This Week in Bacolod (February 25 to March 3, 2018)

Check out the weather forecast in Bacolod and other news and travel tips.

By: Lester Nillos | February 25, 2018
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The construction of the New Bacolod Economic Highway (BEH) has started in a bid to decongest traffic in the city and encourage more developments in other areas. As for the weather, morning rain showers are expected this week. Despite this, one can still enjoy a picturesque sunset view at a boulevard and taste a vegan-friendly dish.


weather forecast Bacolod

Morning showers are expected this week.

Rain showers are to be expected throughout the week. Morning rain showers are quite likely to occur, especially on February 25 and 27. Minimum temperature will be at 23°C (75.2°F), while maximum temperature will be at 32°C (89.6°F). The public is advised to bring umbrellas and raincoats during the day. Expect good weather in the afternoon until evening throughout the week.

Construction of Economic Highway starts

weather forecast Bacolod

The soon-to-be constructed New Bacolod Economic Highway

Image: Greg Gasataya

The road construction of the two-km. initial portion of the New Bacolod Economic Highway at Baranggay Mansilingan has now begun. The PhP200-million road project starting at Purok Manayawsayaw is part of the 21-km. economic highway [1].

Last year, The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) started the construction of the three-km. portion of BEH Phase 1 in Barangay Sum-ag worth PhP300 million.

The New Bacolod Economic Highway is expected to decongest traffic in the city and encourage more developments in other areas. Once the highway is fully developed, city officials will use it as a venue for marathon events.

Travel adventure

Local food to try: Ensalada

weather forecast Bacolod

Ensalada is a perfect match for grilled eggplant.

Image: Mama's Guide Recipes

Ensalada is one of the delicious appetizers or side dishes to try here in the City of Smiles. One should have a taste of this dish before leaving the city. Ensalada is suitable for vegans as it has blanched and chopped banana heart, shallots, tomatoes, and chilies blended together with calamansi (calamondin) juice and coconut milk. It is appetizing because of its various colors and great aroma. Ensalada can be found in different local restaurants in Bacolod City.

Watching the sunset at Boulevard Valladolid

weather forecast Bacolod

The picturesque view at Sunset Boulevard

Image: Peter Paul Singson

There are a lot of spots in Negros Occidental where you can catch a picturesque view of the sunset. One ideal place is at Sunset Boulevard located at the municipality of Valladolid. In the area, people can sit down and watch the beautiful sunset along the Guimaras Strait. People can also view Inampulugan Island and Nadulao Island with the main island of Guimaras in the background. Tourists can head to the boulevard after enjoying the festivities of Pasundayag Festival which will happen on February 23 to 28.

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