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Channel the Woven Trend: Here’s Where to Get Ilocos’ Famous Inabel Woven Products

From home décor to fashion accessories, here's everything you need to know about Inabel.

By: Yoorekka Team | August 05, 2023
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Inabel, Abel weaving, woven products

From home decor to bath essentials and accessories, Inabel woven products are the best choices, whether as a gift or an adornment.

Images: Abel PH, Mang Inabel Facebook pages

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in traditional crafts and sustainable practices, leading to increased appreciation and support for weaving traditions in the Philippines, including the Inabel weaving of the Ilocos region.

If you're looking for Inabel woven products to treat yourself, present a heartfelt gift to your dear ones, or add an exquisite touch to your living space, here are some shops to buy them.

1. Abel Ph

Store Address: 14 Nicanor Roxas St, San Roque, Marikina City
Price Range: PhP450 to PhP9,000

Inabel – Abel Weaving – Woven Products – Yoorekka Philippines, Inabel

Abel Philippines’ physical store got a new look adorned by their own Inabel products.

Images: Abel Ph Instagram

Founded in 2017, Abel Philippines is a dynamic social enterprise that collaborates with over a hundred skilled weavers from the northern regions. Their mission? Crafting exceptional Inabel woven products of the finest caliber. Choose from their wide selection of blankets, towels, napkins, pillowcases, bed cover sets, and pouf. They also accept personalization for events and corporate giveaways.

Check out their Facebook page,, for more information.

2. Balay ti Abel

Store Address: Bangar, La Union
Price Range: PhP70 to PhP1,350

Inabel – Abel Weaving – Woven Products – Yoorekka Philippines, Abel weaving

Add color and texture to your home and our accessories with these Inabel woven products from Balay Ti Abel.

Images: Balay ti Abel Facebook page

In 2012, Balay Ti Abel introduced modern design with age-old production techniques in their Inabel woven products. Partnering with incredible and talented loom owners and weavers from the north, Balay Ti Abel aimed to revive and promote the beauty of Abel weaving. Cozy meets classic with every masterpiece, from towels, blankets, and bed covers to purses and pouches, all fashionable and decorative. Balay Ti Abel doesn’t have a physical store operates purely online thru their online shopping account.

Check out their Facebook page,, for more information.

3. Mang Inabel

Store Address: Metro Vigan, Ilocos Sur
Price Range: PhP60 to PhhP1,599

Inabel – Abel Weaving – Woven Products – Yoorekka Philippines, woven products

Mang Inabel has everything you need, from wearable Inabel woven products to fashionable ones.

Images: Mang Inabel

Nestled within the heartland of Inabel weaving, Mang Inabel breathes new life into this cultural art. They infuse vibrant life into tradition, channeling the expertise of Ilocano loom weavers who are very dedicated to every masterpiece they create. Mang Inabel has every Inabel woven product you need at the most affordable prices, from fashionable scarves and tote bags to colorful beach towels and table runners. Although Mang Inabel doesn’t have a physical store, they do customizations and wholesale for special events such as wedding souvenirs.

Check out their Facebook page,, for more information.

About the Inabel Weaving of Ilocos

Inabel weaving, also known as "Abel," is a traditional weaving technique that originated in the northern region of the Philippines, particularly in the province of Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur. The product of this method, Inabel fabrics, are known for their intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and delicate textures made from locally grown cotton or a combination of cotton and other fibers like pineapple or silk.

The weaving process is usually done using a traditional wooden loom operated manually by skilled weavers who use different techniques to create various patterns and designs, which often have cultural significance and represent the heritage and history of the Ilocano people.

Inabel fabrics make woven products, such as traditional garments like Barong Tagalog, everyday home textiles like towels, table runners, wall hangings, blankets, and accessories like scarves and bags.

Inabel weaving not only sustains the traditional craft and skills of the Ilocano people but also serves as an essential source of income for local communities. It plays a vital role in preserving the rich culture of the Philippines and is recognized as a necessary part of the country's heritage.

Inabel weaving is vital to our country’s cultural heritage and art. Be part of a community that preserves this art form while adorning your home or accessorizing yourself with these Inabel woven products by Ilocano loom weavers themselves.

To discover more local brands and unique places in Ilocos and Northern Luzon, visit Yoorekka Magazine.

Prices may change without prior notice.

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