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Now That Travel is Lenient, Here are the 7 Best Resorts in Negros To Go for That Revenge Travel You Deserve

Let your vacation vengeance become a thing at these tourist destinations in Negros!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | March 24, 2023
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Negros Island has many white sand beaches, affordable resorts, and excellent vacation and summer spots for locals and tourists to discover and enjoy.

Images: Lakawon Island Resort Facebook page

Are you stressing out because of heavy workloads, deadlines, and schoolwork? Take a quick three-day off from all the stress and daily grind by booking a short vacation at these best resorts in Negros! Now that you are safe, healthy, boosted, and fully vaccinated, these tourist destinations in Negros no longer require antigen or swab tests from their well-loved guests, a definite sign from the universe to pack your bags and have that well-deserved break.

Check out these tourist destinations in Negros for that vacation vengeance you deserve!

1. Palmas del Mar Resort

Address: J.R Torres Avenue Tangub, Bacolod City
Contact No.: 03 4434 7971

Beach Resort in Negros - Tourist Destination in Negros - Yoorekka PH, best resort in Negros

A serene setting under the warm sun and a cocktail at Palmas del Mar is a lovely vacation idea.

Image: Palmas Del Mar Bacolod Facebook page

Suppose you ask any local or resident from Negros Occidental where to go for a relaxing vacation. In that case, this one of the best resorts in Negros will undoubtedly include Palmas del Mar Resort as a spot staple, located at the heart of Bacolod City in Barangay Tangub.

Palmas Del Mar has been a well-loved resort for many years, maintaining its classy and relaxing vibe that lives on the memories of anyone who stays there. Since it is a tourist destination in Negros, the resort houses two large swimming pools, a vast area with lush green gardens, a seaside view, and classy overnight accommodations ranging from PhP1,950 to PhP5,320. Palmas De Mar will satisfy you with the perfect, quick vacation spot in Negros as you choose from 55 well-appointed guest rooms ranging from standard accommodations to premier suites, cabanas, and poolside room accommodations.

Palmas Del Mar is the best resort in Negros for that weekend break without breaking your budget and without the compromise of a satisfying vacation relaxation.

2. Paradiso del Sur Beach Resort

Address: Brgy. Miranda, Hinigaran City, Negros Occidental
Contact No.: 0998 1772517

Beach Resort in Negros - Tourist Destination in Negros - Yoorekka PH, tourist destination in Negros

Nestled in the quiet town of Hinigaran, this resort offers tranquility and the feeling of life in the peaceful province.

Images: Paradiso del Sur Beach Resort Facebook page

Warm sunshine welcomes travelers, locals, and tourists to a slice of summer paradise at Paradiso del Sur Beach Resort. This humble and quiet paradise is like living the island life and having the experience of a vacation that feels like home. This best resort in Negros will take you only a two-hour journey from the airport; Paradiso Del Sur Beach Resort offers simple amenities that suit your budget.

This tourist destination in Negros does not require swab test results from its guests. When you book a stay at this beach resort, you might want to stay a little longer because of their vast space for strolling, night swimming by their pool, or simply hanging out by the beachside—simple and relaxing activities that you will relish and enjoy.

As one of the best resorts in Negros, Paradiso Del Sur Beach Resort has many room accommodations depending on the longevity of your stay and the number of persons you are with. The beach resort is perfect for wedding receptions, parties, and memorable celebrations and is a vacation spot in Negros.

This vacation spot in Negros features room accommodations suitable for two persons are available with their Pavilion Room (PhP1,500), Standard Room (PhP2,500), VIP Rooms 1 and 2 (PhP3,000), Cocobolo Suite (PhP3,000), PBR Hotel Rooms 1 and 2 (PhP5,000), and PBR Hotel Rooms 3, 4, and 5 (PhP3,000).

You can take your loved ones or friends on vacation at this best resort in Negros, hassle-free without the requirement of swab tests, and choose from the resort’s room accommodation options for groups of four to 10 people with room rates ranging from PhP3,000 to PhP6,000. They also have open cottages for rent or everyday getaways ranging from PhP200 to PhP3,000.

This best resort in Negros also has an entrance fee of PhP40 for adults and PhP20 for kids. The swimming pool has a separate entrance fee of PhP100 for adults and PhP80 for kids.

3. Antulang Beach Resort

Address: Siaton, Negros Oriental
Contact No.: 0977 8154306

Beach Resort in Negros - Tourist Destination in Negros - Yoorekka PH, vacation spots in Negros

The beach is waiting, summer is fast approaching, and the majestic Antulang Beach Resort awaits tourists and travelers who want to relax and enjoy the waves.

Images: Antulang Beach Facebook page

Staying true to their tagline, Kalingaw sa Antulang (Fun in Antulang), this beach resort is proud to be one of the best resorts in Negros with luxury accommodations. It features private pool villas, suites, and premier cottages with complete amenities such as outdoor jacuzzis, cable televisions, and minibars. This tourist destination in Negros is 40 kilometers south of Dumaguete City. Antulang Beach Resort is surrounded by sprawling hectares of impressive and sheer cliffs that give off a pleasant and breathtaking view, with bright-colored flowers and green trees.

The rooms at this best resort in Negros are situated at the cliff’s edges, ensuring guests have a vast and spectacular sea view. The resort also has a winding staircase leading to an isolated, white sand beach stretch, a perfect vacation spot in Negros for those who love having alone time.

As one of the best resorts in Negros, they also have activities like diving, snorkeling, kayaking, horseback riding, and cliff rappelling, adding thrill and excitement to your vacation. All of these experiences and slices of adventures are within your reach without the hassle of spending money to acquire swab test results. This best resort in Negros has Majestic views of the sunrise and sunset are also guaranteed at the resort, completing the ultimate, relaxing vacation experience.

Other resort amenities include at this tourist destination in Negros is a public infinity pool, a private pool inside the pool villa, a large dining restaurant for events, an expansive garden, beach and mountain views, a pool bar, and a function hall. Room rate accommodations run from PhP2,200 to PhP7,400. The rooms at this best resort in Negros have different rates for peak season.

4. Campoquino Bay Beach Resort

Address: Brgy. IV, Sipalay, Negros Occidental
Contact No.: 0951 7509403 or 0945 5141500

Beach Resort in Negros - Tourist Destination in Negros - Yoorekka PH, best resort in Negros\

The perfect beach and summer vacation does not have to be expensive at Campoquino Bay Beach Resort, Sipalay, Negros Occidental.

Image: Campoquino Bay Beach Resort

Sipalay City is thriving and continues to become one of the most sought-after summer vacation spots in Negros. The city boasts many well-regarded beach resorts and vacation spots, including Campoquino Bay Beach Resort in Barangay 4, Matlag, Sipalay. A pioneering resort in the city, this one of the best resorts in Negros is the most accessible among all the beaches in Sipalay, located only five minutes from the city proper and a three to four minutes land drive from Bacolod City.

Room accommodation options at this one of the best resorts in Negros are available for friends and families of all sizes, ranging from air-conditioned rooms to family beach houses at affordable rates. Air-conditioned spaces for two to four persons are PhP3,200, and rooms for four to six are PhP2,150. There are also Fan rooms at this best resort in Negros suitable for four to six people at only PhP1,300. An Attic Room (PhP1,500) accommodation is ideal for three people, the Family Beach House 1 to 3 (PhP4,300) is suitable for 15 people, and the Family Beach House 4 to 9 for 20 people at PhP5,300. A Cabin House (PhP7,500) accommodation is ideal for eight people, with its living room, kitchen, and terrace.

You can also camp in your tent and enjoy a bonfire with friends at this tourist destination in Negros for only PhP300 per head.

5. Lakawon Island Resort

Address: Cadiz City, Negros Occidental
Contact No.: 0947 2483676

Beach Resort in Negros - Tourist Destination in Negros - Yoorekka PH, tourist destination in Negros

The famous long bridge to the island is an Instagrammable scenery for taking photos and upgrading your feed!

Image: Lakawon Island Resort Facebook page

Going to this one of the best resorts in Negros, you need to Ride a pump boat and cross the long bridge to the banana-shaped resort island and experience the luxurious beach vacation at the famous Lakawon Island Resorts. This tourist destination in Negros is situated on the coast of Cadiz City, home of the Dinagsa Festival. Entering the Cadiz proper and the resort island does not require swab test results; bring your ID and legitimate vaccination card.

This best resort in Negros welcomes walk-in booking accommodations and scrapped the hassle of reserving your spaces for your vacation. The basic fee for the island resort is PhP750 all-in, with a round-trip ticket for the pump boat, cottage, and access to the resort island’s best asset, the Tawhai Floating Bar. Kids under five to 12 years old are PhP620, four years old are free of charge, and senior citizens are PhP600. You can also bring your tents and camp at the beach resort island for PhP300 per head. Overnight stay at this best resort in Negros is only available from Friday to Monday. The day tour is open daily. No corkage fee, so you can bring your food and drinks.

At Lakawon Island Resorts, tranquility is at its finest. There is no better vacation spot in Negros to escape the noise, watch the ocean waves, feel the sand on your toes, and experience the distinct atmosphere of the tropical beach vibe of Negros, than the Lakawon Island Resorts.

6. Bugana Beach and Dive Resort Sipalay

Address: Brgy. Maricalum, Campomanes bay, Sipalay, 6113 Negros Occidental
Contact No.: 03 4713 0062

Beach Resort in Negros - Tourist Destination in Negros - Yoorekka PH, vacation spots in Negros

Are you looking for a vacation spot with tropical Bali summer vibes? Then you will find it at Bugana Beach and Dive Resort Sipalay.

Images: Bugana Beach and Dive Resort Sipalay

Bugana Beach and Dive Resort Sipalay is raved by tourists and nature lovers because of its distinct Bali tropical ambiance, like having a summer vacation in another country. This tourist destination in Negros has spacious villas and rooms that provide ease and comfort for the guests, whatever accommodations they prefer: Terrace Room (PhP2,950) accommodation, Superior Room (PhP3,400) accommodations, Suites (PhP4,850) accommodations, Villas (PhP5,950 to PhP23,000) accommodations. There are also many exciting activities at this best resort in Negros for you to choose from, such as kayaking and paddleboarding, island hopping, snorkeling, swimming in the infinity pool, and chilling by the jacuzzi.

Bugana Beach and Dive Resort Sipalay is one of the best resorts in Negros that is Instagrammable and worthy of spending your money for a simple beach trip vacation.

7. Brazaville Beach Resort

Address: Brgy. Pook 6114 Hinoba-an, Philippines
Contact No.: 0917 1164019

Beach Resort in Negros - Tourist Destination in Negros - Yoorekka PH, vacation spots in Negros

Brazaville Beach Resort is an underrated resort located at the southern end of Negros Island.

Image: Brazaville Beach Resort

Hinoba-an’s finest beaches entice you to chill at Brazaville Beach Resort, a vacation place you would keep returning to. The sand is very soft, and tourists love to lay there all day, plus the clean and clear sea and waters that will keep you calm and relaxed while you take a dip. What makes this the best resort in Negros are the chill vibes you get to experience, and summer vacation is genuinely offered at the resort; this tourist destination in Negros makes you forget the noise and stress of the city. Plus, this vacation spot in Negros, they do not require swab tests anymore, so it’s a bonus for incoming summer travelers.

They serve the food at the beachside, with native white lounges, day beds, and sun loungers that you can lay down to as you get amazed by the stunning sunset. They offer kayaks and floaters upon request, they also serve continental breakfast, and you can indulge in snorkeling activities.

Room rates range from PhP2,200 to PhP6,200 per night, making your vacation at this tourist destination in Negros also budget-friendly.

Now that travel is lenient in some areas of the country, best to get yourself boosted and fully vaccinated to enjoy the wonders of Negros Island, including the best beach resorts and hotels that await you to relax and enjoy.

Visit Yoorekka Magazine for more exciting travel vacation spots in Negros!

Stay safe as you travel! Follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions wherever you go. For now, keep safe!

This article was initially published in Yoorekka on February 23, 2022.

Rates may change without prior notice.

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