or have the Presidential Villa to yourself, a 250-square meter, luxury, tropical haven created by a well-known French designer. When you need the best post-breakup vacation in Palawan, Flower Island Resort comes to the rescue!

Breakups are complex, but dwelling on them will make them harder for you. Take a week off and spend it at these serene resorts in Palawan. Relax, release, and reset at these resorts while you enjoy and meditate with yourself, enjoy the sea views, witness sunset views, or eat your heart out at the resort’s restaurants. We know you can heal and do it!

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Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

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