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This Week in Vigan (January 23 to 29, 2017)

Vigan celebrates its City Fiesta and Longganisa Festival this week!

By: Zofia Leal | January 23, 2017
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Vigan City Fiesta

Vigan City fiesta

The façade of the Vigan City Hall was adorned by a life-sized belen (model of nativity scene) last Christmas. (Image: Vigan City PH)

The Vigan City Fiesta is celebrated every January 25 in honor of the city’s patron saint, St. Paul the Apostle. The Metropolitan Cathedral as well as the St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur are dedicated to St. Paul. The fiesta is usually celebrated for several days and includes the anniversary of the cityhood of Vigan which is commemorated every January 27. The Fiesta Grand Parade will be on January 25.

Longganisa Festival

Vigan City fiesta

One of the floats during the Vigan City Fiesta 2016 Grand Parade (Image: Vigan City PH)

A part of the Vigan City Fiesta, the Longganisa Festival is also a must-awaited event by locals and tourists alike. Activities include a longganisa-themed parade, cookfest, street dancing, and an LGBT night, among others. The aim of the festival is to celebrate the centuries-old tradition of making the Vigan Longganisa, a native sausage that has a distinct garlicky taste.

Agri-Float Parade

Vigan City fiesta

Agri-Float Parade in 2016 at Ciudad Fernandina (Image: Café Uno)

The Agri-Float parade is an annual event during the Longganisa festival. It is participated by the different barangays and establishments in Vigan City. Materials used in the floats are local agricultural products of Vigan. This year, the parade will be on January 27 and will go around Vigan City.

Metro Vigan Dancesport Club Night/ Balik Vigan Night

Vigan City fiesta

Ballroom dance at the Metro Vigan Dancesport Club Night (Image: Vigan City PH)

The Metro Vigan Dancesport Club Night/ Balik Vigan Night is a showcase of the performers’ dancing style and prowess. Whether the performers are children or adults, the audience can expect to be amazed by the show. The night starts at 7:00 PM on January 24, 2017 at Plaza Burgos.

Where to find Ilocano favorite foods

Vigan City fiesta parade

Café Leona’s design is faithful to Vigan’s heritage town feel.

To be found in Calle Crisologo, Vigan, is Café Leona. The restaurant got its name from Leona Florentino, an Ilocana poet and playwright whose statue is placed in front of the cafe. Café Leona has a wide array of viands and meals from Ilocano favorites to Japanese cuisine and grilled dishes. The interior has an old European vibe to it and diners can opt to eat indoors or outside while enjoying the view of Calle Crisologo.

Where to stay

Vigan City fiesta

The Vigan Plaza Hotel built in 1870 located in Mena Crisologo, Vigan. (Image: Vigan Plaza Hotel)

As of January 16, there are still available rooms in hotels near the downtown Vigan such as Ciudad Fernandina, Vigan Plaza Hotel, Hotel Felicidad, and Hotel Luna.

Dancing Fountain Show at Plaza Salcedo

Vigan City fiesta

The Dancing Fountain show happens every night. (Image credit: David Foronda)

The Dancing Fountain show at Plaza Salcedo in front of St. Paul Cathedral is a display of lights and water synchronized to popular songs. The proximity of the audience to the show makes it an awesome experience for anyone. For those who are not satisfied with just watching the lights and water dance, they can join in the fun by going on the other side where the fountain water literally comes out of the ground.

Vigan local products

Vigan City fiesta

Marsha’s Delicacies are requested from Filipinos abroad. (Image: Marsha’s Delicacies)

Vigan offers a wide range of local products such as bagnet, longganisa, vinegar, chichacorn, and chichapop. To be found in National Highway, Bantay is Marsha’s Delicacies which sells Vigan these popular local products. They also offer their own products such as the bibingka which is a pastry-like food made of ground glutinous rice, eggs, margarine, milk, and sugar, topped with cheese and oven-baked.

Weather in Vigan

The weather will be alternately sunny and cloudy throughout the week. Tourists are advised to bring an umbrella and bottled water while touring around the city during daytime.
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About Zofia Leal
Zofia is from Quezon City and presently residing in Bantay, Ilocos Sur, the town near Vigan City. As an outsider who has adopted Bantay as her hometown, she feels like a perpetual tourist in the Ilocos region, always looking for places to go to and activities to do.
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