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9 Picture-Perfect Parks in Baguio for a Calming Nature Walk

Reconnect with nature by visiting the many Baguio parks.

By: Liezl Formilleza-Dunuan | April 01, 2021
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A beautiful morning at Baguio

The call for the great outdoors is strong in Baguio City. The magnificent thing about having your vacation in the Summer Capital is that you don’t have to be a serious outdoor junkie to enjoy what the city has to offer. Baguio locals are lucky to have so many green and open spaces for them to explore and enjoy nature to its fullest. Here are some of their favorite parks in Baguio, which visitors are welcome to visit. Just remember: when in Baguio, take some time to smell the flowers.

1. Burnham Park

Location: Jose Abad Santos Drive, Baguio City
Budget & Price Range: This is an open park so there is no admission fee. Popular activities around the park include boating (PhP100–150 for 30 minutes) and biking (PhP40–50 per hour).

Park in Baguio

Burnham Park is the most popular park destination in the Summer Capital.

Image: @tellme_myname

Burnham Park was named after David Burnham, the American architect and urban planner who designed it as part of the colonial city of Baguio. The design of this parks in Baguio was inspired by the “City Beautiful Movement” in the United States, which set out to establish green spaces in urban centers to improve the public’s quality of life.

Burnham Park is a place you should take advantage of when you are in the center of the city. Early mornings give way to joggers and fitness enthusiasts, who take advantage of the cool morning breeze for a quick run around the park. Zumba, Tae Bo, and aerobics classes also happen around the park; anyone can join in. While boating and biking continue to be popular in this park in Baguio, you should also check out the local flora at the Orchidarium or bring the kids to the Children’s Park.

2. Baguio Botanical Garden

Where: 37 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City
Budget & Price Range: No admission fee. If you want your photo taken wearing traditional Igorot clothing, you need to pay PhP20-30. For photos with Igorot elders in their traditional clothing, you need to pay PhP10 per person.

Parks in Baguio City

Stroll along this floral canopy at the Baguio Botanical Garden.

Image: @joseluiselpuma

The Baguio Botanical Garden used to house a small zoo in the old days. During the Marcos regime, this park in Baguio was also called Imelda Park, and when Baguio celebrated its centennial, it became Centennial Park. Despite the name changes, it is more popularly known as Botanical Garden.

Unlike Burnham, this park is located outside of the Central Business District but is near other famous sights like The Mansion and Wright Park. It features several friendship gardens that symbolize the city’s ties with sister cities in countries such as Korea, Japan, and China. The Thai Friendship Garden was recently unveiled, with life-size statues of elephants made by Thai artists. Unless it is the peak season, one can take their time strolling around this park in Baguio.

3. Wright Park

Where: Gibraltar Road (near Rizal Elementary School), Baguio City
Budget & Price Range: No admission fee. Popular activities include horseback riding (PhP300 per hour) and picture taking with horses or dogs (PhP20–30 per person).

Baguio Park

Wright Park and its long and rectangular Pool of Pines

Image: @itspattysantos

Wright Park can be reached from Pacdal Circle or The Mansion. When coming from The Mansion, Wright Park’s Pool of Pines is the first thing you will see. This park in Baguio has a long, rectangular pool surrounded by tall pine trees on both sides, which reflect the water. From Pacdal Circle, you will first see the staging area for horseback riding. Going up a long flight of stairs will bring you to the other side of the park and the Pool of Pines. Picnic tables are available at the top of the stairs. There are also souvenir shops around this Baguio park for your pasalubong shopping.

Picnic tables are available at the top of the stairs. There are also souvenir shops around this area for your pasalubong shopping.

4. Mines View Park

Where: Mines View Observation Deck, Mines View, Baguio City
Budget & Price Range: No admission fee. Popular activities around the park include having your photo taken while wearing indigenous garb (PhP20 per person), or with a St. Bernard or two (PhP 20–30 per person). There are also loads of souvenir shops that sell silvercraft, handicrafts, and Baguio delicacies.

Park in Baguio

Mines View Park is named as such because it served as a good vantage point of Benguet’s mining villages.

Image: @julsplete

Mines View Park is one of Baguio’s highest points. During the early days, standing on the observation deck of this park in Baguio will give you a stunning view of the mountains as well as the small mining villages of Benguet. Nowadays, the mines are not that visible; instead, you will see many houses built throughout the years.

Still, the observation deck provides a clear, almost 180-degree view of the majestic mountain range. The gazebo on the deck remains a point of interest because of its unique, cone-like shape. If you are lucky enough to visit this park in Baguio when there are not too many people, admire how incredible nature is.

5. Panagbenga Park

Where: Loakan corner South Drive, Baguio City
Budget & Price Range: No admission fee.

Parks in Baguio City

Panagbenga Park may be small, but it shouldn’t be missed.

Image: Panagbenga Park

Compared to Burnham Park and Wright Park, Panagbenga Park is like a small pocket garden. Located in a corner near a bustling area where Upper Session Road intersects with Loakan Road, South Drive, and Military Cut-Off, this green space is a refreshing spot. Amidst all the pollution, you can marvel at all the blooming flowers and lush plants in this park in Baguio City.

Some joggers and runners use this park in Baguio as a jumping-off point and resting area for their regular run along South Drive. This Baguio Park is named as such because it is the starting point of the yearly Grand Street Dance Parade of the Panagbenga Festival.

6. Igorot Garden

Where: Shanum Street, Baguio City
Budget & Price Range: No admission fee. Popular activities include playing chess games with locals or watching chess games.

Baguio Park

Statues of the different Igorot communities can be found at Igorot Park.

Image: Rollyn Abalos

Technically, Igorot Garden is one of the clusters of Burnham Park. It is located at the corner of Shanum Street and Harrison Road, near the main intersection of the Central Business District. The main feature of this park in Baguio is the Cordillera Freedom Monument, made of five sculptures that represent the five Cordillera tribes that fought against colonial rule. Each figure shows the traditional garb and weapons of the community.

7. Camp John Hay

Where: Camp John Hay, Baguio City
Budget & Price Range: No admission fee. Hiking or biking around the area is free. Bikers are required to wear helmets. Other activities include zip-lining at Tree Top Adventure (ranging from PhP100–300 per person, depending on the activity).

Park in Baguio

The Eco Trail in Camp John Hay takes you through a refreshing walk among the pine trees and lots of nature.

Image: Camp John Hay Facebook Page

Camp John Hay is a former hill station and a US military base that served as a place for American soldiers to rest, especially during the hot summer months. It later became a tourist destination under the Philippine government but remains a forest watershed protection area.

Because of its wide area, Camp John Hay offers so much when it comes to exploring the great outdoors. This park in Baguio has hiking trails that even non-hikers can comfortably finish, such as the Eco Trail, which runs from the Butterfly Sanctuary area down to The Manor, the Filling Station, or even Loakan Road. For adrenaline junkies, Tree Top Adventure’s canopy walk and Superman rides will surely give you more than a boost.

8. Baguio Eco Park

Where: Marcos Highway, Tuba, Benguet
Budget & Price Range: PhP800 per person for all attractions inside the park

Parks in Baguio City

Baguio Eco Park includes Dinosaurs Island and the Holy Land as its attractions.

Image: @jalaine_06_antimano

Baguio Eco Park opened in 2014 and is located 16 kilometers from the city center. It can be accessed via Marcos Highway, near the flyover that comes after the tunnel. This park in Baguio brings the excitement of dinosaurs with Dinosaurs Island, which kids will surely enjoy. On the other hand, The Holy Land shows depictions of Biblical scenes. Three other museums provide unique glimpses into ancient civilizations and the Renaissance period.

9. Mount Costa

Where: ME 33 Lamtang, Pico-Lamtang Road, Puguis, La Trinidad, 2601 Benguet
Budget & Price Range: Entrance fees cost PhP350 for adults and PhP250 for senior citizens and students

Baguio Park

Mount Costa calls itself the “Green Living Room.”

Image: Mount Costa

The newest green attraction in Baguio and Benguet is Mount Costa. This park in Baguio is located near the boundary of Baguio City and La Trinidad; this green living room used to be a strawberry farm. The owners converted it into a 3-hectare garden that is actually not just one garden but 24 gardens.

Each garden has its own unique design and story. The Zen Garden is ideal for some quiet meditation time. Meanwhile, millennials will go selfie-crazy at the Mirror Garden, where they can take creative selfies amongst the mirrors. A garden is also dedicated to Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s famous star-crossed lovers. Kids will also enjoy the children’s playground nestled under the trees in this park in Baguio City.

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Which of these gardens and parks in Baguio are you definitely going to visit? Let us know in the comments section below!

This article was originally published in Yoorekka on May 31, 2018.

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