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7 Hot Eateries to Try in Bacolod

Get onboard a new culinary adventure to these new food spots in Bacolod.

By: Yoorekka Team | June 16, 2018
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It’s undeniable that people are always on the lookout for the latest fashion trends, travel spots, phone apps, and gadgets. And of course, let’s not forget the hottest dining spots! If you are a foodie hungry for a new way to excite your appetite afresh, read on and discover the newest restaurants and cafes in the city that are worth checking out.

1. Anne Bistro

Location: Corner 12th and Aguinaldo Sts., Bacolod City
Operating hours: Tuesday to Thursday - 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM; Friday to Sunday - 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM

new restaurants Bacolod June 2018

The simple yet elegant ambiance of Anne Bistro.

Image: Anne Bistro

Anne Bistro is a convergence of simplicity and elegance. It was a simple old house that got converted into a restaurant whilst maintaining its elegant interiors. One unique thing about the bistro--it is the first open kitchen in Negros Occidental. You can watch chefs preparing and cooking your food while sipping on a cooling house drink. One must try their pintxos for appetizers, pugita for the main dish, and deconstructed turon as dessert. It is definitely new but it is one of the go-to restaurants in Bacolod City at the moment.

2. Goatogether Café

Location: Sta. Isabel Building Yakal Street, Shopping, Bacolod City
Operating hours: Monday to Saturday - 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

new restaurants Bacolod June 2018

Goat pizza is a must-try especially when having a drink with friends.

Image: Goatogether Café

Love goat meat? Well, Goatogether Cafe might be ideal for you. Weird for some, but this café will definitely blow your mind. First timers must try their goat burger made with their 100% pure juicy goat meat burger patties. Ideally, goat meat is good for pulutan (“boozepetizer”), so better grab a drink or two while having a goat pizza with friends. The place is ideal for a hang out with a squad at night. Meanwhile at noontime, there is an unlimited coffee promo from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Whether you are craving for a coffee-break or a chill-out night, Goatogether Café can be a great get-together place for you and your friends.

3. Siempre Kusina Ilonggo

Location: Ground Floor, North Wing, SM City Bacolod, Rizal Street, Bacolod City
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday - 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

new restaurants Bacolod June 2018

The delectable dishes at Siempre Kusina Ilonggo

Image: Goatogether Café

Siempre is a Hiligaynon word for “sure”. So if you are not yet sure where to eat next, then you can try Siempre Kusina Ilonggo. Siempre Kusina Ilonggo specializes in Ilonggo dishes like KBL, cansi, and batchoy. If you want to try some Ilonggo dishes, but don’t want to go far at the same time, then this is the ideal restaurant. Since it is just located at Ground floor, North Wing, SM City Bacolod it will be hard not to miss this restaurant. You will love the food for sure.

4. Enricos Garden Café

Location: Greensville 1, Alpha Street, Bacolod City
Operating hours: Monday to Thursday -11:00 AM to 8:00 PM; Friday to Saturday - 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

new restaurants Bacolod June 2018

A picture worthy feature wall at Enrico’s Garden Café.

Image: Enrico’s Garden Café

Did you know that “DIET” actually means “Did I Eat That”? That’s the mantra of Enrico’s Garden Café. More have been visiting the cafe because of their tasty food and instagram-worthy place. The bestsellers in the café are nacho fries, chicken pesto, penne pesto pasta and back ribs. You should try Enrico’s burger special and taste different flavors in just one bite. The flavorful meat and seasoning perfectly blend with the sauce, cheese, and tomatoes. If you are a millennial craving for some good food and a picture-worthy spots in one place, then this cafe is ideal for you.

5. Veggie Bites Café

Location: Hi-Strip 4, 2nd Floor Villa Angela, Carlos Hilado Highway, Bacolod City
Operating hours: Sunday to Friday - 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

new restaurants Bacolod June 2018

The inviting façade of Veggie Bites Cafe.

Image: Veggie Bites Cafe

Looking for delicious food but still want to live a healthy lifestyle? Veggie Bites Café is the answer. Veggie Bites Cafe is a vegan-vegetarian restaurant that serves healthy, meat-free dishes. Their food is not just for the vegetarian, even meat-eating folks can get on board with it. The cafe lets you experience good food without being worried of how much calories, cholesterol and sugar you eat. Just like their mango vegan mini cakes, it is healthy, delicious and guilt-free at the same time.

6. Platos Cuisine Filipino

Location: Open Market, Carmenville Subdivision, Alijis Road, Brgy. Mansilingan, Bacolod
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday - 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

new restaurants Bacolod June 2018

Crispy pata of Platos Cuisine Filipino

Image: Platos Cuisine Filipino

Eating or biting something crispy is music to the ears, especially if you are the one eating it. Platos Cuisine Filipino is a new family style restaurant serving Filipino cuisine. They offer an array of delicious Filipino favorite dishes in big portions at a budget-friendly price. Their crispy pata (deep fried pig trotters or knuckles) and crispy sisig is a must-try. They go well with Platos’ aligue (crab fat) rice. The next time you head out for lunch, think about food and then you’ll remember plates and you know where to head to next.

7. Café Brahma

Location: 14-12 Hernaiz St., City Heights Brgy. Taculing, Bacolod City
Operating hours: Tuesday to Thursday - 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM; Friday to Saturday - 9:00 AM to 1:00 AM

new restaurants Bacolod June 2018

Café Brahma, the newest chill-out place in the City of Smiles

Image: Café Brahma

If you’re looking for great food and a chill place to unwind, Café Brahma is simply the one of the best places to go. Café Brahma is one of the most promising new cafes in the City of Smiles. Their Brahma cheesy overload burger and Hungarian and garlic mushroom are the must-tries. These bestsellers are best paired with their full-flavored mojitos. If you are craving for some dessert, try their ube macadamia smoothie for a great meal finish.

Make sure to visit Yoorekka to learn and find out the best eateries to try in Bacolod.

Which one of the eateries we mentioned is your favorite? Tell us why in the comment section below.

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