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The Best Bars and Clubs to Experience ~Cool~ Nightlife in Baguio

Nightlife in Baguio is way cooler!

By: Kriszel T. Rago | June 04, 2024
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Experience a chill or wild nightlife at these bars and clubs in Baguio City.

Images: Baguio Craft Brewery Facebook page

Baguio City is renowned for several elements that contribute to its allure and appeal among both locals and tourists. From its cool climate, breathtaking views, vibrant festivals, rich cultural heritage, and gastronomic delights, Filipinos have every reason to always go to Baguio.

Aside from these, the summer capital of the Philippines also offers a diverse and vibrant nightlife scene. While the city is more famous for its cool climate and scenic attractions, there are bars and clubs in Baguio City where you can enjoy the nightlife in Baguio.

1. Spade Superclub

Address: Kisad Road. Corner Montinola Street, Baguio City
Operating Hours: Daily, 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM

Nightlife in Baguio – Baguio Nightlife – Bars and Clubs in Baguio City, nightlife in Baguio

Embrace the contagious energy, and let the night take you on a wild adventure at Spade SuperClub.

Images: Spade SuperClub Facebook page

Get ready to ignite the night at Spade SuperClub, the ultimate hotspot for Baguio nightlife enthusiasts. This pulsating bar and club in Baguio City take the after-hours scene to new heights, offering an electrifying atmosphere that will leave you craving more. Step onto the expansive dance floor and let the rhythm move you as you lose yourself in the infectious beats of EDM, hip-hop, and the hottest Top 40 hits.

2. Baguio Craft Brewery

Address: 4 Ben Palispis Hwy, KM 4, Baguio City
Operating Hours: Daily, 3:00 PM to 2:00 AM

Nightlife in Baguio – Baguio Nightlife – Bars and Clubs in Baguio City, Baguio nightlife

Raise your glass and savor the distinct flavors of beer at Baguio Craft Brewery.

Images: Baguio Craft Brewery Facebook page

Prepare your taste buds at Baguio Craft Brewery, a haven for beer enthusiasts in the heart of Baguio nightlife. This vibrant brewery takes the art of beer-making to new heights, offering a unique and flavorful experience that will leave you thirsting for more. This bar and club in Baguio City prides itself on creating handcrafted beers with distinctive flavors catering to various palates. The brewery's ambiance adds to the overall experience as the space is designed to provide a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for relaxing with friends or engaging in lively conversations with fellow beer enthusiasts.

Baguio Craft Brewery’s Beers and Drinks range from PhP190 to PhP210; Starters and Pasta at PhP250 to PhP380; Mains and House Specials at PhP260 to PhP1,149; Rice Specials and Grilled Meals at PhP250 to PhP420; and, Pub grubs at PhP250 to PhP450.

3. The Ampersand

Address: 30 Leonard Wood Road, The Camp Building, Cabinet Hill-Teacher's Camp, Baguio
Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM

Nightlife in Baguio – Baguio Nightlife – Bars and Clubs in Baguio City, bars and clubs in Baguio City

The Ampersand is the perfect nightlife spot whether you want to experience a chill or wild night at Baguio.

Images: The Ampersand Facebook page

Get ready to elevate your experience of the nightlife in Baguio at The Ampersand. This trendy and vibrant bar and club in Baguio City is the perfect spot for those seeking a memorable evening of drinks, music, and great company. The bar's modern decor, warm lighting, and cozy seating create a chic, relaxed atmosphere stage setting for an unforgettable night. This Baguio nightlife spot offers an impressive selection of craft cocktails, fine wines, and premium spirits that cater to every taste.

The Ampersand’s Alcoholic Drinks range from PhP80 to PhP6,000, and Appetizers from PhP120 to PhP190.

4. Basmnt

Address: 33 Legarda Rd, Barangay Burnham - Legarda, Baguio
Operating Hours: Friday and Saturday, 5:00 PM to 2:00 AM

Nightlife in Baguio – Baguio Nightlife – Bars and Clubs in Baguio City, nightlife in Baguio

Get ready to dance, mingle, and create memories at Basmnt.

Images: Basmnt Facebook page

Located in the heart of nightlife in Baguio, Basmnt offers a unique and intimate setting that sets the stage for an unforgettable night. This bar and club in Baguio City are known for its diverse music lineup, featuring various genres catering to different tastes. From live bands belting out soulful tunes to DJs spinning the latest beats, the venue offers a dynamic and energetic experience that will keep you grooving all night. Get ready to unleash your inner dance enthusiast and move to the rhythm of the music at this Baguio nightlife spot.

5. Concoctions Bar & Resto

Address: Brgy, Casa Generosa Building, 86 Upper Gen. Luna Rd, Baguio
Operating Hours: Daily, 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM

Nightlife in Baguio – Baguio Nightlife – Bars and Clubs in Baguio City, Baguio nightlife

Let the live band sing your favorite ‘inuman’ song while sipping your drinks at Concoctions Bar & Resto.

Images: Concoctions Bar & Resto Facebook page

Indulge in a unique and flavorful Baguio nightlife experience at Concoctions Bar and Resto. This one-of-a-kind bar and club in Baguio City combines innovative cocktails with delectable cuisine, creating a memorable dining and drinking destination. The ambiance at Concoctions is warm and inviting, with a cozy interior that exudes a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you're looking for a romantic evening, a gathering with friends, or a place to unwind after a long day of exploring Baguio City, Concoctions provides a comfortable setting to enjoy your drinks and meals.

Concoctions Bar & Resto Alcoholic Beverages start at PhP105 to PhP3,250; House Grubs at PhP95 to PhP255; and other Meals at PhP135 to PhP335.

Spice up your stay and explore the nightlife in Baguio at these bars and clubs. Whether you want something chill or wild, the Baguio nightlife has something to offer and will leave you wanting to return for more.

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