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These 5 Christmas Theme Ideas in Bacolod Will Bring Life to Your Party

Throw an unforgettable celebration in Bacolod with these Christmas party themes!

By: Shanice Reyes | October 01, 2020
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christmas theme ideas Bacolod

Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with these simple yet fun Christmas party ideas.

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s the time of year when everywhere there’s holiday cheer! Now that Jose Mari Chan’s voice is blasting through the speakers, reminding us of Christmas and the joy it brings, it’s easier for everyone to slip into a jolly mood. What better way to harness this good mood than by having a party? Hosting a party during the most hectic time of the year can be stressful, but you have to admit that everyone loves a jolly Christmas jamboree when it’s done right.

In need of Christmas theme ideas in Bacolod that could give you a cheerful good time this season? This article got you covered with Christmas party themes that would make your event a level up from the usual. Here are five easy-to-pull-off Christmas theme ideas in Bacolod!

1. Christmas Karaoke


Try to hit the notes right!

A Christmas karaoke party is simple but fun. You can rock out to the holiday’s best jams, or choose timeless hits everyone would love to sing along to. After a glass of liquid cheer, your buddies won’t be able to tell the difference between you and Ariana Grande anyway. Whether you sound like the next Asia’s songbird or like a laughing seal, a Christmas karaoke guarantees an entertaining time. Hook up a karaoke machine and prepare more than one songbook so that your guests don’t have to wait for the lone book to be free. Don’t forget to serve snacks for your karaoke army to munch on, and, most of all, serve plenty of drinks!

2. Costume Party


A good way to get in the Christmas spirit is with a witty Christmas costume. As for you, you can dress up as a snowflake, or bedazzle yourself as a colorful Christmas tree!

A costume party is a wonderful way to get with the holiday vibe. You can set witty holiday-related themes or even non-Christmas themes; it’s up to you! Since guests need time to prepare for this kind of party, send out invitations a month in advance. This ensures that everybody can put together a nice outfit. To make everyone bring their A-game, prepare some prizes for the best and wittiest costumes. Also, set up an area with a nice background where your guests can take pictures of themselves in their full outfit!

3. Trivia Night

christmas party themes

Break guests into groups, and enjoy a little friendly competition.

From identifying Christmas flicks to naming all of Santa’s reindeer, your guests will definitely have a challenging and fun time at a trivia night party. You can challenge everyone to recall details about Christmas songs, movies, and traditions. This theme is easy to pull off, and it will provide good entertainment especially if your guests are competitive. To help with that, make sure to have prizes for the top winners. Don’t have time to make trivia questions? There are plenty of phone trivia apps that can help. All you have to do is find the best one for your party before your guests arrive!

4. Cocktail Party

christmas theme ideas Bacolod

Is it even a party without booze?

Nothing beats Christmas celebrations where you and your guests get to sample different types of drinks, from Santa’s whiskey sour to candy cane martinis. For your cocktail party, add a twist by encouraging your guests to invent their own drinks and host a taste-testing competition to see whose festive beverage matches the holiday spirit! If the party goes all out on the tequila, expect to have rowdy rounds of carols towards the end of the night. You could also prepare Christmas-themed drinking games for some entertainment and a nice playlist for background music. Most importantly, remember to drink responsibly and to make sure that there is a sober designated driver who will bring everyone home safe.

5. Talent Show


If you’re planning a party for work, this theme is a good way to see your colleague’s hidden talents.

A talent show party would be best for office celebrations, since it would let employees showcase skills they don’t normally show at the office. Christmas talent shows become more fun and exciting if people can share some laughs, so for your party, go beyond the typical singing contest and let the contestants go for hilarious acts like showing off candy cane-twirling abilities or pulling off the iconic Jingle Bell Rock skit from Mean Girls. On your invitation or event poster, announce the talent show and the prizes to motivate people to join. Don’t forget to set up a criteria for judging the best performer!


Whether its a big or small crowd, Green Garden at Villa Angela answers to your holiday celebrations.

Image: Green Garden at Villa Angela Facebook Page

If these ideas excite you to host your Christmas party, but you have no venue yet, Green Garden at Villa Angela can help. It offers the following function spaces inclusive of a four-hour use of facilities: Orchid for 200 pax (PhP14,000), Iris for 180 pax (PhP12,000), Tulip for 140 pax (PhP10,000), and an outdoor garden for 50 pax (PhP5,000). With its bright color palette of cream and white, the venue provides you with a blank slate that you can decorate according to your Christmas party theme. They also partner with scrumptious caterers in town for your food needs.

September 2020 Update: Due to quarantine measures in place, Green Garden at Villa Angela might be implementing safety protocols that may or may not include limiting the number of guests, requiring compliance with health standards, and changing operating hours.

Visit Yoorekka for more Christmas party ideas and venue recommendations!

Green Garden at Villa Angela is located at Villa Angela, Market Place, Bacolod City, 6100 Philippines. For venue inquiries, you can reach them through their telephone number: (034) 434 6465. You may also visit their Facebook page at

This article was originally published in Yoorekka on November 27, 2019.
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