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Time for Makeover: Robinsons Place Bacolod Will Undergo a Major Renovation

Here's to reminiscing the nostalgia of this famous mall in Bacolod.

By: Mira Maestrecampo | July 04, 2024
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Robinsons Place Bacolod

Some shops have already closed in preparation for the renovation.

Images: Robinsons Bacolod Facebook page (L); Writer (R)

Robinsons Bacolod, one of the oldest and most iconic shopping malls in the city, is set to undergo a major renovation!

This mall in Bacolod has been standing since 1997—27 years of a legacy of serving Bacolodnons with all kinds of leisure and shopping needs. Robinsons Place Bacolod is one of the premier shopping destinations in the City of Smiles, and news has been spreading that the establishment will undergo a significant renovation. There is no definite date for when, but news has spread that it will be done and will be unveiled by June 2025.

The news of Robinsons Place Bacolod’s renovation, filled with mixed emotions, undoubtedly impacts the hearts of many locals. The renovation is expected to bring a fresh and modern look to the mall and introduce new and exciting features to enhance the overall shopping experience for patrons.

Robinsons Place Bacolod

Business as usual; Robinsons Place Bacolod is set to be renovated until 2025.

Image: Writer

On the flipside, the renovation means the mall's interiors and exteriors will undergo major changes. There will no longer be a fountain, a landmark where old friends would meet; the big shade across the middle entrance of the mall, where you would wait for your car after your afternoon mall excursion; and the movie theater on the third floor, which will never be the same.

One of the main reasons for the renovation is to keep up with the changing times and evolving trends in the retail industry. As competition in the shopping sector intensifies, especially in Bacolod City, where other establishments improve and more shopping centers and business districts are being built, it is essential for malls to constantly innovate and upgrade their facilities to stay relevant and attract more customers—and that is what Robinsons Place Bacolod aims to do. Undergoing a major renovation enables Robinsons Bacolod to retain its existing customer base and appeal to a broader range of shoppers, including younger generations with different preferences and expectations.

Robinsons Place Bacolod

Business as usual again, but aiming to serve Bacolodnons better.

Image: Writer

Way back, Robinsons Place Bacolod was the favorite mall of the 90s kids, and the old facade will surely be missed.

The renovation will involve a complete overhaul of the mall's layout and design, focusing on creating a more spacious and inviting environment for visitors. This will include the introduction of new lighting fixtures, flooring, and signage. We also expect the addition of modern amenities such as charging stations, free Wi-Fi, and interactive digital displays. The goal is to create a more dynamic and visually appealing shopping destination that will make visitors want to stay longer and explore all the mall offers.

Robinsons Place Bacolod

Brace yourself for the grand renovation that started last month.

Image: Robinsons Malls

One of the modern additions to Robinsons Place Bacolod is the new Food Hall, Eat Street, which features new dining options and an indoor garden.

And, of course, who would forget how iconic Robinsons Bacolod’s cinema is? With the upcoming renovation of this mall in Bacolod, there will be two new state-of-the-art Movieworld VIP Cinemas!

Another key aspect of the renovation is sustainability and eco-friendliness. Robinsons Place Bacolod is committed to promoting environmental responsibility in line with global trends toward green and sustainable practices. The mall aims to be a leader in sustainable retail practices and set an example for other businesses in the city.

Robinsons Place Bacolod

The new food court is proposed to be part of the renovation.

Image: Robinsons Malls

The renovation of Robinsons Place Bacolod is not only about upgrading the physical space of the mall but also about creating a more vibrant and engaging shopping experience for visitors - without compromising the nostalgia that shoppers would feel.

Overall, the major renovation of Robinsons Bacolod is a positive development for the city and its residents. It will enhance the shopping experience for visitors and contribute to the growth and development of the local economy.

Finally, by investing in the future of this mall in Bacolod and embracing new trends and technologies, Robinsons Place Bacolod is positioning itself as a leading retail destination in Bacolod and maintaining it as a key driver of economic activity in the city. The renovation is a testament to the mall's commitment to excellence and its dedication to providing a world-class shopping experience for all who visit!

Robinsons Place Bacolod is at Lacson St, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental. It is open from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

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