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These Subic Tourist Destinations Will Complete Your Quick Weekend Getaway

Check out these fun things to do in Subic for your next getaway!

By: Viktor Austria | January 01, 2024
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Enjoy the sun with a quick weekend trip to Subic!

Images: Zoobic Safari (L); Ocean Adventure Subic Bay (R) Facebook pages

We’ve all dealt with that dilemma: everyone wants to travel, but no one has the time. You can’t just suddenly take days off, and your weekends serve as your rest days from the tiring week that passed.

That’s why when we get the time, where we spend it has to be worth the rare occasion, like going to these Subic tourist destinations. Enter Subic, a sanctuary in Central Luzon that has everything you need for a quick getaway: it’s always fun, it’s near Metro Manila, and most importantly, there are always new things to do in Subic.

So, when the stars align to finally give you a weekend to unwind, these places to visit in Subic are worth exploring!

1. Zoobic Safari

Where: Group 1 Ilanin Forest, Forest Adventure, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Rates: PhP895/adult; PhP795/children 3 to 4 feet

Subic Tourist Destination - Things To Do in Subic - Yoorekka, Subic tourist destination

Don’t worry; you’re always at a safe distance when engaging with the excited tigers at Zoobic Safari!

Image: Zoobic Safari Facebook page

First on our list of things to do in Subic is visiting the famous Subic tourist destination, the Zoobic Safari. A 25-hectare forest adventure park right at the heart of Subic Bay Freeport Zone, it prides itself as the first and only tiger safari in the entire country. This is one place to visit in Subic, where guests are treated to an exciting and educational tour of the ten safari sections conducted by expert tour guides. Another thing to do in Subic at the zoo is to have a chance to interact with the tigers in a close and comfortable range.

Going to this Subic tourist destination, board the train and take a trip through Zoobic Park, a petting zoo and animal observation area; the Savannah, where wild boars and ostriches roam; the Tiger Safari to witness the 400-pound beasts pounce around; the Croco Loco, a pit with over 200 crocodiles; or the Serpentarium, a curated exhibit of reptiles.

2. Ocean Adventure

Where: Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Rates: PhP850/13 years old; PhP680/12 years old, seniors, PWDs

Subic Tourist Destination - Things To Do in Subic - Yoorekka, things to do in Subic

Swim, play, and even dive with the dolphins living at Ocean Adventure in Subic!

Image: Ocean Adventure Subic Bay Facebook page

Perhaps you’d want to mingle with animals through an aquatic adventure, then your Subic tourist destination would be Ocean Adventure, the first open-water marine theme park in the Philippines. Beyond featuring marine wildlife as one of the things to do in Subic, Ocean Adventure works with environmentalists and conservationists who ensure that guests learn about marine wildlife conservation and be agents of change.

Play with different species of turtles, sea lions, jacks, sharks, and other energetic aquatic creatures. Explore the depths of marine life at this Subic tourist destination through their Voyager Aquarium and learn more about life underwater. You can even play, swim, and dive with dolphins at the beach or be their daily trainer!

3. El Kabayo Stables

Where: 1411 El Kabayo Road, Binictican, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Rate: PhP800/hour

Subic Tourist Destination - Things To Do in Subic - Yoorekka, places to visit in Subic

Ride a horse for a weekend or extend your help to the horses at El Kabayo Stables.

Image: El Kabayo Stables Subic Bay Facebook page

This next Subic tourist destination will make your dream come true; if you’ve ever dreamed of riding a horse as a kid, this place to visit in Subic offers that one-of-a-kind chance, even just for a day. At El Kabayo Stables, you ride a horse through the rolling meadows and the river brooks. You shouldn’t miss this thing to do in Subic! Riding a horse! With the help of expert guides at this Subic tourist destination, you are oriented to proper horseback riding and handling and taking care of horses.

Given its vast natural space, El Kabayo also offers team-building activity areas, photoshoot venues, and wedding locations with stunning natural settings.

The stables at this Subic tourist destination are managed by Wildlife in Need, an animal welfare organization. Through them, you can course any help you’d like to extend for the benefit of these lovable horses!

4. Funtastic Park

Where: Building 2070, Corregidor Highway, Ilanin Forest East District, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Rates: PhP350/4 ft above; PhP300/4 ft below

Subic Tourist Destination - Things To Do in Subic - Yoorekka, Subic tourist destination

Get in character and play with your chosen persona inside Funtastic Park’s interactive attractions.

Image: Funtastic Park official website

If you’d like, you can have just as much fun indoors at this Subic tourist destination, the Funtastic Park, a fun-filled theme park; this thing to do in Subic is designed to excite your senses and exercise your mind.

Interact with the paintings in the Trick Art Gallery, or be deceived by the designs of the Optical Illusion Wall and the Upside Down Room at this Subic tourist destination. Tread through the magical Enchanted Forest or take on the mind-boggling Mirror Maze. Kids also learn inside the Science Zone, the Pinoy Wall, and the Subic Bay History Corner. Another fun thing to do in Subic is to transform yourself into your favorite movie characters with tons of possible costumes and backgrounds at the Funtastic Park’s Costume Room.

Once you’re done at this Subic tourist destination, you can refresh yourself in the Fun Café, and don’t forget to personalize the memory by dropping by the Fun Souvenir Store!

5. Camayan Beach Resort

Where: Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Rates: Start at PhP5,200/night

Subic Tourist Destination - Things To Do in Subic - Yoorekka, things to do in Subic

Lounge along Subic crystalline beaches, brought to you by Camayan Beach Resort.

Image: Camayan Beach Resort Facebook page

This Subic tourist destination is your spot to unwind and unhinge yourself from the world's worries at the Camayan Beach Resort & Hotel in Subic. It is located at Camayan Wharf and is surrounded by lavish rainforests and picturesque white beaches. Camayan Beach Resort is the perfect place to visit in Subic to pamper yourself or the whole family.

They have rooms and suites custom-fitted to your travel needs, all of which offer a pleasant view of the verdant nature around the area. This Subic tourist destination has its in-house bistro and bar, the Reef Restaurant and the Sand Bar & Game Room. Not only that, another thing to do in Subic is to treat yourself to a massage! This Subic tourist destination also offers premium spa and massage services and partnered activities such as snorkeling, diving, horseback riding, and scheduled tours.

6. Inflatable Island

Where: Subic Bay Waters, R7W9+M57, Olongapo - Bugallon Rd, Olongapo, 2200 Zambales, Olongapo
Rates: Start at PhP899

Subic Tourist Destination - Things To Do in Subic - Yoorekka, places to visit in Subic

Behold the Unicornzilla and the Vortex, the newest additions to Subic’s infamous Inflatable Island!

Image: Inflatable Island PH Facebook page

Once you’re done exploring the rich resources of Subic, then it’s time to visit perhaps the top Subic tourist destination: Inflatable Island! A definitely a thrilling and fun thing to do in Subic.

It’s the largest floating water park in the Philippines and Asia, but it draws crowds because of more than just the aquatic adventure. Right smack in the middle of the park is the five-story high inflatable Unicornzilla, bringing our fantasies to life in the most outrageous proportions.

Aside from the enormous and colorful unicorn, another new attraction in this Subic tourist destination is the Vortex. Launch yourself into the 30-foot slide and splash into the waters below. Enjoy the other staple rides in the vast obstacle course, or relax in one of the vibrant bean bags and daybeds in the Sunflower Lounge on the beach!

7. Magaul Bird Park

Where: Ilanin Forest East, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Subic Tourist Destination - Things To Do in Subic - Yoorekka, Subic tourist destination

Inside Magaul Bird Park is the perfect place for respite amidst the brisk and colorful birds!

Image: Magaul Bird Park Facebook page

Perhaps you’d want a different wildlife encounter, a different kind of Subic tourist destination that involves our feathered friends from above. If you do, then Magaul Bird Park should be on your itinerary of things to do in Subic.

The park’s Wings of the World show is a must-try, as hundreds of birds of different colors and sizes swarm overhead in a spectacular display of life. Their Walk-In Aviary even lets you feed them while they’re perched on your shoulders. The lush nature park is the perfect Subic tourist destination to get your rest right inside their Bonsai Garden.

It is a place to visit in Subic if you’re up for the challenge; their Jungle Survival Demo tests your survival skills when left to live in a tropical forest. Finally, they also have their own Butterfly Garden and Insectarium that house other winged creatures.

October 2023 Update: Magaul Bird Park is temporarily closed and is yet to resume operations. But don’t worry, check out JEST Camp Subic for possible replacement.

Time is of the essence, so make sure you make the most of it by enjoying Subic at your heart’s content!

For more places to visit in Subic, check out Yoorekka Magazine!

This article was initially published in Yoorekka on May 09, 2019.

Rates may change without prior notice.

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