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4 Vibrant Ilocos Norte Festivals to Include in Your Trip This February

Experience the colorful culture in Ilocos Norte by joining these festivals!

By: Kriszel T. Rago | February 02, 2024
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culture in Ilocos Norte

Ilocos Norte will be filled with colors of festivities at this year’s lineup of festivals and celebrations.

Image: Municipal Government of PAOAY Facebook page

February is set to dazzle Ilocos Norte locals and visitors alike. The town commemorates its 206th founding anniversary with a month of vibrant celebrations of life, heritage, and culture in Ilocos Norte.

Four exhilarating festivals grace the month of February in Ilocos Norte: the Pamulinawen Festival in Laoag City on February 10, the lively Guling-Guling Festival in Paoay on February 13, the vibrant Binakol Festival in Sarrat on February 28, and the pinnacle of the month, Tan-ok Ni Ilocano or the Festival of Festivals in Laoag on February 16.

1. The Pamulinawen Festival

Where: Laoag City
When: February 10

culture in Ilocos Norte Pamulinawen Festival

The Pamulinawen festival is named after a woman who gained popularity in the well-known Ilocano folk song called Pamulinawen.

Image: Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte Facebook page

The festival honors the feast day of Saint William the Hermit, the patron saint of adopted children, and has evolved into Laoag's homage to the town's rich heritage. Commencing as early as February 1 with its opening and civic-military parade, this Ilocos Norte festival features a series of cultural events throughout the month. Highlights include the Pamulinawen Festival Acoustic Night on February 3, the grand Pamulinawen Parade on February 9, the 20th Breaking Away Mountain Bike Challenge on February 17, and various other celebrations showcasing the vibrant culture in this Ilocos Norte town.

Pamulinawen's history comes from an Ilokano folk song about courting a strong-willed woman with the same name. It was later named after the cultural celebration for Saint William.

2. Guling-Guling Festival

Where: Paoay
When: February 13

culture in Ilocos Norte Guling-Guling Festival

The locals dress in traditional attire and adorn their homes with decorations that reflect their native style.

Image: Municipal Government of PAOAY Facebook page

In Paoay's upcoming Guling-Guling Festival for this year, elementary schools in the municipality are gearing up for a captivating dance showdown scheduled for February 12, 2024. The performance will showcase a captivating folk-dance genre. This festival in Ilocos Norte serves as the town's yearly celebration preceding the commencement of the Lenten season, observed on Ash Wednesday.

3. Tan-ok Ni Ilocano

Where: FEM Memorial Stadium, Laoag
When: February 16

culture in Ilocos Norte Tan-ok Ni Ilocano

Tan-Ok festival showcases Ilocano culture.

Image: Tan-ok ni Ilocano Festival of Festivals Facebook page

The pinnacle of Ilocos Norte's grand celebration, the Tan-ok Ni Ilocano, or Festival of Festivals, takes center stage in a night filled with cultural performances, featuring the participation of 21 municipalities, along with the cities of Laoag and Paoay. This most awaited cultural dance showdown unfolds on February 16 at the FEM Memorial Stadium, highlighting the magnificence of Ilocanos and the rich heritage and culture of Ilocos Norte.

4. Binakol Festival

Where: Sarrat
When: February 28

culture in Ilocos Norte Binakol Festival

Sarrat performers showcase Binakol, their traditional loom-weaving, at the Binakol Festival.

Image: @officialilocosnorte

In honor of Ilocos Norte's indigenous fabric, Binakol, the town of Sarrat, has organized a series of parades and religious activities this year. An Agri-Trade Fair will also be scheduled for February 21, and a captivating Farmer's Float Parade will be on February 24.

If you find yourself up north this February, seize the opportunity to experience these vibrant celebrations of life, heritage, and culture in Ilocos Norte at these festivals.

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