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6 Reasons Why Spending Christmas in Boracay Is Fun Even Before COVID-19 Changed Everything

Extreme fun sand, sun, and sea adventures in Boracay will never be changed—that’s for sure!

By: Karen Bermejo | October 01, 2022
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Boracay, Christmas in Boracay, New Year in Boracay

Here are some things you can look forward to for Christmas and New Year in Boracay!

Images: Mclorzie’s Boutique Boracay Branch Facebook page (L); Unsplash (R)

As a country with the most extended Christmas season, it’s no wonder we start hearing Christmas songs as early as September. Each year, we wait for Christmas and New Year with much anticipation. There’s much to look forward to, from bonuses and 13th-month pay to Christmas parties, gifts from family and friends, and most of all, long holidays.

Regarding holidays, Boracay is on top of most people’s lists. If you’re one of the thousands of holiday-goers who choose to spend Christmas and New Year on the island, here are the things you’ll likely experience during Christmas in Boracay and even New Year!

1. A different white Christmas

Boracay – Christmas in Boracay – New Year in Boracay, Boracay

Experience a white (sand) Christmas in Boracay!

Image: Pixabay

Boracay is a favorite destination for foreign travelers who like to skip winter. While Asian travelers dominate the tourist arrivals in Boracay, a big chunk of Westerners also travel to the island, especially for Christmas and New Year. Those who want a “white Christmas” for the holidays can experience it in Boracay.

A white Christmas in the tropics isn’t impossible. Instead of snow, you can enjoy Christmas with the white sand beach as a playground. You can’t ski on the ice here, but you can go skim boarding along White Beach instead. While we don’t have pine trees, we have coconut trees along the beach, well decorated to make you feel the Christmas spirit.

2. Stunning December sunsets

Boracay – Christmas in Boracay – New Year in Boracay, Christmas in Boracay

You can experience a different sunset each day in Boracay.

Image: Writer

You can never experience the same sunset in Boracay. Depending on the weather, the sky will be painted in orange, blue, or red hues as the sun goes down. December sunsets are the best for someone who has lived on the island for over four years. Why? It’s because it’s the start of amihan, the northwest monsoon on the island, which means calm waters at White Beach. During this month, the golden sunset is always complemented by calm seas. It’s perfect for floating on the water while waiting for the sun to go down.

The sunset is a sight to behold while you’re sailing. Sailing on a paraw or a double outrigger sailboat is a more romantic way to enjoy the evening. Of course, it’s more romantic with your special someone. If you’re single, don’t fret. The golden hour is all yours to appreciate.

3. Fun New Year parties

Boracay – Christmas in Boracay – New Year in Boracay, New Year in Boracay

Fireworks light up the beach on New Year

Image: Discovery Shores Boracay

Being a partygoer, you should experience Boracay’s New Year’s Eve celebrations. The White Beach is illuminated with the colorful fireworks display from Station 1 to 3. Off-beach locations have their surprises as well. Over the years, Christmas in Boracay has proven that rain or shine, nothing can dampen the celebrations here.

In Boracay, everybody is friends even though you’ve just met. It's a favorite season for some since family and friends come over to visit and party with them. It feels like a worldwide get-together as people from all sides come to celebrate here. If you prefer low-key, private celebrations with loved ones, resorts and hotels here won’t disappoint either.

As one place consistently included in the list of the best places in the world to spend the New Year, Boracay is proving its worth year after year.

4. Scrumptious fiesta food

Boracay – Christmas in Boracay – New Year in Boracay, Christmas in Boracay

Savor some locally-sourced and fresh seafood in Boracay.

Images: Nalka Seafood Restaurant Facebook page

When you’re in the Philippines, Christmas and New Year celebrations also mean that it’s a fiesta. Parties are held here and there. You can even join the holiday parties in your hotel. It’s the time of the year you can forget your diet without feeling guilty. While a banquet of international and local cuisine is typical on the island, expect a more exciting holiday menu. Most restaurants here bring out their newest specialties just for the season; seafood is also abundant.

5. The super-peak season effect

Boracay – Christmas in Boracay – New Year in Boracay, New Year in Boracay

Expect the beach to be a little crowded during the super-peak season.

Image: Unsplash

There are also downsides to consider with all the good things about the peak season—Christmas and New Year in Boracay.

Since most tourists come to the island during the yuletide season, it’s considered the super peak season here. Thus, it can get crowded on the island. The top visitors to the island are Korean and Chinese tourists, who you’ll see in groups along the beach, in restaurants, or on the streets. But still, you can skip the crowded areas by going to lesser-known tourist destinations in Aklan.

Super peak season also means increasing the prices of accommodations and activities. Room rates can increase by 30% with island activities such as water sports. If you plan to go to Boracay for the holidays, you might as well book early to save.

6. New Year, new friends

Boracay – Christmas in Boracay – New Year in Boracay, Christmas in Boracay

Jumping for joy with a new friend from South Korea

Image: Writer

Celebrating Christmas and New Year away from home can also be lonely, especially if you’re alone. But in Boracay, everyone is family. Whether you go here alone or with your entire family, you’ll meet locals and foreigners who will greet you with a big smile. You’ll also meet new friends, and not just for the night. The next day, in case you forget due to having too much booze, you might be surprised that a stranger is calling your name. A new friend for the New Year is a fantastic gift.

The “ber” months may be cold, but the holiday season can feel like summer in December. What makes it warm is the love the season brings. In Boracay, you’ll surely experience this and more.

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This article was initially published in Yoorekka on November 21, 2017.

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