This Week in Bacolod (January 29 to February 4, 2018)

Check out what’s happening in Bacolod, from new road rules to fare hikes.

By: Yoorekka Team | January 29, 2018
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Travelers and tourists can look forward to great weather on weekdays this week. A new ordinance has been passed as well to minimize traffic and road accidents. One can attend some events in the metro, take a side trip to a historical city, savor the taste of a rare shell, and bring home a sweet treat.

New ordinance for trucks and vehicles

happening in Bacolod

A sugar mill in Negros during peak season (Image: Hacienda Bacolod)

The Bacolod Sangguniang Panglungsod (City Council) recently approved a resolution regulating the loading of sugarcane and similar commodities onto trucks and other vehicles. The resolution states that trucks and other vehicles shall not exceed 14 ft. in height and 8 ft. in width. The ordinance will be beneficial for motorists since spillage of sugarcane in the streets lead to traffic in the city. Drivers who violate the ordinance will pay a fine of either PhP500 or PhP1,000. They can also be imprisoned for five or 10 days in lieu of or on top of the fine.

Diwal (angel wings)

happening in Bacolod

Mouth-watering angel wings topped with garlic (Image: Zohn Zavier)

Diwal is a Hiligaynon term which translates to “sticking out of the tongue.” The shellfish got its name because its feet sticks out of its shell the way the tongue sticks out of the mouth. They are known as angel wing clams in English because they form a pair of wings when opened.

The harvesting of diwal clams is highly regulated by the local government. Because of its rarity, it commands high prices at the local market. Visitors and tourists can find these tasty clams in local restaurants like Ading’s Pala-Pala, Murcia Hilltop Resto & Bar, and Diamond Palace Restaurant.

Side trip to historical Silay City

happening in Bacolod

A sunny morning at Balay Negrense, Silay City (Image: Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental)

Silay City is known as the Paris of Negros and is famous for its 29 ancestral houses with various architectural designs. Most of the houses are still residential but three of them have been turned to museums which tourists can visit. First, there’s Balay Negrense which showcases the lifestyle of a Negrense sugar baron. The second one is the Hofilena Ancestral House which houses art collections and historical memorabilia. Lastly, there is the Bernardino Jalandoni Museum which is famous for its ceiling made of embossed steel trays brought in from Hamburg, Germany.

Paño paño

happening in Bacolod

Paño paño, a delectable finger food from Negros Occidental (Image: Nicole Rodriguez)

The effects of colonization by the Spaniards are also reflected in the food from Negros. Hacienderos (farm owners) adapted the fondness of Spaniards for gambling. They do not get out of their chair for days, so finger foods are served to feed them. One such finger food is paño paño. It got its name from looking like a folded lady’s handkerchief. It is filled with banana jam filling, making it a tasty sweet treat. Paño paño can be found at different pasalubong shops in the city and is one of the recommended take-home treats or pasalubong from Bacolod.

Events in Bacolod

happening in Bacolod

An art exhibit in SM Bacolod and a fun run by St. Joseph School–La Salle (Images: SM City Bacolod, RunFree Negros)

There are events this week in Bacolod City that tourists and visitors can check out. One is the Art Rules exhibit at SM City Bacolod which features the work of different local artists around the region. The exhibit runs from January 13 to March 31. There’s also Padalagan Para Kay San Jose which will happen on February 4 at 4:30 AM. The assembly area is at the Provincial Capitol Lagoon, which is one of many great running spots in Bacolod City. The race consists of 10k, 5k, and 3k categories. Registration fees are at PhP400, PhP350, and PhP300, respectively.

Cloudy skies on weekdays

happening in Bacolod

Great weather on weekdays can be expected.

After the series of rains brought by La Niña this month, there will be better weather this week in Bacolod City. Weekdays will be cloudy and there are less chances of rain on weekends. Temperatures will range from 22 °C to 32 °C. It is now ideal for visitors and tourists to hike on weekdays and see some breathtaking views in the island. These views can be seen from Mayana Peak at San Carlos City, Jomax Peak at Don Salvador Benedicto, and Lantawan View Silay at Silay City.

Fare hike for buses and ferries

happening in Bacolod

Riding a boat ferry from BREDCO Port is now more expensive. (Image: Maria Frencheska Ligaya)

Bus and ferry companies in Bacolod have announced a fare hike this week. The increase of fuel prices in the country has prompted Vallacar Transit Inc. to increase its bus fare by PhP1 to PhP3 in all routes in Negros Occidental. Weesam Express has likewise implemented a fare hike of PhP10 to PhP30 for all their Bacolod and Iloilo trips. Public utility vehicles and other ferry companies are expected to follow suit in the upcoming weeks.
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