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This Week in Bacolod (September 23 to 29, 2018)

This week’s about diving in Sipalay, a sunflower farm reopens in La Carlota, and more

By: Yoorekka Team | September 23, 2018
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sunflower farm in Negros Occidental

Bucalan Sunflower Farm reopens this month.

Image: Bucalan Sunflower Farm

The week will be wet as rain showers and thunderstorms are seen in the forecast. The continuous rainy weather in Bacolod and Negros Occidental will eventually cause landslides especially on mountainous places like Don Salvador Benedicto and San Carlos City. Meanwhile, reports of a plane crash in Negros Occidental circulating online was dismissed by authorities. On the brighter side, travel attraction Bucalan Sunflower Farm reopens and Sipalay gets boost by participating in a diving expo.


Thunderstorm continues

Thunderstorms are set to bring intense downpours to parts of Bacolod this week. Weather warnings have also been issued indicating that some parts of Bacolod and nearby cities could be flooded. Nights will be a little bit colder as well [1]. It is recommended to bring a jacket, an umbrella or a cap to protect yourselves from the rain. For motorists, it is advised to drive safely to avoid accidents since rain showers result to slippery roads.

Eco Translink Highway in San Carlos not safe

The Eco Translink Highway in San Carlos is considered not safe due to landslide which happened in the area. The debris from the landslide is covering half of the road according to the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office. However, the Department of Public Works and Highways already confirmed that the highway is now passable. If you are travelling to Cebu via bus, it is recommended to take the trip via the South Negros route. If you are planning to travel to San Carlos, just be cautious in passing the area especially on Kilometer 74 [2].


Travel Updates

Plane crash in Negros Occidental a hoax

A report about a passenger plane that crashed in a town in Negros Occidental recently went viral online. This caused panic among residents and netizens. However, local authorities quickly dismissed the aid reports and announced that it was a hoax. In addition, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) also said that the control tower of the Bacolod-Silay Airport has not monitored any plane crash [3]. Locals and tourists are recommended to always fact check news before sharing it in their personal social media to avoid conflict and panic.

Sipalay City gets boost thru PH largest dive expo

Sipalay City, one of the major diving destinations in Negros Occidental, gained boost by participating in Diving and Resort Travel Expo 2018. The participation of Sipalay City in the event has enabled them to promote its one of their major offerings, and that is diving destinations. There are 42 dive sites in the city composed of three shipwrecks, coral walls, coral gardens, and underwater caves [4]. If you want to witness the diverse marine life of Sipalay City, it will be best to visit the city during summer.

Bucalan Sunflower Farm reopens

After getting viral and grabbing the attention of locals in July this year, the sunflower farm closed for expansion. But great news! The farm is now back this month, and is now ready and prepared to accept larger number of guests. Dubbed as the Sirao Garden of La Carlota, this mini farm owned by the Flores family is now becoming one of the places-to-visit in La Carlota City. If you love sunflowers and are planning to visit the place, it is recommended to check the weather forecast first because sunflowers are best photographed in a sunny weather.

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