Guide to Enjoying Festive and Fun Halloween Events in Boracay

Check out our list of some Halloween parties in Boracay worth going to.

By: Karen Bermejo | October 27, 2017
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Halloween is a yearly event observed by Filipinos everywhere. As a predominantly Catholic country, Halloween vacation is often set aside for remembering departed loved ones. Most people, especially those who work in the city, go home to their respective provinces to celebrate All Souls’ Day and All Saints Day. Aside from Christmas, it’s also one celebration where families get together. For others who observe tradition, they use their long holidays to go on a vacation. But nowadays, the solemn tradition has evolved into a joyful celebration.

Halloween in Boracay is a big crowd drawer. Starting October, most hotels and establishments in the island are adorned with Halloween décor which give off a spooky vibe. If you plan on visiting the island this Halloween, below are some activities to make the most of your time.

Dress up for a Halloween party.

Boracay guide to Halloween parties

A partygoer transforms into an anime character for Halloween. (Image: Isla Grapika)

Whether it’s a weekend or a weekday, there are parties left and right in Boracay. There are even more parties on special holidays. Halloween is one of the most exciting times to enjoy the festivities in the island. Most of the bars, especially those at the beachfront, host Halloween parties every year. While it is not obligatory, being in a crowd of partygoers wearing costumes would want you to dress up too. Whether you want to wear something scary or just be a cute fairy, it doesn’t matter. Just be sure to join the fun.

Where to go: Join an international crowd of partygoers at Exit Bar or Epic Boracay in Station 2. Don’t forget to wear your best costume. Those who put in extra effort usually get rewarded with attention, and sometimes, more drinks!

Join trick or treat events.

Boracay guide to Halloween parties

Kids can don scary costumes for a trick-or-treat party. (Image: Tanawain Resort)

The trick or treat tradition is a testament that Halloween is both for bringing joy and having a good scare. As such, most resorts and hotels prepare trick or treat activities for guests and their children. Sometimes, they even allow walk-in guests. Trick or treat is not just for kids, though. There are establishments that hold fun activities for adults too.

Where to stay: Join other backpackers at budget-friendly hostels such as Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay. The hostel hosts regular boat parties during the day. Come night time, they have free shots every hour at the bar, where you can meet new friends.

Enjoy the beach.

Boracay guide to Halloween parties

Calm blue waters can be enjoyed in Boracay on the ber months. (Image: Writer)

The Halloween season is one of the best times to visit the island. It is because the habagat or southwest monsoon usually ends on the last week of October and early November. The waves are calmer and the water becomes clearer at White Beach. This is also the best time to enjoy the beach, as it usually becomes too crowded starting December towards the summer months. White Beach though is not the only option. Try visiting Diniwid Beach and Puka Beach. Both are less popular but have incomparable beauty, and have lesser crowds. If you’re into sports like kiteboarding, this time is also the start of the kite season.

What to do: You can go island hopping and enjoy water activities. You can book at Napoleon Water Sports at the beach front of Station 2 or check other adventure companies at their stalls in the beachfront of Station 1. It’s also a good time to go parasailing or paraw sailing (double outrigger boat sailing) during sunset.

Savor sumptuous food.

Boracay guide to Halloween parties

Boracay has no shortage of yummy food. (Image: Dos Mestizos)

One way to enjoy your Halloween holiday is to embark on a gastronomic feast. There are always new dining options in Boracay to try out. You can enjoy a flavorful feast while being served by staff wearing their costumes. No, you won’t be served with something scary to eat if that’s not your thing. But you’ll get the spooky feel while dining, as most restaurants usually do their best to go with the Halloween theme.

Where to eat: If you can’t decide what to eat yet, you can head to Streetmarket Boracay. There are concessionaires serving different cuisines, whether you want to eat Mexican, Italian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Japanese, Vietnamese, or Filipino food.

Have a night out.

Boracay guide to Halloween parties

One can party with friends at the bars of Boracay. (Image: Marlon Marfil)

Having an epic night out should be part of your Boracay itinerary. If parties are fun on a regular day, expect that it would be a blast on Halloween night. Most bars on the island will have themed parties with international DJs. Whether you want to spend the night in bars along the beachfront of White Beach or in other locations on the island, you can expect that there will be music and booze.

Where to go: Epic Bar in Station 2 usually organizes big events featuring international DJs. If you’re in Station 1, parties at White House Boracay are also a crowd magnet. If you prefer an indoor location, Club Galaxy brings in international DJs as well.

For its growing number of local and international tourists, businesses in Boracay continue to diversify. They always try to cater to everyone’s needs, whatever the occasion may be. No matter what time of the year you come, there’s always something to do, try, and enjoy. Surely, when you visit Boracay this Halloween, you’ll just get treats, and no tricks!

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