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7 Reliable Delivery Services in Palawan for Foods, Groceries, and More

Get your essentials delivered right to your doorsteps!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | March 17, 2022
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Satisfy your food cravings without the hassle with these exclusive delivery services in Palawan.

Image: Deliverya - Pasuyo, Pabili, Padala, atbp. Facebook page (R)

Nowadays, technology plays an indispensable part in consumer convenience, especially at the phase of the pandemic. Almost everybody has access to phones and the internet, and everything is accessible in a few clicks. One of the emerging industries is online shopping and food delivery services, especially since food is an essential and physiological requirement. For food, groceries, and other errands, these exclusive delivery services in Palawan are indeed your convenience buddies in case you might need assistance with your essential needs.

1. Foodline PH

Install Link:
Contact Number: 0915 3464554

7 Reliable Food Delivery Services in Palawan You Must Know, palawan

Order any food from viands to desserts at Foodline PH, based in Palawan.

Image: Foodline Philippines Facebook page

Foodline Philippines is a certified Palawan-based delivery service that delivers its customers and clients, sustains livelihood, and provides jobs to people amidst the pandemic. This delivery service charges minimal delivery fees, except when they have their ongoing promotions. The delivery fees are calculated based on customers’ distance from the store where they placed their orders. Consumers can check the Foodline PH’s app for varying delivery fees. Foodline PH also accepts cash on delivery payments after customers’ have placed their orders through the app. This delivery service also accepts payments through Gcash, PayMaya, or PayPal, subject to terms and conditions of the payment options.

Clients living abroad can also book food and groceries for their families in Palawan and process their payments through Western Union or bank transfer. Clients will need to pay their orders two days in advance to allow bank clearance with this transaction.

2. Deliverya - Pasuyo, Pabili, Padala, atbp.

Install Link:
Android -
iOS -
Contact Number: 0917 6307143

7 Reliable Food Delivery Services in Palawan You Must Know, food

Food, grocery, wine, drinks, and other essentials – you name it, and Deliverya can deliver anything at your doorstep.

Images: Deliverya - Pasuyo, Pabili, Padala, atbp. Facebook page

Deliverya delivery services provide secure, fast, reliable, and cost-efficient delivery services for any of your needs such as food, groceries, liquors, gadgets, parcels, and more. Clients can quickly get errands in a few clicks when they install the app through the iOS or Android app. With the app, customers can avail themselves of great discounts and free delivery. It will be easier for clients to have the app on their mobile phones since they can easily choose from their favorite stores. Deliverya values the efforts of their delivery riders; that is why they have a fair delivery rate of PhP45 for the first 3 km from pick up location to drop off location. For every kilometer more, PhP10 is added. If clients want to add a pick-up point, they must pay PhP15 for every location point.

3. GO Delivery Services Puerto Princesa


7 Reliable Food Delivery Services in Palawan You Must Know, delivery

GO Delivery Services in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, has been Palaweños’ trusted delivery partner for essential needs and services.

Image: Deliverya - Pasuyo, Pabili, Padala, atbp. Facebook page

GO Delivery Services delivers food, online items for sale, small parcels, does grocery errands, pays clients’ bills, and other pabili, pasuyo, and pasabuys. This delivery service in Palawan accepts orders through their active Facebook page through the Messenger app. GO Delivery Services can cater to your delivery needs from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. They also deliver food bilaos and food packages.

This delivery service is currently working on their app, which is still on trial.

4. Juan Delivery sa Puerto Princesa City

Contact Number: 0961 6606919

7 Reliable Food Delivery Services in Palawan You Must Know, food delivery

Craving for your favorite food but lazy to go out? Juan Delivery will take care of it for you.

Images: Juan Delivery sa Puerto Princesa City Facebook page

Juan Delivery is every consumer’s go-to delivery service for food deliveries. This delivery service can deliver their customers’ favorite food dishes to help them satisfy their food cravings. Juan Delivery is partnered with famous restaurants, fast food chains, food stalls, cafes, and high-class diners and delivers any food that you want right at the comforts of your home.

5. happyapp

Contact Number: 0917 8888966

7 Reliable Food Delivery Services in Palawan You Must Know, delivery services

This delivery service stays true to its tagline, “Food and happiness, delivered at your doorstep.”

Image: happyapp Facebook page

Happyapp is a popular delivery service in Palawan. They are the pioneer home-grown, streamlined food delivery app for Palaweños to enjoy their favorite, delicious food from trusted food merchants, establishments, food stalls, and food chains as they relax in the corners of their home.

Clients can order food needs anytime during breakfast, lunch, and dinner since this delivery service has almost all kinds of food options for your gastronomic needs anytime and anywhere in Palawan. They also have promotions, and clients can avail them upon using this delivery service’s app. Delivery fees also vary.

6. Excellcom Delivery - Call, Order & Drop

Install Link:
Contact Number:  0997 9981060

7 Reliable Food Delivery Services in Palawan You Must Know, news

Excellcom Delivery - Call, Order & Drop delivery service is in high demand in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Images: Excellcom Delivery - Call, Order & Drop Facebook page

Excellcom Delivery - Call, Order & Drop delivery services highlights their free delivery services upon installing their app on your mobile phones. Clients need not worry about their food needs, grocery errands, and parcel deliveries because Excellcom Delivery - Call, Order & Drop delivery services are always there to assist. They also have delivery services and errands other than food and groceries. These are medicines in local pharmacies, cakes and different party needs, customized bouquets, catering services, transportation services for outings and company services, bills payment, cash-in or cash-out errands via Gcash or bank transfer, and others.

This delivery service company is also open for franchise in exclusive locations in Palawan like Narra, Brookes Point, Coron, Roxas, and El Nido, Palawan.

7. Toktok Delivery Palawan Ph.

Install Link:
App Store:
Google Play:
Contact Number: 0992 3867077

7 Reliable Food Delivery Services in Palawan You Must Know, yoorekka philippines

The famous TokTok delivery service is also available in Palawan to serve you.

Images: Toktok Delivery Palawan Ph. Facebook page

The popular TokTok delivery service is also available in Palawan. It is a trusted nationwide delivery service that consumers can rely on, with an app designed to connect more people by providing delivery conveniences door-to-door. TokTok serves their customers’ satisfactory service while doing their errands hassle-free at the comforts of their home. This delivery service promotes not going out too much even though cases decrease.

They also have other items that clients can order and have delivered at their homes, such as skincare products, face masks, and other grocery necessities.

Palaweños can now enjoy hassle-free shopping and complete errands in the conveniences of their homes with these delivery services in Palawan that will ensure safe, fast, and affordable deliveries of their needs while staying safely inside their humble abodes.

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