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Lakawon Island Resorts: A Paradise of the Province of Negros

Discover Lakawon Island, the white sand beach resort in Negros Occidental!

By: Paul T. Lizares | March 24, 2023
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Lakawon Island Resort, beach resort in Negros Occidental, Lakawon Island

Discover this white-sand beach resort in Negros!

Image: Lakawon Island

When in central Bacolod, one does not readily feel the sea breeze. It feels landlocked. Aren’t we supposed to be on a provincial island? Where are the beaches and the sunset views? But don’t feel so disappointed just yet! Visit Lakawon Island Resorts, one of the beach resorts in Negros Occidental that you shouldn’t miss!

There is one island in Negros that Bacoleños can claim as their own—a paradise close by for quick weekend getaways. A mere 1.5 hours away, Lakawon Island Resorts boasts of its prime white sand and crystal blue waters.

Excited to visit Lakawon Island this summer season? Read the article below.

Lakawon Island Resort - Beach Resort in Negros Occidental - Yoorekka, Lakawon Island Resort

The clear blue waters and pristine white sand of Lakawon Island.

Image: Lakawon Island

Back in the 1970s, this beach resort in Negros Occidental, when the youth of Bacolod needed a quick sojourn to the beach, friends would gather in the sugar farms near Cadiz and Manapla. They would bring their friends and ice chests filled with booze, usually in a Volkswagen combi-van. Permission from their respective parents would take several days of planning. Cadiz from Bacolod then was not a mere hop away with its unpaved roads leading to the boat docks of Cadiz Viejo, the drop-off point to get to Lakawon Island Resorts. So, ideally, it was better to stay at some friend’s hacienda (estate) overnight before the boat ride to paradise.

Lakawon Island Resort - Beach Resort in Negros Occidental - Yoorekka, beach resort in Negros Occidental

A bangka amidst the blue-green waters of Lakawon Island

Image: Lakawon Island

Early to arise, the youngsters would gather dockside for the next available bangka, or local outrigger boat, to ride to the island. Most already get giddy on the way. Once on Lakawon Island, some would settle under the shade while the rest frolic in the sun, sand, and sea all day. Food was usually brought in, depending on who organized the party. It usually involved grilled pork chops, squid, and crabs. But ubiquitous to the menu were the cases and bottles of San Miguel beer chilled in giant coolers with floating blocks of ice. Another menu staple at this beach resort in Negros Occidental was Tanduay Rhum, mixed with some Coca-Cola. It was beach and booze all day long.

Lakawon Island Resort - Beach Resort in Negros Occidental - Yoorekka, Lakawon Island

Umbrella huts dot the shore of Lakawon Island.

Image: Lakawon Island

Still, in the early days, the only activity to do in Lakawon Island Resorts, besides drinking, eating, sunbathing, and swimming, was taking a short walk to the northern and more secluded part of the island; there is a spectacular view of Gigantes Island, Panay. This beach resort in Negros Occidental used to be a community of inhabitants in the village to the west. However, only a few people went to that side except those who wanted to find snacks and cigarettes in the tiangges or small local stores. Visitors usually found enough attractions and frolicking on the white sand and crystal blue waters in the rest of the island. At the end of the day, drunken beach bums were dragged out of the beach and carried into their waiting boats.

Lakawon Island Resort - Beach Resort in Negros Occidental - Yoorekka, Lakawon Island Resort

A scenic sunset at Lakawon Island

Image: Lakawon Island

Revelers would typically leave Lakawon Island Resorts before sunset. In those days, it was considered unsafe to stay outdoors past dark due to the volatile political situation, not to mention the overprotective parents awaiting their children onshore.

Sunsets over the sea were phenomenal and much sought after. It has become an unspoken tradition among the locals to be on the 25-minute boat ride back to the main island during sunset, where one can have an unobstructed panoramic view. On the way back to the docks of Cadiz Viejo, travelers can see ahead the northern Negros mountain range. To the west, where the sun sets, are the islands of Panay, and back south is the Lakawon Island Resorts.

Lakawon Island Resort - Beach Resort in Negros Occidental - Yoorekka, beach resort in Negros Occidental

Bamboo houses for overnight use at Lakawon Island

Image: Lakawon Island

Jet skis and speed boats started to frequent the island as the years progressed. People would stop by Lakawon Island on their way to nearby Sicogon in the north or Bantayan Island in the east. A simple restaurant and overnight lodging huts were constructed to accommodate these visitors. And such developments made provisions from the mainland unnecessary.

As for food in this beach resort in Negros Occidental, squid cooked in black ink was usually the most sought-after dish on the menu. Shrimp marinated in soda, ginger, and garlic were also typically prepared. Grilled fresh fish of the day was always recommended at Lakawon Island Resorts.

Lakawon Island Resort - Beach Resort in Negros Occidental - Yoorekka, Lakawon Island

TawHai Floating Bar is one of the main attractions of the island.

Image: Lakawon Island

Finding ice and cold beer, however, was still a bummer. There was no electricity at Lakawon Island Resorts. It was still best to bring in that giant cooler with floating ice blocks and San Miguel beer. Revelers had to be hauled out of the island onto their jet skis, speedboats, bangka, or—when it was still brand new and in optimum condition—the resident island owner’s small hydrofoil. Those were the days.

Lakawon Island Resort - Beach Resort in Negros Occidental - Yoorekka, Lakawon Island Resort

Players compete in a professional beach volleyball match in Lakawon.

Image: Lakawon Island

Fast forward to 2015, the owners of the Lakawon Island Resorts decided to open up its resort management to interested developers—after taking care of the property for 30 years. So comes in Mr. Vladimir Gonzalez, resort management and operation lessee of Lakawon Island Resorts. For the past year, there has been ongoing construction on the island to accommodate a new generation of tourists and revelers belonging to Generations X, Y, and Z. This beach resort in Negros Occidental is now a place where professional beach volleyball competitions are held, where DJs from Manila play their clubbing music, and where high-end super jet skis and speed boats can be found, not to mention the occasional yachts.

Lakawon Island Resort - Beach Resort in Negros Occidental - Yoorekka, beach resort in Negros Occidental

Enjoy soaking in the sun

Image: Writer

Lakawon Island Resorts is bound to be dubbed the “Ibiza of Asia” when completed and fully operational. There will be suites and bungalows. A particular stage for DJs and events has been erected. An enormous clubhouse and restaurant will be waiting to be filled with visitors and diners.

But what is ready for action is TawHai Floating Bar. Made of fine wood, the boat has lounge chairs, cushions, sunbathing decks, and a fully stocked bar that can accommodate over a hundred guests. It resembles Noah’s ark from a distance but will be filled with human passengers geared up for a party instead of animals. It currently costs PhP285 to hop on board; the fee comes with complimentary drinks. The bar is open weekdays from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and weekends from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Address: Cadiz City, Negros Occidental
Contact No.: 0947 2483676
Email: lakawonislandreservation@gmail.com
Room Rates: Ranging from PhP4,399 to PhP13,799
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lakawonislandresort

How to Get to Lakawon Island Resorts
Take the Ceres Liner bus from Bacolod City at the north terminal to Cadiz City. Then, take a tricycle going to the port of Barangay Cadiz Viejo. The management provides boat rides that will take you to Lakawon Island resort when you arrive at the port.

From the days of old up to now, Lakawon Island resort continues attracting the heartiest beach partygoers. Its proximity to Bacolod is still its biggest draw, besides its pristine white sand and clear waters. The latest developments to the island will surely bring new stories and adventures for the new generations to wander off the legendary place in Negros called Lakawon Island.

Visit Yoorekka Magazine for more beach resorts and exciting travel destinations in Bacolod and Negros!

Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

This article was initially published in Yoorekka on September 03, 2016.

Rates may change without prior notice.

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