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Pastry Shops and Cake Shops in Bacolod City to Satisfy Your Cravings

Head to these best dessert shops in Bacolod when you need a sugar fix.

By: Patricia Marie Laporno | April 13, 2017
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Pastry Shops and Cake Shops in Bacolod City to Satisfy Your Cravings

Image: Felicia's Pastry Shop

Bacolod City isn’t called the “Sugar Bowl of the Philippines” for nothing. If there’s anything Bacoleños are good at, its serving the most mouth-watering desserts. From their wide selection of moist chocolate cakes to ensaymada (brioche with cheese and sugar), these homegrown cake and pastry shops are bound to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Calea Pastries and Coffee

cake shop in Bacolod City

White chocolate cheesecake from Calea

Image: Writer’s Own

It’s safe to say that Calea is the most popular cake shop in Bacolod City. Visitors frequent this cake shop so often that it might as well be a tourist spot. The Calea shop has quite a feminine interior with pastel hues and lace decals. Calea is known for its chocolate cake which is made with imported chocolate.

Some of their other best sellers include white chocolate cheesecake with raspberry syrup on the side, blueberry cheesecake, and chocolate mousse. If you’re looking to beat the heat, at this Bacolod cake shop you can order mud pie, their best-selling ice cream cake. These treats are also reasonably priced from PhP70 to PhP110 per slice.

Felicia’s Pastry Shop

Bacolod cake shop

Felicia’s oatmeal thins packaged in stylish tin cans

Image: Felicia’s Pastry Shop

With its cozy and sophisticated ambiance, Felicia’s Pastry Shop is one of the best dessert spots in Bacolod. Their chocolate cake, sans rival (layered buttercream cake), Swiss chocolate cake, and ube (purple yam) ice cream cake are some of their best-selling creations. If you prefer smaller portions, this cake house in Bacolod also serves pastries like ensaymada, macarons, chocolate mint mousse, or choco caramel praline. Don’t forget to pick up some of their beautifully packaged cookies and delicacies at this cake shop in Bacolod City to bring home to your friends and family.

Quino’s Cafe

cake house in Bacolod

Boxes of assorted mini cupcakes from Quino’s

Images: Quino’s Café

With their tagline of “Make great memories,” Quino’s Café is a quaint little café, this cake shop in Bacolod City serves an assortment of cupcakes that not only looks good but also tastes good. this Bacolod cake shop sells cupcakes with flavors like dulce de leche (caramel sauce), ube macapuno (purple yam and coconut jelly), blueberry, cookies and cream, banana split, black and white, Boston crème, chocolate overload, red velvet, strawberry, caramel, tiramisu, coco, and brazos.

If you can’t decide on a flavor, you can order a box of Baby Q’s, or assorted mini cupcakes. this cake shop in Bacolod City signature treat is the Puffyani which is basically half cream puff and half cupcake. They also serve homemade ice cream and rainbow cakes. Aside from snacking on sweet treats, you can also read some of the books they have on display.

Tiffany’s Confections

cake shop in Bacolod City

Mulberry cheesecake with homemade mulberry preserves from Tiffany’s

*Mulberry cheesecake with homemade mulberry preserves from Tiffany’s* Image: Tiffany’s Confections

Tiffany’s Confections is a little café that gives off a warm French-like vibe with its white wooden windows and vintage iron wrought chairs. This cake shop in Bacolod City serves fresh and local desserts such as their mango cheesecake, mulberry cheesecake, kalamunding (Philippine lime) bars, kamote (sweet potato) pecan cake and kalabasa (squash) cream cheese rolls. this cake house in Bacolod also serves chocolate dream cake which is made out of four different kinds of chocolate.the best Bacolod cake shop to hangout because of its lovely ambience.

Ann Co Cakes

Bacolod cake shop

Toblerone cheesecake from Ann Co

Images: Ann Co Cakes

Ann Co Cakes originated in Silay but now has a small store along Lacson Street. This little cake shop in Bacolod City is a fusion of great food and art. Their seats as well as their counter are decorated with beautiful paintings. If you can’t manage to snag a spot in their small Bacolod branch, you can head to their Silay outlet which has a much bigger seating capacity. Their best-sellers are frozen brazos, sans rival, chocolate cake, Toblerone cheesecake, and banoffee.

Flibby’s Cupcakes

cake house in Bacolod

Assorted cupcakes from Flibby’s

Image: Flibby’s Cupcakes

Flibby’s Cupcakes is the first cake shop in Bacolod City. They are known for having soft, rich, and delicious cupcakes which come in a wide array of flavors. Their available flavors are brownie cookie dough, chocolate chip maple pancake, tiramisu, snickerdoodle, Brazos de Mercedes (rolled meringue cake with custard), quadruple chocolate, S’mores, marble cookie crumble, vanilla bean and their specialty, red velvet cupcake.

This Bacolod cake shop also serves giant cookies, leche flan (crème caramel), homemade ice cream, and their special moist chocolate cake. You can enjoy your sweet treats while playing board games and card games.

Whether it’s for a weekend cheat day or a sweet treat after a stressful day, these cake shops in Bacolod City will surely not disappoint. So skip the calorie count and indulge in the best Bacolod has to offer. You deserve it!

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