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LOOK: This Coffee Shop in Bacolod Is Named the One and Only Rabbit Café in PH

This coffee shop also serves the cutest Blue Vanilla Latte!

By: Elizabeth Garde | October 14, 2023
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Mr. Bunny Café PH

Coffee, burgers, sandwiches—there’s more intrigue that’s worth checking out at this café!

Images: Mr. Bunny Cafe PH (Coffee House) Facebook page

Mr. Bunny Café has made waves in social media due to its viral post on bloggers or vloggers taking advantage of small businesses, especially food establishments, as some content creators would be asking for ‘free food’ in exchange for a feature or content of the establishment. In the said post, Mr. Bunny Café PH expressed his thoughts on this issue, and he has had enough of these types of content vloggers and that they should show genuine support to their featured businesses by making a purchase and genuinely taking on the experience of tasting the food out of their own pockets. Mr. Bunny Café also expressed his appreciation to content creators who featured his café by visiting and buying while making content from their dining experience.

Many ‘netizens’ have taken on the buzz, and many business owners expressed the same thoughts on this sentiment. But more than the issue between content creators and aspiring vloggers, Mr. Bunny Café deserves more recognition. Here are the top reasons this coffee shop in Bacolod is worth the feature!

This is the only rabbit café in the Philippines!

Mr. Bunny Café PH

Guests of all ages can enjoy this simple café in Bacolod City.

Image: Mr. Bunny Cafe PH (Coffee House) Facebook page

Mr. Bunny Café is named the Home of the First and Only Rabbit Cafe in the Philippines and Award-winning Rabbits. The café is also recommended on Restaurant Guru 2023 and awarded as the Best Pet Café in Bacolod City. With the dedication to bringing good food to the Bacolodnons, this café in Bacolod is indeed marked as one of the best coffee shops in Bacolod, and it’s up to you to find out why!

Mr. Bunny Café PH interior

This place is trending for nothing.

Image: Mr. Bunny Cafe PH (Coffee House) Facebook page

Located along the highways of Baranggay Tangub in the City of Smiles, Mr. Bunny Café is strategically located near schools and the main streets of Bacolod City, making it accessible to people who want to treat themselves to a nice merienda—students who want to bond over a platter of nachos or working professionals who wish to have a coffee break between and after work hours.

They serve great drinks in a simple café vibe.

Mr. Bunny Café PH coffee and stuff toy displays

Have your drinks at Mr. Bunny Café!

Image: Mr. Bunny Cafe PH (Coffee House) Facebook page

What you will also enjoy at Mr. Bunny Café is the simple yet cozy vibe of the café. This bunny café in the city is filled with a warm vibe in a typical Pinoy café set up with a touch of aesthetic feel! The rustic café is adorned with hanging plants and warm-lit lanterns; you get surrounded by cute stuffed bunny toys.

Mr. Bunny Café PH Blue Vanilla Latte

New on the menu: Blue Vanilla Latte (PhP95).

Image: Mr. Bunny Cafe PH (Coffee House) Facebook page

What people love about the café is their Hot Native Coffee: Isog pa sa Kerida (Braver than the Mistress) at PhP35 only. They also serve hot chocolates, lattes, hot teas, hot calamansi, and hot lemon. Mr. Bunny Café is famous for its Iced Coffee Series, starting at PhP75 for a delicious iced coffee, Iced Spanish Latte at PhP95, Salted Caramel at PhP95, and Hazelnut Latte at PhP95.

The café offers many kinds of food and drinks on its menu.

Mr. Bunny Café PH food on the plates

The food is as good as the warm, rustic ambiance of the café.

Images: Mr. Bunny Cafe PH (Coffee House) Facebook page

From sandwiches to coffee, this coffee shop in Bacolod is famous for its social media presence and mouth-watering food. One of their best-sellers is the Nacho Fries at PhP159, suitable for barkada sharing. More of their best-sellers are the Club Sandwich at PhP169, Kimchi Lumpia at PhP159, Korean Ramyeon at PhP169, and Korean Cheese Ramyeon at PhP189.

Mr. Bunny Café also offers tasty bunwiches—Egg Bunwich for PhP69, Ham and Cheese Egg Bunwich at PhP89, and Fruit and Veggie Egg Bunwich for the health-conscious at PhP89. Mr. Bunny Café also offers finger foods like Cheddar Cheese Sticks at PhP120, Kimchi Lumpia at PhP159, and French Fries at PhP69.

What differentiates this coffee shop in Bacolod from other food spots in Bacolod is its genuine passion for food. From the various choices in their menu, you can see how the café experiments and crafts its food to satisfy its customers and be everyone’s new favorite spot to hang out and eat.

Mr. Bunny Café PH tasty meal

Mr. Bunny Café offers good food and delicious drinks that will not hurt your pocket yet satisfy your hunger.

Image: Mr. Bunny Cafe PH (Coffee House) Facebook page

More on their menu is the Rice Meals, good for your all-day breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They serve Sisig Rice Meal, Siomai Fried Rice, Kimchi Fried Rice, Chicken Franks, Hungarian Rice Meal, Beef Burger Steak, and Beef Meatballs. You can have all these budget-friendly meals for only PhP130 each.

Mr. Bunny Café also serves unique food that caters to any kind of taste buds, like the Pizza Spring Rolls and Jalapeño Cheese Burger at PhP159 each.

Address: Kalayaan Hi-way Dormitel, Araneta Street, Brgy. Tangub, Bacolod City
Contact No.: 0956 4079472
Price: PhP69 to PhP189
Operating Hours: 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrBunnyCafe

Many good reasons are yet to be discovered—from the food to the drinks—why this coffee is going viral! The famous Mr. Bunny Café also celebrated its 6th anniversary, a milestone of success in serving great coffee and delicious food to the Bacolodnons.

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The prices may change without prior notice.

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