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A D'Mall Tour for First-Timers: Explore Boracay’s One-stop Shop

D’mall is your different kind of mall in Boracay

By: Karen Bermejo | April 02, 2016
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Strategically located at the center of the island, D’Mall is no wonder the busiest and the most popular business district in Boracay. It is situated in Station 2 and can easily be found because of the giant lake in the area. It is a one-stop shop for all your tourist needs—food, souvenirs, and entertainment—when in the island. But don’t be fooled by its name, it is not your typical walled mall. For first time visitors, here’s a list of what you can find at D’Mall.


D'Mall boracay shops budget mart

Budget Mart

Photo by Writer

One landmark to easily spot D’Mall is Budget Mart, which is just along the highway. It is the first place you will see upon arriving at the area. It is the entrance to D’Mall Avenue filled with souvenir shops and business stalls. It is open from 7 A.M. to 11 P.M., still good for late-night shopping. Budget Mart’s storefront is the pick-up and drop-off point of shuttle services for most hotels and resorts, too. It has another branch in E’Mall in Station 3.

D'Mall boracay shops crafts of boracay

Crafts of Boracay

Photo by Writer

If you go through the other entrance of D’Mall going to the wet market section, you will find Crafts of Boracay. It is a three-storey building with a supermarket in the ground floor and department stores in its second and third levels. Its rooftop houses Crafty’s Indian Restaurant.

Dining Options

D'Mall boracay shops halowich


Photo by Writer

When in Boracay, being on a diet is not an option. As you enter D’Mall, you should be ready for a sumptuous gastronomic experience. From Budget Mart, there is Thai Basil for authentic Thai dishes, and Kabsa Restaurant that offers traditional Halal Arabic dishes. Another must-try is the giant bowl of Halo Ice from Halowich; a single order is good for 10 people.

Located at the heart of D’Mall, Hama Japanese Restaurant have bento boxes at only PhP350. On its left side, Red Crab Pasta House offers a delectable seafood and pasta mix. Next to it is Spicebird, famous for its PiriPiri chicken, and Cyma, a Greek restaurant.

There are also Filipino, Chinese, Korean, and American restaurants around. For those on a budget, there are fast-food restaurants like Mang Inasal and Andok’s for more affordable meals.

Local Restaurants

D'Mall boracay shops smoke resto

Smoke Resto

Photo by Writer

D’Mall is also home to a number of homegrown restaurants. A favorite among locals for its sizzling dishes is the Smoke Resto, whis has two branches. Its first stall is at D’Mall market and the other one is surrounded by souvenir shops at the back of Andok’s. Meanwhile, Lemoni Café is another homegrown favorite and famous for its cakes and other delectable sweet treats.

D'Mall boracay shops lemoni cafe

Lemoni Café

Photo by Writer

If you want to have some liquor, check The Hobbit Tavern. The place is known for its live jazz music each night and “short” waiters. If you’re into sports, visit Rumba’s Sports Bar and Restaurant to cheer for your favorite players with fellow fans.

D'Mall boracay shops the hobbit tavern


Souvenirs like t-shirts, accessories, and home decors for any budget are also available at D’Mall. Get the best of Aklan products at Hugod. For handwoven bags made of abaca and banig, visit Uswag Arts and Crafts.

D'Mall boracay shops souvenirs

Handwoven bags by Aklanon weavers at Uswag Arts and Crafts

Photo by Writer

For a more personalized give-away for your loved ones, get hand-painted t-shirts at the beachfront branch of Happy Planet for less than PhP1,000 each.

D'Mall boracay shops painting

A caricature in watercolor can be a unique souvenir to take home.

Photo by Writer

A caricature in watercolor is also a good thing to take home. A 12x16 inches caricature is worth PhP1,500 for a single-person drawing, and PhP2,500 for a two-person piece. A shirt from the 28-year-old Cocomangas is also a good memento of your Boracay visit.


D'Mall boracay shops activities

Try Showdown Basketball Shootout and your skill in wall climbing at D'Wall of Boracay

Photo by Writer

If you want some fun activities, try to climb the 3-meter high D’Wall of Boracay. It is located at the end of the D’Mall Avenue. It is only PhP70 per climb. You can also practice your basketball shooting skills at Showdown for just PhP40 for 40 seconds.

Party Places

D'Mall boracay shops budget mart

Music Festival at Epic Boracay

Photo courtesy of Epic

By the beachfront of D’Mall you will find Epic, a popular bar that also offers delectable menus from famous chefs in the country. Insomnia, a new party place that opened just this year is located at the end of D’Mall market.

Other Finds

D'Mall boracay shops sandugo store

Sandugo store

Photo by Writer

P & P Tattoo, a tattoo shop preferred even by celebrities can be found in D’Mall. Famous footwear brands such as Crocs, Fila, Nothing but H2O, and Rudy Project are sold in the Sandugo store. Bakeries, pharmacies, ATM machines, salon, jewelry stores, and money changer stalls are also available in the area.
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