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Beach Activities, Hiking, and More Are Now Allowed in Cebu

To revive tourism amid the pandemic, these activities are now allowed—but only for Cebuano tourists.

By: Shanice Reyes | July 31, 2020
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Activities in Cebu

The safety of the tourists and tourism workers is the utmost priority of the government, as Cebu Province reopens activities.

Before the pandemic, Cebu was a go-to place for diverse and vibrant tourism activities. Thousands of tourists visited the coasts and highlands to satisfy their adventurous spirits. But when the novel coronavirus broke out in the country, it affected the tourism sector, especially the world-famous island. Numerous Cebuanos depend on tourism for income, and months of lockdown dealt a blow on the industry. To revive the local economy, the provincial government has decided to resume the operations of various tourism activities in Cebu.

With domestic travelers anticipating the resumption of local tourism in the country, Cebu is listed as one of the spots to visit after quarantine. However, only Cebuanos can currently avail of the resumed activities in Cebu, which are as follows:

• Beach Activities
• Snorkeling
• Diving
• Whaleshark watching
• Canyoneering
• Spelunking
• Parasailing
• Zipline adventure
• ATV riding
• Hiking
• Trekking
• Mountaineering
• Sightseeing
• Cultural sites and museum visits

Local government units have coordinated with public and private stakeholders to make the safety of tourists and workers their top priority. Aside from making changes in guests handling, housekeeping, food service, and disinfection of spaces, the government laid out guidelines for tourists. Signed by Governor Gwen Garcia of Cebu, Executive Order No. 20-A outlined the guidelines and protocols to be followed.

For one, tourists are expected to book online through a portal which will also be used to transfer monetary payments. Walk-ins at the tourism activity spots in Cebu are not allowed. If tourists book tour packages, these must be fully paid beforehand. Beach-goers are also prohibited from bringing food and drinks on the beach, and the number of tourists at the beachfront was also brought down to half.

Meanwhile, for island hopping activities, only travelers in the same group are allowed to board the boat. They are also encouraged to double-check that the rented safety gears are properly disinfected with an Ultraviolet Germicidal Light. Swimmers who plan to go snorkeling must use their personal snorkels. For divers, the government strongly encourages that they purchase their own gears as well.

Until the island opens to everyone, the government encourages the rest of Filipinos to stay at home and be mindful of the new normal restrictions everywhere they go.

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