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6 Best Beaches in Iloilo You Should Head To This Summer

Marvel at the incredible sights while staying in these best beaches and resorts in Iloilo!

By: Hyacinth Bangero | March 01, 2021
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Beaches like Sicogon make Iloilo the perfect place to visit this summer.

Image: AyalaLand Website

Off the top of anyone’s head, a mention of beaches in Panay Island will always draw an image of Boracay. It’s been at the forefront, but it’s also the reason that people may overlook the other beautiful and stunning beaches in Iloilo.

Dive in, get a tan, and take that much-needed rest and recreation that you’ve always asked for in the shores of these best beaches in Iloilo. Here are beautiful seashores and best destinations in Iloilo where you and your friends can splash around anytime of the year:

1. Agho Island

Location: Concepcion, Iloilo

Beaches in Iloilo

The rock formation at Agho Island can be difficult to traverse but is always a beauty to behold.

Image: Agho Island Resort

First beach in Iloilo on our list is at least 2.5 hours away from the bustling city life in Iloilo lies Agho Island, an absolute paradise with stunning sights. Once you get there, prepare to be amazed by its white sand beach and crystal-blue waters, very similar to what Boracay Island is popular for. At the back part is a majestic hill at this beach in Iloilo, and below it are rock formations and cliffs.

You can stay at Agho Island Resort or just put up your own tent and soak the view in from dusk until dawn. From the town proper to the best beaches in Iloilo, you need to hop on a boat ride to get to Agho Island. Entrance fee to the island is PhP30. Should you wish to stay overnight in one of their cottages at this beach in Iloilo, you have to pay PhP1,500.

2. Antonia Beach

Location: Isla de Gigantes Sur, Carles, Iloilo

Best Beaches in Iloilo

You can swim, do rock climbing activities, and swim to your heart’s content all day at the Antonia Beach Resort.

Image: Iñigo Joel

Northern Iloilo is blessed to have beautiful virgin beaches, but none could possibly compare to the beauty of Antonia Beach, a famous beach in Iloilo. Over the years, Isla de Gigantes Sur reeled in tourists and visitors from all over the land because of its bedazzling beaches, thus leading to Antonia Beach’s own rise to fame, one of the best beaches in Iloilo.

In this particular best destinations in Iloilo, the beach area is about twice the size of Cabugao Gamay, one of the nearby islands within Isla de Gigantes archipelago. Aside from its luscious landscape, Antonia is a beach in Iloilo that have the cheapest scallops that you can indulge on, as well as other native shells, over lunch or dinner. You only need PhP50 to enjoy the island experience.

The young adventurers out there will also love the prospect of cave exploration, rock climbing, jet-skiing, snorkeling, riding a banana boat, and other exciting water sports. Good thing one can do all these in Antonia Beach, one of the famous beaches in Iloilo.

3. Sicogon Island

Location: Carles, Iloilo

Best Destinations in Iloilo

Sicogon Island features its white sand beach and the simple things.

Image: @danymcf

Not too far within Carles, Iloilo is Sicogon Island, named after the cogon grass that grows abundantly in the area. Within it is Sicogon Island Resort, which was very famous and best beaches in Iloilo in the ‘70s and ‘80s and widely considered as a high-end resort. Its white sand beaches and sparkling turquoise waters are what made the resort a top destination beach in Iloilo of choice for both locals and foreigners.

4. Marbuena Island

Location: Ajuy, Iloilo

Beaches in Iloilo

Feast on food and on the view at Marbuena Island.

Image: Rose Umadhay

Another buzzing destination in the northern part of Iloilo that you shouldn’t miss on your itinerary is Marbuena Island in Ajuy. The island features its own silky smooth white sand beach, a long stretch of sand bar, and a way of the cross. There are also beautiful cottages and treehouses at this beach in Iloilo that you can rent for your accommodation.

The most interesting part of your visit to the island would be the nature trail. The island, a best destinations in Iloilo is teeming with both marine and wildlife, thus it’s always a good idea going to the best beaches in Iloilo and to take a tour around the island first before turning into a beach bum on its shores. Campers and volleyball lovers and going to like this beach in Iloilo since they are also welcome to use the wide space in Marbuena for tent pitching and beach volleyball.

5. Cabugao Gamay Island

Location: Isla de Gigantes, Carles, Iloilo

Best Beaches in Iloilo

Cabugao Gamay Island may be hard to navigate, but the experience pays all your efforts off and more.

Image: Rhett Paul Bolivar

Undeniably, Cabugao Gamay Island is the face of Isla de Gigantes. This is the most photographed island from among all the islands that compose the archipelago of Isla de Gigantes, a beach in Iloilo. There is a small catch though: the full view of Cabugao Gamay Island can only be savored by those who have the guts to hike its rocky hills. However, once atop the hill, it will present to you a terrific view of the island from a perfect spot at the peak, thus making your effort the most worthwhile you’ve had in going to a best beaches in Iloilo.

There’s a measly PhP50 entrance fee to pay for you to enjoy the beach in Iloilo. There are cottages that are available to be rented too, as well as a mini restaurant and a store for visitors who come down from the hills or the beaches hungry after hours of touring around and swimming.

6. Bulubadiangan Island

Location: Bulubadiangan Island, Concepcion, Iloilo

Best Destinations in Iloilo

Commune with nature in your own hammock as you soak in the stunning sight in Sand Bar Island Beach Resort.

Image: Concepcion Tourism Office

The last beach in Iloilo to visit is the Bulubadiangan Island in Concepcion, Iloilo is the home of Sand Bar Island Beach Resort. Here, the best destinations in Iloilo, you get the rare opportunity to leave behind all the noise and confusion of your busy life, and just reconnect with nature at the quaint sand bar. There are hammocks available at this best beaches in Iloilo when you want to go take a nap or stargaze beneath the night sky, or if you just want to stare at this best beaches in Iloilo as it kisses the sea at dusk.

If you ever go hungry, satisfy yourself with seafood; just ask the fishermen who stop by the island for the best price. The island’s entrance fee is just PhP20.

Make sure to visit Yoorekka to learn and find out the best beaches in Iloilo to visit this summer.

Truly, Iloilo has more to offer to tourists and returnees than the colorful Dinagyang Festival, old churches, heritage houses, and Ilonggo dishes. You just have to have the adventurous heart to bring you there, and this list to guide you. Happy hunting, beach bums!

This article was originally published in Yoorekka on April 24, 2018.

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