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ICYDK: This Travel App Helps You Find Destinations and Attractions While Planning Your Trip

Let the Department of Tourism Philippines’ travel app help you push your #TravelGoals!

By: Niña Caraig | March 29, 2024
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Department of Tourism Philippines

Looking for a travel app to fulfill your travel goal?

Image: Pexels

Are you eager to make the most of your summer travels but need help creating an itinerary? In case you didn’t know, here’s a reliable travel app in the Philippines to help you plan the perfect trip—the Travel Philippines app!

During the pandemic, the Department of Tourism Philippines and Tourism Promotions Board initially released the Travel Philippines app in 2020, until an ‘enhanced’ version was launched in 2023.

Since then, the Travel Philippine app has become a tourist’s passport to discovering uncharted destinations, with a wealth of travel information at your fingertips. You can explore the diverse provinces of the Philippines and access exclusive travel deals and promotions, all while efficiently managing your digital travel documents.

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The Travel Philippine app is equipped with an extensive network of pick-up and drop-off locations to cater to every mode of travel. Additionally, it provides users with a comprehensive and diverse list of domestic and international airports for easy booking flights. Moreover, it offers access to a curated travel directory of the most exceptional establishments in the area for top-notch accommodations.

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, this travel app covers you with its location-based itineraries. The app's "What's Near You" feature helps you discover hidden treasures in the area, such as museums, shopping centers, and parks, that offer a unique perspective on the region's history and culture.

The Travel Philippine app also provides a list of food hubs, activities, events, and accommodations that are located nearby, making it easier to plan your trip. From Metro Manila's vibrant nightlife to Negros’ pristine beaches, Travel Philippines has everything you need to make the most of your trip. So, whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation, let Travel Philippines be your guide to discovering the beauty of the Philippines.

The Travel Philippine app is available on Apple and Android devices. So, this is your sign to push through with your #TravelGoals and enjoy your adventure without any stress or uncertainty.

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