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5 Sunset Spots in Negros for Short Quarantine Escapes

Longing to catch the sunset from a good viewpoint? Check out these spots!

By: Shanice Reyes | June 02, 2020
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Bacolod Quarantine

See the sunset from an open space once again!

When the Bacolod quarantine was announced in March due to COVID-19, normal life ground to a halt. Classes got suspended, offices were closed, and summer activities were put on hold. Two months later, the number of COVID-19 cases appears to have leveled out in some areas in the province, and lockdowns in parts of Negros have begun to ease.

During the Bacolod quarantine, residents found ways to cope, but most undoubtedly longed for a breath of fresh air. Though the government’s purpose in easing lockdowns is for the economy to recover, it is also a good opportunity to see relaxing views in a safe way. From having a cup of tea near the docks to escaping to sunset spots outside the city, check out this list where you can watch the sunset now that Bacolod is under modified general community quarantine (MGCQ).

1. Docks 6100 Coffee House

Where: Seaside Pier, Banago Wharf Road, Bacolod City


You don’t have to leave the metro for a good view of the sunset.

Image: DOCKS 6100 Coffee House Facebook Page

If you need to go out for a cup of coffee or tea, head on to the nearest sunset spot in the city: Docks 6100 Coffee House. The place is ideal for those who can’t leave the city and those with limited access to transportation. People can order coffee and sit on the docks while watching the sunset.

2. Bantayan Park

Where: Bago City, Negros Occidental
Distance from Bacolod: 23.3 kilometers (30-minute drive from the metro)

Quarantine Escapes

“Balantayan” is a Hiligaynon term for “a place of waiting”.

Image: Bago City Government Website

Bantayan Park in Bago City is the newest sunset boulevard in Negros. The kilometer strip beside the Bago River is an open public destination which is also perfect for sunset views. You can stand or sit by the railings and embrace peace during sundown.

3. Duyan Café

Where: Lantawan, Silay-Patag Road, Barangay Guimbalaon, Silay City
Distance from Bacolod: 37.6 kilometers (45-minute drive from the metro)

Sunset Spots

Take the road going to the Bacolod-Silay and turn right before the entrance of the airport to reach the peaceful mountains.

Image: Duyan Café Facebook Page

Just right outside the famous Duyan Café is a picturesque view of the mountain and gold-painted sky which can be seen from the highway. Hop on a car, go on a 45-minute road trip, and enjoy the cool breeze in the mountains before sundown. Parking your car beside the mountain road and observing the sun go down is a pleasant way to end the day after being stuck in quarantine for months.

4. Lion’s Park View Deck

Where: Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental
Distance from Bacolod: 39.6 kilometers (one-hour drive from the metro)


Lion’s Park View Deck is Don Salvador Benedicto’s town landmark.

Image: Lions Park Facebook Page

Another peaceful way of ending the day is by heading to Don Salvador Benedicto’s Lion’s Park View Deck. Besides the view of the Talos River, a silhouette of the mountain ranges can be seen during the golden hour. The landmark doesn’t charge entrance fees, but make sure to observe physical distancing when visiting the deck.

5. Parola Suhoton

Where: Cauayan, Negros Occidental
Distance from Bacolod: 132 kilometers (three-hour drive from the metro)

outdoor activities, lockdown

Parola Suhoton is open for the public and doesn’t charge any fees.

Image: Bugal sang Negros Facebook Page

If you want to take a long trip away from the city, catch the sunset in Parola Suhoton in Cauayan. The place is not so popular, which makes it ideal for those who want to be completely alone for a while. Head back to the city before dark so you won’t have any trouble with the existing curfew.

Being in quarantine has limited people’s lives to a degree. After leaving the house only for short trips to supermarkets and pharmacies for over three months, short quarantine escapes from the city can ease stress and anxiety induced by the pandemic. Nevertheless, when going on short trips and outdoor activities, remember to keep your distance from other people as well.

Go to Yoorekka to discover more wonderful spots you might want to visit when it's safe.

Note that Bacolod City is under modified enhanced community quarantine until September 3O. Due to quarantine measures in place, some of these destinations might be temporarily closed or may have adjusted operating hours. Please contact the management before visiting.
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