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Baguio’s Famous Laperal White House is Now Joseph’s—See If It’s an Expensive Restaurant in Baguio

Laperal White House is now a restaurant, a good place for dining in Baguio!

By: Kriszel T. Rago | March 05, 2024
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Joseph’s offers an exquisite experience from its exterior to its food options.

Images: Joseph’s Facebook page (L); Art Tibaldo (R)

Baguio City, the Philippines’ summer capital, is one of the top destinations in the country to go to if you want to take a break from city life. Aside from its cold climate, fresh produce, various green spaces, and walkable side-by-side tourist spots, it is also known for its numerous excellent and expensive restaurants in Baguio.

Did you also know that the summer capital of the Philippines is also home to haunted places with countless scary stories, history, and culture? One is the Laperal White House, located at 14 Leonard Wood Road Brgy. Cabinet Hill, Teachers Camp Baguio City, has now become an upscale dining in Baguio!

Expensive Restaurant in Baguio - Dining in Baguio - Baguio, expensive restaurant in Baguio

Baguio City‘s famous haunted doesn’t look haunted anymore with its new look as a restaurant.

Images: Joseph’s Facebook page

The Laperal White House is a century-old home owned by the Laperal family during the 1930s. It is now an expensive new restaurant in Baguio. During the Japanese occupation, it is said to have become a Japanese military post where several locals died. There was gossip that a white lady was sighted in the place, and eerie sounds and footsteps were heard inside the empty mansion. With that, the vintage house became known as a haunted spot.

Before it was closed to the public in 2013, the Laperal White House was a museum of local bamboo and wood art pieces. Last December 2022, the haunted mansion was reborn as a new expensive restaurant in Baguio City named Joseph’s, one must-try restaurant in Baguio.

Expensive Restaurant in Baguio - Dining in Baguio - Baguio, dining in Baguio

Joseph’s interior boasts the original solid wood ceilings and walls of the house.

Image: Joseph’s Facebook page

The restaurant is good for dining in Baguio. It features modern elegance from custom dining tables, seats, and contemporary furnishings.

This upscale dining in Baguio offers a menu crafted by a young French chef who has been in the industry for 15 years and a decade at a Michelin-star restaurant. Joseph’s is an expensive restaurant in Baguio. It utilizes native produce plated in harmony with premium meat and seafood selections obtained locally and internationally to give you the best and most memorable dining experience for its guests.

Joseph’s offers three menus: Le Petite Menu, available from Monday to Friday only; Le Menu Vegetarien, suitable for vegans and vegetarians; and Le Grande Menu. Le Petite Menu and Le Menu Vegetarien offer a 2- to 3-course menu at this expensive restaurant in Baguio starting at PhP1,980, while Le Grande Menu provides a 2- to 5-course menu ranging from PhP1,780 to PhP3,150.

Expensive Restaurant in Baguio - Dining in Baguio - Baguio, must try restaurant in Baguio

Joseph’s duck meat meals are available in their a la carte and set menus.

Images: Joseph’s Baguio

One of the points of pride of this new dining in Baguio City is its Herb-Crusted Lamb Rack, Wet-Aged Rib Eye, and 21-Day Dry-Aged Rib Eye, which range from PhP7,980 to PhP12,600.

Expensive Restaurant in Baguio - Dining in Baguio - Baguio, expensive restaurant in Baguio

Joseph’s 21-Day Dry-Aged Rib Eye with red wine sauce and fresh aromatics (L).

Image: Joseph’s Baguio (L); @juantamadadventures (R)

Joseph’s also offers an A La Carte Menu of this expensive restaurant in Baguio on weekdays from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM with options of salads, soups, starters, mains, and desserts starting at PhP280 to PhP580.

Drink whenever you like with their list of wines and beverages starting from PhP70 to PhP80,000.

Expensive Restaurant in Baguio - Dining in Baguio - Baguio, dining in Baguio

Here are some of Joseph’s soups, salads, and dessert options.

Images: Joseph’s website

Joseph’s is located at 14 Leonard Wood Rd, Brgy. Cabinet Hill, Teacher’s Camp, Baguio. This upscale dining in Baguio takes reservations starting at 10:00 AM. This must-try restaurant in Baguio operates daily from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM on weekdays and 6:30 AM to 10:00 PM on weekends.

For reservations, call 0917 JOSEPHS (5673747), 0969 0998314, or email dine@josephsbaguio.com. For inquiries about the restaurant, contact Joseph’s at 0969 0998315, 07 442 29875, or josephsbaguio2022@gmail.com.

Find more about this new restaurant in Baguio City on their social media accounts and website:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100086304281405
Instagram: @josephsbaguio
Website: https://josephsbaguio.com/

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This article was initially published in Yorekka on March 20, 2023.

Prices may change without prior notice.

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