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This Week in Bacolod (October 28 to November 3, 2018)

Dive into All Saints Day and the long weekend ready with these weather and traffic updates.

By: Yoorekka Team | October 28, 2018
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All Saints Day 2018

All Saints Day brings forth a long weekend in Bacolod City.

This week, travelers and tourists in the city will experience the warmth of a good weather. Meanwhile, some of the updates in Bacolod City include the preparations of hotels, resorts and the transport department for the holiday and long weekend. Another important thing to note this week is that tourists should book flights and boat trips early. In Isabela, a town south of Bacolod, one can enjoy a unique festivity on November 2.

Weather: Sunny weather on a long weekend

Bacolod City will be all sunny this week. It is going to be hot throughout the week with the temperatures expected to reach 32°C. The night in Bacolod will be warm, humid, and cloudy with a low chance of downpours and thunderstorms [1]. It is recommended to bring a bottled water if ever you plan to pay a visit at the cemetery during the day. It will be more humid since crowds are expected to surge during the holiday.

Traffic News: DPWH gets ready for Undas 2018

It is expected that there will be an increase in volume of traffic along major roads in various areas in Bacolod City this week. That’s why Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Region 6 is preparing so hard to lessen traffic jams during the week. The DPWH will also set up a “Lakbay-Alalay”, an annual operation wherein motorist assistance centers are installed along national roads near cemeteries [2]. If you are planning to take a visit at the cemetery, it is recommended to be early as as possible to avoid heavy traffic.


Travel Updates

Early booking of flights and boat trips for this week

People working from the different parts of the country will most likely take the opportunity to go home because of the long weekend. Traditionally, ferries and airlines are fully booked even before All Saints Day. If you are planning to spend a vacation in the City of Smiles, guests are advised to book their flights early to secure seats. People who are coming from Iloilo and nearby islands who plan to travel by boat are advised to reserve tickets earlier as well to avoid fare increase during this season.

Hotels and resorts in Bacolod open for holiday

All major hotels and resorts in Bacolod City will still be open on November 1 and 2. This is great news for family who are planning for a staycation during the holiday. Hotels consider opening for the holidays since families will likely take the long weekend as an opportunity to rest and bond with each other. Meanwhile, if you are also a tourist who will be coming in the city this week, you can still enjoy and have fun under the sun since resorts in Bacolod city and nearby are also open.

Experience Kalag-Kalag Festival in Municipality of Isabela

If you are tourist spending a vacation in the City of Smiles this week, you can actually make the most out of this weekend by attending a unique festival. Kalag Kalag festival, a festival happening every 2nd of November is a festival that can be associate with Halloween. However, people in costume came not to scare people but to entertain through a street dance. If you are interested to join in the festivity, you can drive your way to municipality of Isabela which is 1 hour and 15 minutes away from the city.

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