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This Week in Bacolod (June 16 to 22, 2019)

Read about the holiday on the 18th, a memo on motorcycles, and more travel news in Bacolod City.

By: Shanice Reyes | June 16, 2019
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Motorcycles with modified and loud mufflers will not be allowed on the road.

The City of Smiles celebrates its 81st Charter Day this week. Bacolod City Charter Day celebrates the day when former President Manuel Quezon signed the Commonwealth Act No. 326 on June 18, 1938, thus creating the city of Bacolod [1]. For the past 80 years, Charter Day was erroneously set on October 19, but it has now been corrected and set on June 18.

Sunny and rainy days seem to be battling it out for this week. In other news, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and Highway Patrol Group (HPG) will confiscate loud mufflers from motorcycles. Meanwhile, the Philippine Coast Guard introduces its port construction projects in Bayawan and Bacolod City; the request for protection of the Northern Negros Natural Park is still ongoing; and Bacolod City will inaugurate its new tourism project, the Esplanade. Read on for the full details.

Weather: A battle of wet and hot days

The weather can’t seem to make up its mind. Anticipate rain during the early morning. Thunderstorms and clouds will cover some parts of the area during nighttime. The temperature will range from 32 °C to 33 °C during the day and 24 °C to 25 °C during the night [2].

Tips for commuters: Don’t take off your raincoats quickly and prepare thick clothing for incoming cold nights. Check the weather updates regularly.

Traffic News: Loud mufflers to be confiscated

The Office of the President ordered the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and the Highway Patrol Group (HPG) to apprehend motorcycles with loud and modified mufflers [3]. A strict order, which was signed by LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante and forwarded to HPG-Negros Occidental, will be enforced against violators.

The LTO and HPG were also instructed by Arthur Tugade, Department of Transportation Secretary, to arrest “habal-habal” drivers for they contribute to massive carbon emissions in the province.

An existing city ordinance on the regulation of the noise pollution in Bacolod City allows motorcycles with noisy mufflers to be caught. These motorcycles can be impounded and owners may claim them, but the mufflers will be confiscated, contained, and eventually destroyed.

Travel Updates

Coast Guard builds PhP70-million projects in Bacolod and Bayawan City

Newly-assigned Commander Ludovico Librilla Jr. of Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) District Southern Visayas announced the construction of a new PCG building in Bayawan City which costs PhP60 million. PhP10 million will be allocated to the Bacolod Real Estate Development Corp. (Bredco) port.

The three-story building in Bayawan port will have a radar station that will help Coast Guard personnel monitor ships that enter and exit the city. The construction in Bredco will commence before the year ends. Both projects are to have the first radar stations in the area and are funded by the national headquarters [4].

Local associations request aid from other sectors for NNNP preservation

The Group of Environmental Socialists (Goes) and the Door Step to New Life Foundation Inc. (Door Step) asked for a congressional inquiry on the unabated and secretive expansion and intrusion of illegitimate establishments and houses in the Northern Negros Natural Park (NNNP) [5].

The two environmental groups raised the presence of vacation houses, farms, cafes with viewing decks and resorts within the area of Salvador Benedicto to Silay City. Goes and Door Step also asked help from the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) - Negros Occidental Chapter regarding on prosecuting the said violators.

They mentioned that most of these violators were prominent politicians and businessmen. They also requested for prosecution among the officials of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for its “double-standard policy.”

Esplanade Project; the Introduction of the New Park

The Esplanade Project was approved by Mayor Evelio Leonardia, Congressman Greg Gasatya, and the Department of Public Works and Highways. The project will cost PhP37 million and will be inaugurated on June 17.

The Esplanade will be a half-kilometer park from Lupit Bridge along the Circumferential Road going to Bacolod Government Center. As a place where locals and tourists can enjoy and unwind, it will have park benches, railing, a flood wall, and lighting facilities. City Councilor Em Ang has also established an ordinance mandating the maintenance and preservation of the park [6].

Related News: Mayor Bing corrects date of 81st Charter Day

Starting this year, June 18 will be considered as Charter Day, a special non-working holiday in Bacolod City. President Rodrigo Duterte approved the Republic Act No. 11146 last year November 9, 2018, which acknowledges June 18 as “Bacolod City Charter Day.”

The City’s Charter was signed by former president Quezon on June 18, 1938 [7]. For the past 80 years, it has been celebrated on October 19—the date when Quezon arrived in the city and when the first city officials were inducted.

For more updates on Bacolod City and the entire Negros province, visit Yoorekka.

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