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5 Must-have Car Accessories That You Never Knew You Needed

Drive without worrying about unexpected road emergencies with these safety accessories for your car!

By: Viktor Austria | September 22, 2022
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These devices don’t just enhance your trip but also ensure your security on or off the road.

Images: YI Xiaomi Dashcam Philippines Facebook page (L); Put2Go (R)

The Philippines’ city roads give new meaning to the term "concrete jungle.” As much as we’d like to believe traffic rules are enforced, instances of driver incompetence still arise, and accidents still happen; various must-have car accessories that can make your every trip a safe one.

You may think about it and use these safety accessories for your car. However, cars are only as secure as their safety features despite the technology used to make them. Sure, you may be insured, but you know what they say about an ounce of prevention.

Here are some must-have car accessories to ensure caution and convenience when driving!

1. Dash Camera

Price: Retail starts at PhP1,989
Where to Buy: Blade Auto Center

Must-have Car Accessories – Safety Accessories for Car –, must-have car accessories

The number of accidents that dash cam recorded helped solve undeniably.

Images: YI Xiaomi Dashcam Philippines Facebook page

Nothing spells safety like capturing your car views with a dashboard camera or a “dash cam.” This safety accessory for cars can see everything on the road, which is useful when you get into disputes. Not all dash cams are created equal, though. For beginners, you will want a car accessory that ensures a high-quality video resolution; that is, how comprehensive and transparent the recorded video is. It’s a must-have car accessory if it also has a rear camera view to capture both ends. It should also be able to supply supporting data, such as the date and time stamps and velocity and direction, for when you need the information. Having ample memory storage is helpful, too, so that you can keep more recordings with a bigger capacity. Of course, your chosen safety car accessory must also fit within your budget. The best dash cams in the market today boast most, if not all, of these features and are a must-have car accessory, but it boils down to what fits your car, your driving style, and your funds, so choose wisely!

2. Remote Emergency Locator

Price: Starts at PhP1,288
Where to Buy: Shopee (

Must-have Car Accessories – Safety Accessories for Car –, safety accessories for car

Remote emergency locators ensure that people know your whereabouts in emergencies.

Image: Wiso website

While we prepare for safety as best, car accidents may still happen. In these cases, how to respond to it—matters, and that’s where remote emergency locators do their job. These must-have car accessories vary in utility but render the same function. This safety accessory for the car needs to plug into your car’s lighter port, and you sync the device to your mobile phone. Once synced, you can input relevant contacts in this car accessory, including mobile or landline numbers or e-mail addresses. These contacts are reached two ways: when the device detects an accident or through manual activation. The device will send alerts with your GPS location to your paired contacts when this happens. They work on whether the impact has left you incapacitated or not. Emergency locators might be costly for some, but this safety accessory for the car is definitely worth the price of assurance during accidents.

3. Blind Spot Mirrors

Price: Online retail starts at PhP33
Where to Buy: Blade Auto Center

Must-have Car Accessories – Safety Accessories for Car –, must-have car accessories

For the views that your car’s given mirrors can’t reach, you turn to the trusty blind spot mirror.

Images: Vehicle Accessories website (L); Unsplash (R)

Blind spots are the bane of every driver; it is a must-have car accessory, especially for those who drive bigger automobiles. While more modern car models feature this safety accessory for cars, it has a blind spot sensor to detect when outside elements—other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and the like–are too close; the sensors are still not a standard issue for all. This car accessory is well-known for its type of blind spot mirrors are the ones you append to your existing side mirrors to give you a wider field of view. This safety accessory for car differ in shape but is usually either square or circular with element-resistant plastic or aluminum frames. The best ones of this car accessory also feature 360-degree adjustability, maximum degree sways, and swivel mounts. When buying a safety accessory for a car, consider the size of your side mirror; the ratio of both mirrors in size and legibility should be just correct. Blind spot mirrors are affordable since they are a must-have car accessory for every car driver, with online stores putting them up for as few as a hundred pesos.

4. Car Mount with Wireless Charging

Price: Store retail starts at PhP1,490
Where to Buy: Blade Auto Center

Must-have Car Accessories – Safety Accessories for Car –, safety accessories for car

Never lose power with your magnetic dock with a wireless charger, so you never lose touch with your trusted contacts.

Images: Vehicle Accessories website (L); Put2Go (R)

In crucial situations, it’s essential to have a method for communicating with the authorities. Mobile phones remain the most convenient tool for communication, so we should always have enough juice whenever we’re on the road. While most cars offer wired chargers for our phones, we seem to be steering towards a future that’s opposed to wires. That’s why tech companies today are also rolling out car accessories like smartphone mounts with wireless charging capabilities. It is a must-have car accessory: a magnetic phone mount that lets us control our phone hands-free with a wireless charging pad. This safety accessory for the car is magnetic; you don’t have to worry about your phone falling off into the crummy black holes of your vehicle. And since this car accessory is wireless, other passengers can charge their phones too. Make sure your phone has wireless charging capabilities, though, because this car tool can be costly for a good reason. Plus, this is a must-have car accessory for those who love road trips!

5. Daytime Running Lights

Price: Starts at PhP4,500 (varies depending on size and styles)
Where to Buy: Blade Auto Center

Must-have Car Accessories – Safety Accessories for Car –, must-have car accessories

Daytime running lights are more than just an aesthetic accessory, but a valuable tool to avoid daytime accidents.

Images: Service Best website

One must-have car accessory is the daytime running lights (DRL) might seem like a flashy attire car accessory fitted to your staple headlights, but their purpose is crucial. This car accessory isn’t as bright as your headlights, but they work just the same, especially when weather conditions are erratic during the day. Just as headlights and taillights are suited to make other motorists see your car better at night, DRLs do the same during daylight. Only luxury cars used to be equipped with daytime running lights, but today, more and more models are fitted with them, and more car accessory stores and workshops are offering services to don your car with a pair.

However, as helpful as they can be, drivers shouldn’t be complacent enough to leave them on in place of their headlights during the day. And neither should they argue that their low beam or high beam headlamps do the same; not only do DRLs use less energy, but this car accessory is also less annoying to leave on for other motorists ahead.

These must-have car accessories don’t just make the ride easier; they make it safer, too—a consideration that should always be the driver’s top priority for themselves and their passengers.

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This article was initially published in Yoorekka on April 24, 2019.

Prices may change without prior notice.

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