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This Week in Baguio (March 28 to April 3, 2016)

Go cool and cultural in Baguio’s art museums this week.

By: Richard Dean Basa | March 28, 2016
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For the week’s weather forecast, the city will experience a minimum temperature of 11°C (at night) and a maximum of 23°C (day time). It will be partly sunny on Monday while some showers are to be expected for most of the week until the weekend.


Since it is summer time, expect visitors to flock to this mountain city. It would be best to just commute as parking space is a typical problem. Visitors would also do the locals and the whole city a service if they just leave their cars behind to lessen carbon footprint and traffic woes.

Photo by ShoppersGuide

If visitors still wish to bring their rides along, it would be best to leave their cars at their accommodation and just commute to the central business district. Anyway, the city center is just one jeepney or taxi ride away. Taxi drivers are also courteous and give change up to the last peso. Visitors can also discover the city more by walking.

ARTS AND CULTURE at Baguio Museum and Tam-awan Artists Village

Bagong Sibol is an art exhibit at the Baguio Mountain Provinces Museum that runs through the whole month of March 2016. It is coined as such as it is the first exhibit of artists Khervin John Gallandez, Gilbert Francis Dela Cruz, and Marvin Xavier Vea, who all hail from Ilocos Norte.

Bagong Sibol is mostly modern art that portrays themes in connection with Women’s month celebrated every March.

THE LIVING VESSEL, Acrylic on Canvas, 2015

Baguio Museum is located at DOT-PTA Complex, Governor Pack Road, just across Baguio City National High School. It is open Tuesday-Sunday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Entrance fee are as follows: Adult - PhP 40.00, Senior - PhP 30.00, College - PhP 20.00, and Elementary - PhP 10.00.

Baguio upland culture is featured at Existing Cultures and Traditions by Art Lozano. The exhibit runs from March 13 to April 01, 2016 at Tam-awan Village Gallery, Tam-awan Village, Garden in the Sky.

Tam-awan Artists Village is located at Pinsao Proper. It is open 8AM-6PM.Visitors can ride a jeepney at the Baguio City Market, near Dane’s Bakeshop or take a taxi. Entrance fee are as follows: PhP50 – Adult, PhP30 - Students/Seniors, and PhP20 - Kids (12 and below)

PIGAR-PIGAR: Popular Cuisine in Baguio

Pigar-pigar is a delicacy originally from Dagupan. It is deep-fried carabeef or beef strips topped with cabbage, onions, and sometimes cauliflower and broccoli. When it comes to pigar-pigar in Baguio City, Edsyl’s Eatery and Pigar-pigar is the place to go. It is open 24-hours and located at Queen of Peace Road. This dish is priced Php70 per serving with rice.

BrrrGrrr BISTRO New Restaurant

Photo courtesy of BrrrGrrr Bistro

BrrrGrrr Bistro opened in December 2015. It is conveniently located inside Ili-likha Artist Village at Assumption Road. For a supersized all beef burger packed with flavor for as low as PhP59, Brrrgrrr Bistro is the place to be. Add-ons such as cheese, potato wedges, or dalandan pipino drink are available for an additional price of PhP20 each. BrrrGrrr Steak rice meals are also available for PhP55.
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