Where to Get Your Sports Fix in Boracay

Mention Boracay and images of white sand, stunning sunsets, and festive nightlife come to mind.

By: Karen Bermejo | August 18, 2017
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When summer is over and beach bums are not too many, the sporty and adventurous take over. The beach becomes a playground for many. You’ll see someone catching a disc, a group of friends spiking volleyballs, or wakeboarders skimming the waters at the White Beach. Meanwhile, kitesurfers, windsurfers and kiteboarders flock Bulabog Beach.

If your rugby, basketball, or soccer team has an important game and it falls on your Boracay vacation, no need to worry because you’ll find the following sports bars in the island. You are even likely to meet others who will cheer for the same team.

Rumba’s Sports Bar and Restaurant, Station 2

sports bars Boracay

Interior of Rumba's Sports Bar and Restaurant

Rumba’s Sports Bar and Restaurant can easily be spotted if you are passing through the entrance near Budget Mart. The bar has been operating since 2005 and tagged as the number one sports bar in the island.

They have widescreen televisions to showcase regular sports events via satellite. During big sports events, you’re sure not to miss them because the game schedule is usually posted on a board by the bar’s entrance.

Rumba's takes pride on their imported steaks and deep dish pies. They have US Angus steaks, rib eye, and tenderloin, among others. Among their bestselling pies are the steak and kidney pie and the beef and ale pie. They also have English, French, Thai, and Filipino food on the menu, plus pizzas, too. A bucket of six local beers is sold at PhP300. Aside from their beer selections, they are also famous for their candy shots with flavors such as choco mint, honey lemon, butter toffee, cherry menthol, and coffee candy offered at PhP60.

One important note: the bar doesn’t accept credit cards so you have to bring cash when you visit.

NigiNigi Nu Noos e Nu NuNoos Beach Resort and Sports Bar, Station 2

sports bars Boracay

Interior of Rumba's Sports Bar and Restaurant

With its unique name, NigiNigi Nu Noos e Nu NuNoos Beach Resort and Sports Bar or simply NigiNigi is officially open from 7:00 AM to 12:30 AM, but it stays open for as long as there are guests.

Guests can tune in to their favorite sports shows while dining at the place. They have a wide selection of burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, kebabs, steaks, ribs, and seafood dishes. The bar also features bands that start to play at 8:30 PM daily. For their nightly band promo, you can get discounted rates on selected drinks.

For those up for a challenge, the bar has an egg eating contest. Guests who can break the current record of 44 eggs can get free meals for three days at NigiNigi.

Fusion Sports Bar and Swingers Club, Bulabog beach

sports bars Boracay

Fusion Sports Bar and Swingers Club

The White Beach is the most popular beach in Boracay. But when it comes to sports, Bulabog Beach takes over the spotlight. This is the reason why most sports bar is on this side of the island.

One popular bar in the area is Fusion Sports Bar and Swingers Club, located at the second floor of Jeepney Hostel in Zone 5, Bulabog Road, Balabag. You can spot the bar if you are passing by access road along 24 Seven Quick Mart from the main road in Station 2 to Bulabog Beach.

Aside from watching sports on TV, guests can play pool, darts and beer pong on regular days. They have beer pong challenge every Wednesday from 8:00 PM until midnight or as long as there are guests around. When big sports events happen, the bar offers special events menu with discounts on food and drinks. For those wearing their team color on game day, the bar gives free shots whenever the team scores.

As habagat or the southwest monsoon comes this June, live bands will start to play at the bar, too.

Fusion’s specialty is their Dog and Jacket. Dog is actually a hotdog marinated in Red Horse beer and rosemary, and wrapped with bacon. You can choose from either frankfurter cheese dog or Hungarian sausages served with seven-inch sesame seed bun. From 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM daily, their local beers are just PhP35. It is the only sports bar in the island that is open 24 hours daily.

Fusion also has souvenir sleeveless undershirts sold at PhP300 each.

Seb’varia, Bulabog beach

sports bars Boracay

Even kids love this football table at Seb’varia

Seb’varia is among the newest sports bar in the island. Although new, it is already gaining popularity for its regular sports events. They host Football Night every Wednesday. Every Saturday, they have their Grill Night where guests can bring their own food to barbecue at the bar.

The bar is open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, and they give out free drinks to early customers. During events, store hours are extended for as long as there are guests.

The bar serves German food and other Bavarian dishes. The bar also has a huge selection of German beers.

By Da Way Sports Bar and Restaurant, Bulabog beach

sports bars Boracay

The cozy pool area at By Da Way Sports Bar and Restaurant

By Da Way Sports Bar and Restaurant just opened recently at Ralph’s Place. It is located in a hilly portion of Bulabog, so for those who want some private viewing, the place should be perfect. The restaurant has a pool table, a dart board, and different board games that guests can use.

The bar and restaurant is open from 7:30 AM until 10:00 PM. They serve cocktails, wines, shakes, and coffee. They also serve dishes such as kebabs, barbecue, and seafood, among others. The bar charges a corkage fee for bringing in drinks, while food bought elsewhere is not allowed.

Boracay has numerous places to hangout, but sports bars bring a different kind of vibe that not only avid sports fans can relate to. Most of these bars have huge lounge areas where you can eat, play, or just sit around while watching sports on TV. And though each of these sports bars has their own style, they all have one common goal—to bring some thrill on your vacation.

All photos are from writer's own.
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