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Boracay Travel this Summer Can Be Less Expensive Than You Think

Yes, you can have a Boracay summer on a budget!

By: Karen Bermejo | April 08, 2016
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(Image: Writer)

Traveling to Boracay during summer months can be quite expensive—that’s a known fact. For example, hotel rates from April to May are typically higher by PhP1,000 or up per night. But while most people think that traveling to this white sand island is a luxury, Boracay could still be a perfect getaway for budget-travelers and backpackers too.

With numerous hostels, restaurants, and beach activities lined up for the summer in Boracay, travelers will surely find something that will suit their likes and budget. Here are six easy things you can do to stretch your money while still having a grand time in Boracay.

1. Join group activities


Save and gain more friends on water sports activities. (Image: Writer)

Don’t skip water sports activities during your vacation this summer just because you think it’s going to be crazy expensive. A regular banana boat ride costs PhP1,200 for 4 people. If you travel alone, you can still try this activity by joining other groups. Then you can pay only PhP250 for your slot.

2. Eat Where the Locals Eat

less expensive Boracay travel

A meal worth PhP150 at Jasper’s (Image: Writer)

A good way to save money when it comes to dining in Boracay is to take a cue from the locals. You can still have a satisfying gastronomic experience by trying the famous eateries favored by the locals.

Most of these food joints are just along the major streets in the island. For less than PhP100, you can already enjoy a good meal at Jasper’s Tapsilog and Resto, located along the main road in Station 2, beside Crafts Deli. The restaurant offers “Tapsi” meals and Pinoy dishes for at least PhP40 per order. They are also famous for their Pansit Bilao for large groups. A small bilao or rice winnower is worth Php400 which is good for 5 to 6 people, while a larger bilao is PhP800. The restaurant is open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Another restaurant frequented by locals and tourists is Tod's Lomi House and Resto in Zone V, Bulabog Street, near the main entrance of Aqua Boracay. Tod’s is famous for their special lomi which costs PhP75 for a single order and PhP175 which is good for 2 to 3 persons. They also serve daily breakfast meals: from PhP60 for Filipino Tapsi Meals and PhP170 for an American breakfast. For lunch and dinner, they offer a variety of viands from PhP35 to PhP80 per order. They also have batchoy, sandwiches, and burgers for snacks. You can also enjoy their fresh fruit shakes at PhP60 only each. Tod’s is open 24 hours daily.

3. Party during happy hour

less expensive Boracay travel

Happy hour at Pats Creek Bar and Boom Boom Bar (Image: Writer)

When in Boracay, having some drinks while enjoying the sunset or the night is a must. To save a few bucks on drinks, visit restaurants and bars as early as 5 PM for happy hour promos.

Pat’s Creek Bar and Boom Boom Bar in Station 2, just beside Pizza Hut, start their happy hour at 5:00 PM which goes until 8:00 PM. You can enjoy live music and jam with their local band playing every night, usually reggae songs. During happy hour, beers are sold at a lower price of PhP280 per bucket from the PhP320 regular rate while cocktails are sold on a Buy 1, Take 1 promo for PhP150. Rhum cokes are sold at 3 for PhP120 which is PhP60 a glass on regular hours.

In Station 1, Niu Ohana Boracay Bar & Resto offers Buy 1, Take 1 promo on cocktails for PhP 140 from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Guests can wait for the sunset and enjoy a live band performance each night while lying on their beach beds or bean bags throughout the night.

4. Take note of perks for the ladies.

less expensive Boracay travel

Thursday nights are for the ladies (Image: Charlie’s Steakhouse & Diner)

Being a woman has its own perks, especially when partying. Every Thursday, between 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM is Ladies Night at Coco Bar, the lounge bar of Red Coconut Resort, at the beachfront in Station 2. The first cocktail is free for the ladies and 50% off on the second cocktail.

Thursday is also a Ladies Night at Charlie's Steakhouse & Diner. At Charlie’s, the freebies for ladies are free margaritas and screwdriver cocktails all night long. The pub is located at the main road in Station 2.

5. Don't charter rides.


Regular tricycle fare in Boracay is just PhP10. (Image: Writer)

Instead of taking an organized transfer going to Boracay which costs from PhP700 per person, travel to the island on your own. If you are coming from Kalibo Airport, there is a public van going to Caticlan for PhP250 per person. From the port, you will have to pay the Terminal Fee which is PhP100, Environmental Fee of PhP75, and boat for PhP25. If you are coming from Caticlan Airport, just walk for a few minutes to the main road to rent a tricycle and pay the regular fare of PhP10. Tricycle drivers usually ask for PhP50 if you ride from inside the airport vicinity.

When in the island, don’t charter the whole tricycle because it will cost you PhP100 but just join the regular trip and pay only PhP20 up to Station 1. Regular tricycle fare is just PhP10 within Stations 1 to 3.

6. Stay in hostels.

less expensive Boracay travel

Open-air roofdeck cinema of MNL Hostel (Image: MNL Hostel)

If you are traveling solo, a hostel is your best option to save on accommodation. For PhP600 to PhP750 a night, you can already find a clean and comfortable lodging in Boracay. You will also find that staying in hostels is one of the best ways to meet new friends in the island. Here are some hostels you can choose from:

MNL Hostel

At PhP650 to PhP700 per night, you can stay in MNL Hostel’s mixed dorm room or in its all-female dorm located at Road 1-A,Bulabog Street in Barangay Balabag. Each stay night comes with a free breakfast too, something that will help you save even more. For privacy, dorms are in pod style and guests have their own lockers.

The hostel also has a common room with TV, a kitchen, and a roof deck where guests can join nightly fun activities prepared by the hostel staff, like a movie night or a barbecue party. By staying at MNL, you will also get discounts at Ti Braz Creperie, Damianas Resto, Station 4 Beach Bar, and Palassa Spa.

Boracay Box and Ladder Hostel

Another hostel offering perks for their guests is Boracay Box and Ladder Hostel. By staying with them, you can get discounts in food and activities at Pat's Creek Bar, Smoke Resto, Island Chicken Inasal, Ti Braz Boracay, Timog Kiteboarding Center, Eclipse Dive Center Boracay, Wave Bar & Lounge, Station 4, Palassa Spa and Big J Sausages, Authentic Hong Kong Style Roasting & Dimsum. Just show your Box and Ladder room keys to get discounts.

Box and Ladder occupies the 3rd floor of Boracay Midway Building, located along the main road in Balabag, Station 2. The hostel hosts BBQ Night every Friday where guests could meet and greet other guests, the owners, and some locals. The night comes with a free glass of mojito and unlimited barbecue for PhP150. Dorm beds are available starting PhP600 per night this summer.

YB Hostel

If you are traveling with a group, you can still book an entire dormitory room in a hostel. YB Hostel offers a 4-bedded dormitory for PhP600 per person. They also have a 6-bed dorm for PhP700 per person.

YB hostel is famous for its cinema and massage room. It also owns Sunflower Café and Travel Lounge located at the 1st floor of the hostel. Located at Zone VI, Balabag Extension, the hostel can be reached via the alleyway from Palassa Spa at the main road in Station 2 going to the beachfront.

Traveling solo or in group in Boracay can be made more budget-friendly if you just know where to spend your hard earned money. If you’re in Boracay this summer, try to take a long walk from Station 1 to 3 or vice versa at the White Beach. Along the way, you will see unlimited choices of party places, restaurants, and souvenirs that could surely fit in your budget.
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