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New in Bacolod: The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod Is Your Latest Hotel #LikeNoOther

Check out this new boutique hotel in Bacolod!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | February 15, 2023
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The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod, hotel in Bacolod, where to stay in Bacolod

Staycation without going too far at this newest, charming, and cozy hotel in the City of Smiles.

Images: The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod Facebook page

Negros Occidental is a proud place of heritage wherein you can still witness and feel the rich culture of the province today. The rich culture and heritage of Negros are reflected in its ancestral houses, arts and cultural museums, and historical landmarks found in its cities and municipalities. You can witness these in famous landmarks like The Ruins in Talisay City, Balay Negrense in Silay City, and The Negros Museum in Bacolod City.

In modern structures like hotels, resorts, restaurants, and establishments, it is rare to find hints of Negros culture in its interiors and the story behind them. But for this new boutique hotel in Bacolod, you will not only have a lovely place to stay but also be inspired and relaxed in the cozy interiors with the art inspired by the colorful heritage of Negros. Learn more about The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod!

The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod – Hotel in Bacolod – Yoorekka.com, The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod

The place lives up to letting its guests experience the vibrant culture of Negros.

Image: The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod Facebook page

Upon booking a stay at The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod, you will immediately feel the warmth and sweet vibes of Negros. This new, modern boutique hotel just opened around October 2022, welcoming both Bacolodnons and visiting tourists to enjoy comfortable and convenient accommodations at the city’s heart. The Henry Hotel is a boutique hotel in Bacolod with 19 rooms, all equally offering you a modern approach to the Negrense arts and culture.

Suppose you are searching for where to stay in Bacolod City and for something new to experience. In that case, The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod welcomes you openly with its prime location between the busy streets of BS Aquino Drive and Lacson Street. These locations are known in the city as central tourist spots with various food stops and other famous landmarks in Bacolod. Suppose you visit the City of Smiles for its main festivals like the Bacolaodiat Festival and Masskara Festival. In that case, this is the best hotel option in Bacolod that you can check out since it is situated near streets where you can witness and celebrate such big festivals.

Modern and Negrense-feel: The Henry Hotel amenities and accommodations

The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod – Hotel in Bacolod – Yoorekka.com, hotel in Bacolod

With its complete amenities, staying at The Henry Hotel is like having your second home in the city.

Image: The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod Facebook Page

The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod offers to provide you a place #LikeNoOther with its nature-inspired interiors, beautiful hand-painted murals inspired by the endemic birds of Negros, and other unique features and amenities such as the indoor rainforest garden, The Primos Restaurant, elegant function rooms, convenient parking spaces, Derm V Skin and Laser Center, and The Honest Henry by Negrense Volunteers for Change Foundation, Inc. The new hotel and another addition to options on where to stay in Bacolod are great for nature lovers as well as The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod also boasts a place where you can enjoy and connect with nature as you bask in the lavish yet modern hotel and accommodation features along with a comfortable stay.

The Henry Hotel also paves the way for Bacolod’s local talents and industry partners to honor and preserve the rich culture of Negros reflected in the hotel’s designs and interiors. It’s fascinating to know that a tourist spot like this in the city supports social and local enterprises in all its properties to continuously deliver quality service that reflects the warmth and sweetness of the Negrosanons. The hotel’s staff are very accommodating and willing to help you have the most comfortable stay without going too far from the city.

Dine in style at the hotel’s in-house resto: The Primo’s Restaurant.

The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod – Hotel in Bacolod – Yoorekka.com, where to stay in Bacolod

The hotel’s in-house restaurant is also something to look forward to as you explore its delicious dishes.

Images: The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod Facebook page

Good food. Stunning views. As a traveler, you often look for hotels that offer convenience, and The Henry Hotel Bacolod offers you just that. Aside from being nestled near tourist spots and lifestyle establishments in the urbanized city, this hotel in Bacolod also boasts its own take on gastronomic pleasures—Primo’s Restaurant. Primo’s Restaurant offers hotel guests and walk-in customers the amenities: a mini-study or coworking area, affordable coffee, their best-selling steamed bun sandwich, brunch meals, and specialty dishes like the smoked blue marlin flakes and other delicious stir-fry dishes. The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod’s in-house restaurant is also considered a gem in the city, with its rainforest-themed garden ambiance that you can enjoy while taking delight in delicious cuisines.

They also have a function room with rates starting at PhP5,000, which can accommodate eight to 10 people.

Where to stay in Bacolod for a comfy and peaceful stay without going far

The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod – Hotel in Bacolod – Yoorekka.com, The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod

Wake up and enjoy the relaxing view of the city or sleep comfortably as you take a break and destress.

Images: The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod Facebook page

Tucked away in the busy streets of Bacolod, you will definitely enjoy staying at The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod if you are a nature and art enthusiast. All rooms at this hotel in Bacolod are impeccably designed with stunning, man-made murals that let you appreciate how Negros takes pride in its arts and culture.

Choose from any room that suits your lifestyle when you want to relax, spend time with your family, or enjoy bonding with your friends. All rooms are fully air-conditioned, have complimentary in-room Wi-Fi access, a smart TV, a minibar with locally sourced snacks, complimentary bottled waters, a French press with fresh coffee grounds by Henry & Sons, a tea-making facility, a writing desk which you can use if you are on a workcation, a luggage rack, a personal fridge, all-natural bathroom amenities by Bath Origins, a scenic view of the atrium in selected rooms, and a full kitchen in the Master’s Suite.

The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod – Hotel in Bacolod – Yoorekka.com, hotel in Bacolod

The place lives up to letting its guests experience the vibrant culture of Negros.

Images: The Henry Hotel Roost Bacolod Facebook page

This hotel in Bacolod’s room rates includes breakfast for two, starting with the Small Nest at PhP4,500, Medium Nest at PhP5,700, Large Nest at PhP6,500, Large Nest with Atrium View at PhP7,500, and the XL Nest with Atrium View at PhP8,500. The Master’s Nest is suitable for four persons at PhP22,500.

It is with fascination that a place like this knows how to look back and appreciate the beauty of the arts and heritage of Negros. Nestled in the highly urbanized city in the province, The Henry Roost Hotel Bacolod ensures that your stay is always memorable.

Address: Roost Building, BS Aquino Drive, corner Aguinaldo Street 6100 Bacolod, Philippines
Distance: from Bacolod–Silay International Airport, Q2G7+MWG, Airport Road, Silay City, 6116 Negros Occidental, Philippines – 25 minutes (15.9 km)
Contact Numbers: 03 4712 1017 / 0917 6342934
Rates: PhP5,000 to PhP21,000
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thehenry.bacolod
Website: https://bacolod.thehenryhotel.com

Enjoy a home in the city that is close to nature at this modern boutique hotel in Bacolod, and if you want to be updated on the latest tourist spots and lifestyle establishments in Negros and Bacolod City, subscribe to Yoorekka Magazine now.

Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

Rates may change without prior notice.

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