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6 Newly-Opened Coffee Shops in Bacolod to Scope Out On Your Next Itinerary

Check out these new coffee shops in Bacolod

By: Elizabeth Garde | August 19, 2023
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Coffee lovers will be full of smiles at the City of Smiles!

Images: Don Macchiatos Bacolod – Mandalagan (L); Kainos Café (R) Facebook pages

Coffee has been an integral part of everyone’s everyday lives—from being a leisure activity to being your go-to drink on your daily hustle. With Bacolod being a booming city for tourists, investors, and potential residents, the city continues to flourish, with many travel destinations and food spots being popularized—and coffee shops are no exception!

The sudden rise of many aesthetic cafés and coffee shops in Bacolod City makes Bacolodnons addicted to coffee all the more! And as for travelers visiting the highly-urbanized city, you can find a fun way to fuel your coffee addiction and lust for discovering new things at these newly-opened coffee shops and Instagrammable cafes in Bacolod City!

1. Don Macchiatos – Bacolod branches

Coffee Shops in Bacolod – Cafes in Bacolod – Yoorekka PH, coffee shops in Bacolod

Their Matcha Latte is made from Japanese matcha!

Images: Don Macchiatos Bacolod – Mandalagan Facebook page

Cebu’s most popular and first-ever 39-peso coffee franchise invades the City of Smiles with new and more stalls of Don Macchiatos! With many existing coffee shops in Bacolod City, people still can’t resist trying something new, especially at a very affordable price. The signature 39-peso Caramel Macchiato from Cebu’s Don Macchiatos is now making waves in Bacolod, and an addition to their drinks menu which is the Don Matchatos Matcha Latte, is keeping up with the coffee craze, too. Their first stall in Bacolod City is found just along the highway in Mandalagan, in front of City Mall.

Don Macchiatos in Bacolod is something that students, professionals, and travelers should watch out for as they launch more branches in the prime spots of the city: Fortune Towne, Libertad, Bata, Taculing, Burgos Street, and in SM City Bacolod.

2. Always, Coffee

Address: Puerta Nueve, Mc Arthur Drive, Bacolod City

Coffee Shops in Bacolod – Cafes in Bacolod – Yoorekka PH, cafes in Bacolod

Every cup is a love letter from this coffee shop to you.

Images: Always,Coffee Facebook page

Always, Coffee steams success in the city is one of the newest coffee shops in Bacolod that you should visit. This chill place in Bacolod City opened around the last week of July, serving coffee goodness in every cup. Always, Coffee is a Bacolod café near the University of St. La Salle, a perfect spot for students to chill and take a break. If you are looking for a coffee shop in Bacolod to elevate your social media feed, you’ll never fail when you visit this café. You’ll enjoy taking pictures with their unique mirror tables while sipping your favorite coffee.

Must-tries from this Instagrammable café in Bacolod are the Muscovado Latte, Matcha Strawberry, Caramel Affogato, and Americano. Their coffee selections range from PhP60 to PhP165.

This coffee shop in Bacolod is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturday from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

3. Black n' White Coffee House

Address: 1690 Z Resi Building, Paglaum St Capitol Heights Brgy Villamonte, Bacolod City

Coffee Shops in Bacolod – Cafes in Bacolod – Yoorekka PH, Instagrammable cafes in Bacolod

Spend late afternoons at this new coffee shop in Brgy. Villamonte.

Images: Black n' White Coffee House Facebook page

If you want a coffee chill with no frills, try visiting Black n' White Coffee House. Their mouth-watering burger sandwiches are enough to convince you to try out this new coffee shop in Bacolod City. Black n' White Coffee House officially opened last June 30, more than ready to serve you with signature coffee blends to pair with your favorite snacks and meals.

Other than carefully roasted and delicious coffee blends, they are becoming a popular food spot in town because of their tasty burger menu. You can choose from their Ultimate Bacon Burger, Ultimate Hungarian Burger, Ultimate Tapa Burger, Ultimate Sisig Burger, and Ultimate Chicken Burger.

The black-and-white concept of this coffee shop in Bacolod is perfect for minimalist enthusiasts who want to enjoy their coffee in a chill ambiance.

This coffee shop in Bacolod is open daily from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

4. Dozy Coffee

Address: BS Aquino Drive, across Outdoor Master, In front of Primos Restaurant

Coffee Shops in Bacolod – Cafes in Bacolod – Yoorekka PH, coffee shops in Bacolod

Be coffee-dazed and stay awake!

Images: Dozy Coffee Facebook page

Dazed by the aroma and taste of coffee, you sure want to stay dozy at Dozy Coffee. Lazy days are better paired with the perfect cup of coffee – iced or hot! Dozy Coffee is a chill café in Bacolod that made a buzz in the city around 2023. Contrary to its unique name, this coffee shop in Bacolod is also designed to be everyone’s working and coffee station. The café grants you Wi-Fi access and has electric sockets so you can go and work while sipping your daily dose of coffee.

This chill and Instagrammable coffee in Bacolod is open to coffee dates and for your alone time. They serve espresso-based drinks, non-coffee blends, and light snacks like Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread and Bacon-Filled Cream Cheese Garlic Bread. Their coffee selections range from PhP75 to PhP150.

This coffee shop in Bacolod is open daily, except on Thursday, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

5. Quino’s – Ayala Capitol Central

Address: 3/F, Ayala Capitol Central, in front of Mr. DIY

Coffee Shops in Bacolod – Cafes in Bacolod – Yoorekka PH, cafes in Bacolod

Your favorite Quino’s delicacies and coffee blends are now at Ayala Capitol Central.

Images: Quino's Facebook page

Everyone in town sure has heard about the sweet delicacies and tasty coffee of Quino’s, and Bacolodnons will be so happy to know that they just opened a new stall at the Ayala Capitol Central. Quino’s is among the most famous pastry and coffee shops in Bacolod City, and now they are serving your favorite coffee, cakes, comfort snacks, and their bestselling Puffyani!

You can also find other Quino’s branches at Citywalk in Robinsons Malls and the North Wing of SM City Bacolod.

6. The Local Café Bacolod

Address: Quick Gasoline Station, Corner Villa Villeta Brgy. Estefania, Bacolod City (Beside INC, across Rolling Hills Cemetery)

Coffee Shops in Bacolod – Cafes in Bacolod – Yoorekka PH, Instagrammable cafes in Bacolod

You will enjoy the coffee and the ambiance at this chill spot.

Images: The Local Café Bacolod Facebook page

You are sure to fish more likes on Instagram when you post your photos taken at The Local Café. This vegan-friendly coffee shop in Bacolod serves high-quality food and snacks, and the best part about this café in Bacolod is the coffee and the aesthetic structure and interiors of the café. This chill place in Bacolod has a perfect vibe for catching up with friends and unwinding on the weekend. Their best-seller is the Mushroom Chicharon and Tofu Steak. Their PhP95 iced coffee is unmatched, so remember to take your phones and cameras with you when you visit this classy, Instagrammable café in Bacolod.

This coffee shop in Bacolod is open daily from 6:30 AM to 9:00 PM. You may contact them at 0921 4464395 for more information.


If you’re in Talisay City, the town nearest Bacolod, check out this newly-opened coffee shop—Kaino’s Cafe. Find your way to this charming coffee shop that opened last July 3, in time for the opening of classes. This coffee shop believes you can buy happiness by buying a good cup of coffee, and you can always find it at this chill café.

Coffee Shops in Bacolod – Cafes in Bacolod – Yoorekka PH, coffee shops in Bacolod

Try this coffee shop located in the laid-back town near Bacolod.

Images: Kainos Café Facebook page

Kaino’s Café also serves rice, special meals, short orders, light snacks, burgers and sandwiches, and Japanese specials—perfect pairs to your hot or cold espresso-based coffee! You may also take your fur buddy with you as this café is pet-friendly!

Their coffee selections range from PhP25 to PhP199. You may visit them daily from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

If you are eyeing visiting any of these new coffee shops in Bacolod, make sure to tag your friends along with you! These new cafés in Bacolod prove that Bacolod City is a fun travel destination with affordable travel destinations and satisfying gastronomic delights you should not miss.

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