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F.R.I.E.N.D.S Fans: Here’s A Hotel in Bacolod We Bet You’ll Relish

A perfect holiday staycation spot, friends!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | September 29, 2021
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Holiday Staycation Place in Bacolod

Take a swim and feel the hit sitcom’s vibes, with good lighting perfect for a night swimming pose for a picture.

Image: Limewood Residences - 25th Residences Facebook page

The famous 90s sitcom Friends has retaken popularity this year, and fans—old and new—are living for it! And while waiting for international flights to be safely open again amidst the pandemic, the good thing is that you can still celebrate the holidays with an international vibe in this staycation place in Bacolod that you will love, especially if you are a Friends fan. Check out this holiday staycation place in Bacolod, with a Friends-themed pool, interior, and ambiance—Limewood Residences at 25th.

Limewood Residences at 25th is home to the trending Friends-themed indoor pool in a private hotel. It is strategically located in the city proper, making it convenient and accessible for residents and incoming tourists, especially this holiday season. If you are a fan of a relaxing and quiet staycation instead of a long-hour trip to other famous vacation spots, then this hotel is definitely for you. Whether they are fans of the sitcom or not, create bonding moments with your family or barkada in this hotel and experience a fun-filled staycation. You can also opt to go alone and have the room and pool all to yourself.

A Picture Worthy Private Hotel

Bacolod, holiday

The nostalgic Central Perk Cafe themed lobby, picture-perfect for your Instagram feed

Image: Limewood Residences - 25th Residences Facebook page

You can find iconic, picture-worthy spots in the hotel’s themed lobby. One is the cafe, Central Park Cafe, inspired by the hit sitcom Friends; you’ll feel like you’re on the set when you sit by the couch and take a selfie. Aside from the overwhelming replica of the cafe, you can also take a picture by the fountain you can spot during the Friends’ show intro.

Another fun fact is that the cafe is the only Warner Brothers licensed cafe outside the United States. However, the area doesn’t serve coffee, but a picture spot by the lobby only. The humble hotel stayed true to its theme; that’s why Friends fans will surely be ecstatic when they decide to celebrate the holiday season and book their staycation here.

staycation, holiday season

The resort’s replica of the iconic purple door of Monica’s apartment

Images: Limewood Residences - 25th Residences Facebook page

Another familiar spot you have probably seen numerous times from the show is Monica’s apartment’s iconic purple door. The hotel owners admitted to being avid fans of the show, inspiring them to resemble the establishment’s theme from the hit 90’s sitcom.

Friends-inspired Pool

private hotel, staycation with private pool,

A view of the indoor pool at sundown, perfect for a chill night swimming

Image: Limewood Residences - 25th Residences Facebook page

Crowd-favorite and the top attraction of the hotel is the aesthetically designed indoor pool with a giant Friends logo on the bricked wall, sided by a showering fountain, with international-themed picture frames, and excellent lighting. If you have a Friends-themed party on your Christmas celebrations, then you’ll save up on additional decorations because the interiors are serving it already! Yup, apart from relishing the vibe, the place is a perfect staycation with a private pool, too!

Moreso, Cha Thai is located beside the gate to serve you affordable and delicious food for dining options.

Rooms and Overnight Stays

staycation with pool

Cozy and comfortable room for that relaxing staycation night with a companion, or all by yourself

Image: Limewood Residences - 25th Residences Facebook page

Limewood also offers deluxe rooms for over day or overnight stays. They have non-exclusive pool overnight rates if you and your friends only want a room to yourselves and have a relaxing night. They offer rooms suitable for four persons, inclusive of breakfast at PhP3,495 and not inclusive of breakfast at PhP3,280. They also have room options for six persons including breakfast at PhP5,395 and without breakfast for PhP4,980.

They also have exclusive rates, with daily use from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. A group of 15 persons costs PhP4,900, and for 20 persons at PhP5,900. They have different rates for weekend bookings on Friday to Sunday, with PhP5,900 for 15 persons and PhP6,900 for 20 persons.

hotel with private pool, indoor private pool hotel

More expansive space for a reunion with friends, where you can watch television or have a fun pajama party

Image: Limewood Residences - 25th Residences Facebook page

Limewood also offers overnight and exclusive use for ten persons for only PhP7,900 and PhP8,900 for 13 persons. Guests should check-in at 4:00 PM and check out the next day by 10:00 AM. If you wish to check-in earlier by 2:00 PM, you can pay an additional fee of PhP1,000. For overnight stays, you can access other amenities like the KTV for use until 9:00 PM. Their function room closes at 10:00 PM, and pool access is only until midnight. Other than the karaoke, other amenities included in the exclusive rates would be the griller which is free to use, a personal refrigerator, bathroom, lanai with chairs and tables, and their rooms have Wi-Fi and TV access with a NetFlix subscription.

You can also avail of their fully furnished air-conditioned studio room with a TV, refrigerator, and Wi-Fi rooms with daily rates at PhP995; however, without pool access.

Limewood Residences is located at 25th Lacson St. 6100, Bacolod City. It is only 25 minutes drive via Bacolod Airport Access Road or Circumferential Road from Bacolod-Silay International Airport. For bookings and reservations, you can contact them at 0975 4963782 or message them thru their official Facebook page,

Holidays should not always be pricey, and sometimes a day or a night stay with friends or family is an excellent way to celebrate your staycation holidays. This Friends-themed hotel will indeed create fun memories and give a wonderful experience for both fans and non-fans.

Visit Yoorekka Consumer Magazine for more staycation places options this holiday season in Bacolod!

Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions wherever you go. For now, keep safe!

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