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Batangas Is Now Under GCQ, And Here Are Its Guidelines

See the changes in place in Batangas after the enhanced community quarantine.

By: Antonette Louise Guiao | May 20, 2020
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Here’s what will happen to Batangas under GCQ.

Last May 16, 2020, different places in the country were placed under different quarantine statuses depending on the COVID-19 cases in their areas. High-risk areas including NCR and Laguna were placed under modified enhanced community quarantine, and low-risk and moderate-risk areas were placed under general community quarantine. In line with this, Batangas’ quarantine status has also been downgraded. Since the province is labeled as a moderate-risk area, general community quarantine is now the new Batangas quarantine status. The province will now have to adjust once more to follow the given guidelines under this new level.

Batangas Is a Moderate-Risk Area under GCQ

Under general community quarantine, the area will now be observing more relaxed guidelines compared to those places still under enhanced community quarantine. Businesses and establishments excluding those involved in leisure and entertainment may partially reopen. However, strict safety measures must still be followed.

Businesses May Partially Resume Operations

Businesses are now allowed to resume operations, but the work force must be skeletal. 50% may work on site and the other half will work from home. These following businesses under different categories may continue to operate under GCQ:

Category I

• Agriculture, fishery and forestry industries, food manufacturing and food supply chain businesses, including food retail services such as supermarkets, grocery stores, and food preparation establishments in so far as take-out and delivery services, food delivery services, health-related establishments, the logistics sector, information technology and telecommunications companies, the media, at full operational capacity

Category II

• Mining and other manufacturing, export-oriented and other electronic commerce companies, as well as other delivery, repair and maintenance, and housing and office services

Category III

• Financial services, BPOs, legal and accounting, and auditing services, professional, scientific, and technical, and other non-leisure services, barber shops, salon, and other personal care as defined by DTI, and other non-leisure wholesale and retail establishments

Government offices may operate on full capacity, but they may adapt alternative working arrangements as per the guidelines of the Civil Service Commission. Alternative working arrangements such as work from home, skeletal workforce, four-day work week, and staggered working hours are permitted. Offices must also be disinfected, and employees must wear face masks upon leaving their homes.

Restaurants and other dining spots may resume operations as well, but dining in is prohibited. Only take-out and delivery services are allowed. Malls and other shopping centers may also open but with limited operations. People below 21 years old and 60 years old and above may only enter if they are going to buy essential goods.

Batangas To Still Observe Curfew and Limit People Outside

Despite being under GCQ, the province will still observe its 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM curfew. The curfew excludes those who are permitted to report back to the offices and industries. Only people between 21 years old to 59 years old are allowed to go out, as long as their purpose is to buy essentials only. Those between 0 to 20 years old and 60 years old and above, pregnant women, and people with existing health conditions are not allowed to leave their homes.

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