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Take a Mental Health Vacation at These 5 Unique Places to Visit in Baguio That Will Leave You Peaceful

These quiet places in Baguio can be refreshing!

By: Antonette Louise Guiao | March 24, 2023
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There’s no better place to heal than at the City of Pines.

Images: Venus Garden Facebook page

Baguio has always been a favorite destination for quick getaways and quiet retreats. Not only are there plenty of the best unique places to visit in Baguio for a meditative trip, but the cool weather and flourishing greenery make the Summer Capital more peaceful and inviting.

After going through so much in the past years, it’s about time that you give your weary soul the rest that it needs. This year, treat yourself to these quiet places in Baguio and give yourself time to pause and escape your hectic lifestyle. If you’re planning to embark on a self-healing journey, here’s a list of the best places to visit in Baguio. Read on!

1. Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary

Address: 25 Sto. Tomas North Road, Imelda R. Marcos, Barangay 2600, Baguio City
Unique For: An elementary school turned into an ecological attraction

Unique Places to Visit in Baguio - Quiet Places in Baguio - Yoorekka, unique places to visit in Baguio

Here’s where you can connect with your inner self once again.

Images: Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary Facebook page

One of the recommended unique places to visit in Baguio is an elementary school turned ecological attraction; Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary provides a quiet environment for anyone who wishes to find inner peace. This quiet place in Baguio offers various meditative programs, including Cosmic Journey; it is a place to visit in Baguio with a two-hour trek through 14 stations that teach about the relationship of humans with the universe.

There is also Earth Recollection in this unique place to visit in Baguio, a one-day activity under the Earth Spirituality program that begins with a Cosmic Journey and allows you to go on a contemplative walk in one of the gardens. Another program is the Sanctuary Gallery, an exhibit that showcases nature and life-inspired art mediums.

2. Forest House

Address: Forest House, Loakan Road, Camp John Hay, Baguio City
Unique For: European-inspired with rustic wooden interiors B&B

Unique Places to Visit in Baguio - Quiet Places in Baguio - Yoorekka, quiet places in Baguio

Restore your energy in this homey little cottage in the Forest House.

Images: Forest House Facebook page

Whether on quick getaways or an extended stay in Baguio, this is one of the unique places to visit in Baguio and must be one of your hotel options, Forest House. This accommodation is a European-inspired bistro and bed-and-breakfast. Its rustic wooden interiors give off a warm and cozy vibe that can make you feel at ease. This quiet place in Baguio doesn’t just offer comfy accommodations for tired souls, but it also serves mouthwatering dishes for hungry tummies.

The Forest House Bistro and Cafe’s menu has a wide selection of sumptuous dishes, including clubhouse sandwiches, filet mignon, surf and turf, and soups like bouillabaisse and potato cheese chowder. This should be on your list of unique places to visit in Baguio because while you’re eating, you can also enjoy the captivating view of Camp John Hay from the balcony dining area.

3. Venus Garden

Address: #28 Gulf View Loop, Gulf View Horizon, Baguio City
Unique For: Private dining area

Unique Places to Visit in Baguio - Quiet Places in Baguio - Yoorekka, places to visit in Baguio

This might just be the most peaceful and healing dining spot yet.

Images: Venus Garden Facebook page

If you’re looking for a more serene and intimate place to enjoy both Baguio’s peaceful scenery and tasty dishes, then Venus Garden is the place to visit in Baguio. Venus Garden is a private restaurant far from Baguio's hustling capital area. At this unique and quiet place in Baguio, you can enjoy a more personal dining experience while tasting the city’s fresh produce. The dining area overlooks one of the most scenic golf courses in the province, satisfying both your senses of taste and sight. Note that this restaurant, a unique place to visit in Baguio, only accepts reservations made three days in advance with a 50% deposit.

4. Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto

Address: Dominican Hill Road, Baguio City
Unique For: Hillside location

Unique Places to Visit in Baguio - Quiet Places in Baguio - Yoorekka, unique places to visit in Baguio

Sometimes, all you need in life are prayers and a little cardio.

Images: @eu_fre

The second to the last on our list of unique places to visit in Baguio is for someone who believes in seeing a life-sized Bless Virgin Mary. Prayers truly have healing powers, and there’s no better quiet place in Baguio to pray than at the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto. Home to a life-sized statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the grotto is a popular pilgrimage site among faithful and devotees. This unique place to visit in Baguio is remarkable because it is located on a hillside, and one must climb 252 steps of stairs to reach Mama Mary’s statue. While the climb may be tiring, nothing can beat the mesmerizing view and the sense of accomplishment when you finally reach the top.

5. Cafe by the Ruins

Address: 25 Chuntug Street, Brgy. Rizal Monument Area, Baguio City
Unique For: Healthy Cordilleran dishes

Unique Places to Visit in Baguio - Quiet Places in Baguio - Yoorekka, quiet places in Baguio

Feel Baguio’s cool breeze while having a relaxing dining experience at the cafe.

Images: Cafe by the Ruins Facebook page

Here’s another crowd-favorite place to visit in Baguio that can help comfort your restless soul through good food and refreshing beverages. As one of the best unique places to visit in Baguio for foodies, Cafe by the Ruins has a sophisticated, relaxing, and comforting ambiance. The food at the place is inspired by Cordilleran dishes and is mostly vegetable, fish, and chicken-based. You can match your chosen dish with hot beverages that can soothe your soul at the first sip, such as the Ruins Coffee, Arabica coffee mixed with cardamom, whipped cream, and cinnamon; and Rizal’s Tsokolate-eh (Rizal’s chocolate), a chocolate drink made with Malagos cocoa and carabao’s milk.

This unique place to visit in Baguio, the Café by the Ruins, is open daily for dine-in from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Going on a little break isn’t wrong, especially if you know that you’ve been nothing but strong and brave for the past year. This year, take the time to heal at these quiet places in Baguio, so you can prepare for what the year has in store for you.

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Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions wherever you go. Have a great trip!

This article was initially published in Yoorekka on January 01, 2021.

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