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Brighten Up the Holidays with These 5 Pretty Outdoor Christmas Lights

Make your house a dazzling standout in your neighborhood with these Christmas lights.

By: Antonette Louise Guiao | November 18, 2019
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Outdoor Christmas Lights

Transform your home into a bright Christmas wonderland!

Image: @mingvelykk

Christmas lights are one of the many home decorations that will never go out of style. No matter where you wrap or hang them, Christmas lights will always be a festive and cheerful choice for decor. Over the years, this decor has evolved from typical incandescent bulbs to eco-friendly LED bulbs and traditional multi-colored string lights to pastel or neon-colored lights.

And while everyone’s busy decorating their interiors with lights for the holiday, some tend to forget that the outdoors need just as much attention as well. With the right amount of outdoor Christmas lights in different colors, shapes, and sizes, you can transform your home into a bright and eye-catching yuletide wonderland! If you’re planning to decorate your porch or garden for the holidays, check out this list of lovely outdoor Christmas lights that can surely capture the holiday spirit!

1. Solar String Light Lantern

Where to buy: Ace Hardware stores
Price: PhP499.75


These lights are ideal for all kinds of decorative purposes.

Image: Ace Hardware Website

Eco-friendly outdoor Christmas lights have become increasingly popular over the years, and one great example is Ace Hardware’s Solar String Light Lantern. While these lights can also be used inside your home for Christmas trees and garlands, keep in mind that your patio, terrace, or garden landscape deserve Christmas lights as well! The lights can last up to approximately 6 to 8 hours of continuous use, but you wouldn’t have to worry about your electricity bill because these lights are solar-powered.

2. Candy Cane Lights

Where to buy: SM Home
Price: PhP999.75

Christmas lights

You won’t go wrong with candy canes!

Image: SM Home Website

Since 1874, candy canes have been associated with Christmas. The popular Christmas candies started out as sugar-flavored white sticks, and it was only after a few years when the red stripes were added. Ever since, candy canes have become well-known symbols of the holiday, which is why they’d go great as your home decor! These Candy Cane lights from SM Home provide a sweet break from the traditional green and red LED Christmas lights. The lights measure up to 70 centimeters, and can be hung outside your porch or your garden.

3. LED Meteor Lights

Where to buy: SM Home
Price: PhP1,999.75

fairy lights

Adorn your porches or gardens with these vibrant meteor lights!

Image: SM Home Website

Bring in the festive Christmas spirit and hang these lovely LED Meteor lights from SM Home outside your house! These colorful lights set off a falling icicle effect when turned on. They can either be steadied with all the colors in display or in changing sequence. No matter what color display you choose, one thing’s for sure: these LED meteor lights are as vibrant as they are nature-friendly! The lights come in 10 tubes per pack.

4. Fireworks 6-in-1 Fairy Curtain Lights

Where to buy: Vinstoreoffice on Shopee
Price: PhP1,200

led Christmas lights

Fireworks in Christmas? Why not!

Image: Vinstoreoffice Shopee Listing

Add a dainty sparkle to your front porch or garden with these Fireworks 6-in-1 Fairy Curtain Lights! The lights have a versatile design so you can use them not only for Christmas, but for all kinds of occasions. It comes in three different colors: all warm white, all white, or a mix of white and blue. The package comes with 6 firework lights, a controller, and a plug.

5. Snowflake Fairy String Lights

Where to buy: on Shopee
Price: PhP300

Outdoor Christmas Lights

Christmas lights in the shape of a snowflake? Yes, please!

Image: Shopee Listing

These Snowflake Fairy String Lights give off strong winter wonderland vibes! The lights are an unconventional yet beautiful addition to your outdoor home decoration. With bulbs in the shape of snowflakes, these string lights can give your house its own personal flurry! They are made of plastic, and there is a total of 20 bulbs per string all in all. Note that in order to activate the lights, you will be needing 2 pieces of AA batteries which are not included in the package.

Whether you want to opt for the classic white lights or colorful ones that display all the colors of the rainbow, these outdoor Christmas lights can definitely make this holiday season dazzling!

Make sure to check out Yoorekka for more Christmas decorating tips and decor recommendations!

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