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10 Hotel Bars in Baguio for Beating the Cold Nights

Conquer the Baguio cold by grabbing a warm drink at these best hotel bars in Baguio!

By: Liezl Formilleza-Dunuan | September 01, 2023
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Baguio, since time immemorial, has been a top vacation destination.

Images: The Baguio Country Club (L); Camp John Hay (R) websites

The cold weather in Baguio makes it convenient to roam around during the day and explore the different sights and scenes in the city. When the cold becomes unbearable at night, people venture outside, searching for a bar in Baguio where they can hunker down and hug a drink to warm up.

But given Baguio’s popularity, everyone else might be out thinking the same thing. So, the next time you spend the cold nights in the City of Pines, consider these hotel bars in Baguio so you don’t have to go too far anymore.

1. Piano Bar at The Manor

Address: Ordonio Drive, Camp John Hay, Baguio City

Bar in Baguio - Best Bar in Baguio - Night Life in Baguio, bar in Baguio

The Manor’s Piano Bar, where you can enjoy a drink by the fire.

Image: Camp John Hay Facebook page

Staying at this hotel bar in Baguio, which is one of Baguio’s luxurious hotels, means you’re given premium treatment from the second you walk in until the second you step out, and this includes getting pampered in their Piano Bar. Here, you can enjoy a drink or two with friends while listening to live piano music exquisitely played by talented musicians. The fireplace adds a nice touch to this bar in Baguio and keeps you warm and cozy during Baguio’s cold nights. And with Le Chef just around the corner, you can pair your drink with excellent choices of appetizers.

2. Verandah and Par 7 at the Baguio Country Club

Address: Country Club Road, Camp John Hay, Baguio

Bar in Baguio - Best Bar in Baguio - Night Life in Baguio, best bar in Baguio

Par 7 at Baguio Country Club is also considered the golfers’ lounge.

Image: Bob Guerrero

Baguio Country Club does not have just one but two of the best bars in Baguio, where you can get a drink–The Verandah and Par 7.

The Verandah mainly offers al fresco dining, with themed buffets on weekends and a vast a la carte menu. Its unique ambiance makes it a perfect bar in Baguio to unwind after a day of fun or business around the city. Enjoy the featured Drink of the Month at the restaurant’s main bar, or order your favorite cocktail as a nightcap.

Meanwhile, Par 7 is known as a favorite spot for golfers, where you will see a glimpse of the nightlife in Baguio; this bar also welcomes non-golfers just the same. Unlike the privacy that. The Verandah provides, the atmosphere in this cocktail lounge bar is best for hanging out. It is the perfect bar in Baguio to spend the night with your friends and peers.

3. The Malt Room at Le Monet

Address: Ordonio Drive, Camp John Hay, Baguio City

Bar in Baguio - Best Bar in Baguio - Night Life in Baguio, night life in Baguio

The stylish Malt Room at Le Monet Hotel.

Image: Le Monet Hotel Facebook page

The Malt Room is one of two restaurants inside Le Monet Hotel, and while both restaurants serve gourmet cuisines, The Malt Room has the upper hand when it comes to serving a wide array of drinks for late-night diners.

Its stylish interiors match the rest of the hotel’s outlets, and this bar in Baguio remains a favorite rendezvous point and a venue for intimate gatherings. This best bar in Baguio has cozy chairs and a comfortable atmosphere that will make you and your partner want to stay and chat for hours.

4. 8 Degrees Bar Lounge at Azalea Residences

Address: 7 Leonard Wood Road (near Teachers’ Camp), Baguio City

Bar in Baguio - Best Bar in Baguio - Night Life in Baguio, bar in Baguio

“Cozy” is the perfect word to describe 8 Degrees Bar Lounge.

Image: Azalea Residences Baguio Facebook page

Azalea Residences is located about 10 minutes from the city center, making it the perfect choice for a staycation. If you want to go out and explore but are intimidated by all the options, then you’ll probably want to settle down at their 8 Degrees Bar Lounge instead.

The name comes from the fact that Baguio City is always 8 degrees cooler than the temperature in the lowlands, particularly in Manila. This bar in Baguio only seats up to 20 people, so it never gets too crowded or rowdy, giving you all the peace you’ll need to enjoy your sweet time over a glass of cocktail or a bottle of wine.

5. The Bar and Room 601 at Citylight Hotel

Address: 245 Gen. Luna Road, Baguio City

Bar in Baguio - Best Bar in Baguio - Night Life in Baguio, best bar in Baguio

The Bar also boasts a view of the city, which becomes a splendor at night.

Image: Citylight Hotel Baguio Facebook page

Citylight Hotel is one of the many hotels near the city’s central business district. Until late 2017, the hotel only had one bar, succinctly named The Bar, within its premises. This bar in Baguior boasts leather-lined seats and a stocked bar where friends will never run out of options on what to drink and how to enjoy the nightlife in Baguio. The Bar is open from 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM daily.

Room 601 is another best bar in Baguio; if you want exclusivity, this executive bar provides exclusivity within its walls and has a sumptuous menu to offer its patrons. Its bartenders concoct exclusive takes on famous cocktails and one-of-a-kind alcoholic shakes. So if you want a more VIP bar experience, this is the place for you. Room 601 I open from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM from Friday to Saturday.

6. Champs Sports Haus at Crown Legacy Hotel

Address: Montinola Street corner Kisad Road, Baguio City

Bar in Baguio - Best Bar in Baguio - Night Life in Baguio, night life in Baguio

Care for a round of beer pong? It’s a favorite drinking game at Champs!

Images: Champs Sports Haus Facebook page

Crown Legacy Hotel is one of the newer and bigger hotels in Baguio. If their in-house options for cuisines and beverages look a little bit thin, it’s only because their bars are what seals the deal for them. On the hotel’s first floor, guests can choose from various bars to cozy down on a chilly weekday afternoon or an intimate Friday night.

One of their bars is Champs Sports Haus, a sports-themed bar in Baguio. Its casual atmosphere is perfect for a night out with friends, fooling around with a beer. Aside from being able to watch sports events, buddies also get to play various drinking games.

7. Ridgewood Hotel’s Bar

Address: 17 Julian Felipe St., Barangay Lualhati, Baguio City

Bar in Baguio - Best Bar in Baguio - Night Life in Baguio, bar in Baguio

The bar is located in the hotel’s lobby.

Image: Ridgewood Hotel Facebook page

Ridgewood Hotel offers an executive suite experience in Baguio City at an affordable rate. It is located near Wright Park, The Mansion, and Mines View Park, some of the most popular tourist destinations Baguio is known for.

But if you prefer to stay in, they might be the best bar in Baguio you are looking for. Ridgewood Hotel’s Bar is part of the hotel’s restaurant and is decorated with accents reminiscent of a log cabin in the mountains. After some sightseeing around the city, rest your tired body in this hotel bar in Baguio, order your favorite drinks, and unwind to the sights of a comfortable cabin for the rest of the afternoon.

8. Te Quiero at Microtel by Wyndham

Address: 5 Marcoville, Upper Session Road, Baguio City

Bar in Baguio - Best Bar in Baguio - Night Life in Baguio, best bar in Baguio

Te Quiero features a tapas buffet, an exquisite experience for your taste buds.

Image: Microtel by Wyndham – Baguio Facebook Page

Microtel by Wyndham’s restaurant, Te Quiero, is the only tapas bar on our list that serves up Spanish dishes, and rightfully so. Tapas remain Te Quiero’s best-sellers because these dishes are best paired with wine, your favorite cocktails, and even beer, which makes for a good, heartwarming meal in the low climate of Baguio. This bar in Baguio also hosts live music events and buffets featuring a sumptuous assortment of Spanish and Filipino dishes, so dig in!

9. Eurotel Hotel’s Bar

Address: Abanao Street Extension, Brgy. Rizal Monumento, Baguio City

Bar in Baguio - Best Bar in Baguio - Night Life in Baguio, night life in Baguio

Eurotel Baguio’s trademark frontage is a sight everyone’s grown accustomed to.

Image: Eurotel Hotel Baguio Facebook page

Eurotel is known as a businessman’s hotel, which offers a convenient and economical option for the frequent traveler, and its central location in Baguio City isn’t any different as it remains an excellent choice for business travelers to the City of Pines.

During the day, the hotel’s restaurant serves up the usual meals for its guests but comes the night, it becomes a place where you can experience the nightlife of Baguio. You can wine, dine, and enjoy good company after a long day. Although there are plenty of drinking places near the hotel, this hotel bar in Baguio remains a worthwhile contender and a convenient choice for the tired tourist who’s already been filled with touring for the day.

10. Hotel Urban and Superclub

Address: 106 Naguilian Road, Brgy. Campo Filipino, Baguio City

Bar in Baguio - Best Bar in Baguio - Night Life in Baguio, bar in Baguio

Dance the night away at Hotel Urban and Superclub.

Image: Hotel Urban Baguio Facebook page

Hotel Urban along Naguilian Road features a bar in Baguio for you and your friends to hunker down for a drink and a dance club to get down and dance with them. It’s a change of scene if you’ve been accustomed to the usual itinerary of exploring Baguio’s serene and spectacular sights. In this bar in Baguio, there’s nothing but raving music and bright strobe lights to fill you with adrenaline throughout the night. Cheers!

July 2023 Update: Hotel Urban and Superclub’s social media account is inactive. You may also check The Chemistry Whiskey Bar at Leonard Wood Road.

Which of these hotel bars in Baguio will you go to on your next trip to the city? Share them with us!

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This article was initially published in Yoorekka on April 05, 2018.

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