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4 Prime Shopping Malls in Baguio for Both Tourists and Locals

All your favorite goods are within reach and within budget at these shopping malls in Baguio City!

By: Viktor Austria | May 23, 2019
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Anyone who visits Baguio is guaranteed to leave with their shopping bags full.

Image: Porta Vaga Mall

Aside from its cool climate and colorful destinations, Baguio City is also known for its collection of market finds. Whatever you’re looking for, Baguio City probably sells it at a bargain price. From flea markets to shopping centers, the snaking roads of the City of Pines are bound to bring you to your thrift gems.

And the appeal of it all doesn’t come from buying stuff but relishing the experience, and that’s precisely what shopping malls in Baguio share altogether. They’re always fresh, fun and breathe life into the tight community that Baguio has been known for.

Expect to do more than just shopping in this list of Baguio Malls!

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1. SM City Baguio

Where: Luneta Hill, Upper Session Road, Baguio City, Benguet

Malls in Baguio

The household name in retail shopping ups the ante by making SM City Baguio go greener than ever.

Image: SM City Baguio Official

Baguio isn’t immune to the infectious shopping bug that SM Supermalls bring to the country’s major cities with the existence of SM City Baguio.

This shopping mall in Baguio City is located in Luneta Hill on Upper Session Road, SM City Baguio opened in 2003 and since then has been the largest shopping mall in the whole North Luzon region. This mall in Baguio is the only one not to utilize a central air-conditioning system and the second mall to use natural lighting, the other being the SM Mall of Asia.

It has all the makings of your usual SM mall: a food court filled with different fusion cuisines; an activity area where they host lively local events; a department store; as well as multiple levels dedicated to beauty and well-being, appliance and home needs, and gadget and tech retail. The stunning view from each level’s balconies sets it apart, though, where you can see Burnham Park, Baguio Cathedral, and even Session Road—this mall in Baguio is home to the only DFA passport office in the Cordillera region.

In 2016, this shopping mall in Baguio City included the creation of Sky Park, a tourist destination that fuses theme park attractions and green architecture. Its green foliage, elevated garden, and thousands of square meters of additional green space are all part of SM’s commitment to replenishing the community’s tree population and improving its environmental impact.

2. Porta Vaga Mall

Where: Porta Vaga, Session Road, Baguio City, Benguet

Shopping Malls in Baguio City

Elegance meets convenience at all of Porta Vaga Mall’s beautifully designed buildings.

Image: Porta Vaga Department Store official website

Session Road in Baguio is considered the city’s cauldron of business and trade, where merchants, big and small open shops to the teeming tourists and shoppers. Due to the mall in Baguio, like the famous Porta Vaga Mall, which opened in 2002, business on Session Road is always alive.

Baguio malls, which spread across five themed buildings, belonged to the Porta Vaga family and were built on the principle of social responsibility and environmental stewardship. The five buildings of shopping mall in Baguio City are Porta Vaga Main, Porta Vaga Annex, Antipolo, Patria de Baguio, and the four-story Puso ng Baguio, which just underwent renovation. It has its own department store that caters to both native merchants and global brands; the Food Lane that offers a variety of local and international choices; and different levels housing boutiques of apparel, personal care, gadgets, and tech-related products.

The proprietors of this mall in Baguio put a premium on giving back. Specifically, they support the church’s missionary efforts in Cordillera, which includes the Diocese of Baguio, Vicariate of Bontoc-Lagawe, and Tabuk. They have a space dedicated to a religious kiosk in their department store, where shoppers can buy wares and produce from nuns.

3. Tiong San Harrison & La Trinidad

Where: Harrison Road, Baguio City; and Baguio-La Trinidad-Bontoc Road, La Trinidad

Baguio Mall

The success of Tiong San’s department stores is backed by seven decades-worth of living alongside locals.

Image: Tiong San Harrison & La Trinidad

Some businesses in Baguio have existed long enough to be a pillar of what has been deemed the “Baguio City Experience.” Such a pillar is Tiong San, who dubs itself “Suki ng Bayan” (the people’s favorite).

And why shouldn’t it? This mall in Baguio has been operating for over seven decades among three generations of proprietors, building a sense of trust and value for shoppers in the region along the way. From its humble origin as a bazaar of general goods, this shopping mall in Baguio City now has branches on Harrison Road and along Halsema Highway in La Trinidad and even operates in real estate, telecommunications, and the hospitality business.

Currently, Tiong San’s Baguio malls in Harrison Road and La Trinidad cater to a vast array of local and global brands, from apparel to houseware to tech peripherals. This mall in Baguio also has its own full-range supermarkets and meat shops. Tiong San has also partnered with government agencies and local government units to promote local industry, environmental sustainability, and entrepreneurship.

4. Abanao Square

Where: Abanao corner Zandueta Street, Baguio City, Benguet

Malls in Baguio

Whatever you need, Abanao Square has all the basics covered.

Image: Abanao Square official website

Abanao Square might be the smallest and the most unassuming mall on this list, but much of its charm lies in its wide assortment of affordable goods and services – from apparel, personal care, and electronics to banks, pawnshops, remittance centers and even a fitness gym.

This five-story mall in Baguio opened in 2002 and has since turned into a sensation for Baguio locals not only because of its cheap wares but also because of its convenient location. This shopping mall in Baguio City is surrounded by the major streets of Abanao, Zandueta, and Harrison Road, Abanao Square is also near famous landmarks such as Burnham Park, Session Road, the Baguio City Hall, and the Baguio City Market, making the mall literally central to people’s lives.

This convenience has also made this mall in Baguio a prime location for civic events in the past such as Red Cross Baguio’s blood donation drives and medical missions, last year’s Little Miss Baguio, and this year’s observance of World Autism Awareness Day.

Indeed, Abanao Square covers all of the locals’ everyday essentials, and then some more. For many years to come, the mall will be a standing testament that business in Baguio is brisk and blooming.

For more places to be in the City of Pines, check out Yoorekka!

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you can never leave the streets of Baguio empty-handed. So make sure you cover all ground; you might step out of one of these malls in Baguio with your best buys to date!
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