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This Native Resort Will Make You Feel Like How Boracay Was Back Then

It feels like a home away from home!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | March 02, 2022
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Complete your beach vacation in Boracay with native vibes in Bamboo Bungalows, Boracay.

Images: Bamboo Bungalows Boracay

Are you getting tired of the fancy and extravagant hotels in Boracay? Fortunately, there are many secret hideaways on the pristine white beach of the island, and you’d be surprised to find this bungalow-type resort that offers complete quietness and serenity. If you are the type of traveler who wants to skip the noise and opt to stay in an accommodation with simplicity rather than luxury, then the Bamboo Bungalows Boracay is worth checking out.

It feels like a home away from home

Bamboo Bungalows Boracay: A Native-style Resort in Boracay, bamboo bungalows boracay

The natively built bungalows of Bamboo Bungalows Boracay offer a relaxing vibe and even nostalgic ambiance of how Boracay was back then.

Image: Bamboo Bungalows Boracay Facebook page

Bamboo Bungalows Boracay offers a unique Boracay experience and will make you feel at home. This native bungalow resort is located in the middle of Boracay’s long beaches, between Station 1 and Station 2, a few steps away from the energetic beach vibe of Boracay. The bungalow resort comprises a vast area of almost 4,000 square meters, surrounded by a tropical garden. Its guests know Bamboo Bungalows Boracay as a resort paradise, a convenient and accessible place of relaxation that opens up to the beachfront of Boracay.

Bamboo Bungalows Boracay: A Native-style Resort in Boracay, resort

The bamboo stairs are one of the most iconic spots in the resort, making it Instagram-worthy.

Image: Bamboo Bungalows Boracay website

This native bungalow resort maintains its natural and native ambiance, making the resort more remarkable than any other resort accommodation. The easygoing and chill vibe of Bamboo Bungalows Boracay is how distinctly Boracay was pictured years ago.

The resort houses native-style bungalows with complete amenities that provide comfort for the guests. All bungalows are fully air-conditioned, with hot showers, a television, and a minibar.

Bamboo Bungalows Boracay also has apartment units with complete amenities, with a kitchenette for personal use. The best part of the bungalow resort’s amenities is the Mayan hammocks placed on each balcony, complete your genuine relaxation.

The accommodation that feels like home in Bamboo Bungalows Boracay

Bamboo Bungalows Boracay: A Native-style Resort in Boracay, boracay

You should not miss out on lying in the hammocks by the terrace of the native bungalows.

Image: Bamboo Bungalows Boracay website

The modern yet native style of the bungalows of Bamboo Bungalows Boracay offers a vast space for the guests as if you are on vacation away from home. All resort’s rooms and accommodations include a king-size bed, air-conditioning, a flat-screen cable TV, a mini-fridge, a private bathroom with a hot and cold shower, a veranda, a vast, open sitting area, and a hammock. Room rates vary on whether your booking reservation is on a peak or low season. All room rates are inclusive of breakfast and other service charges.

Bamboo Bungalows Boracay: A Native-style Resort in Boracay, bungalows

Rooms and bungalows offer a vast space, plus a veranda for relaxation at any time of the day.

Image: Bamboo Bungalows Boracay website

The Double Room accommodation with a beach view suitable for two persons comes at a price range of PhP2,300 to PhP4,300. The Double Room accommodation with a garden view that is also ideal for two people comes at a rate of PhP2,100 to PhP4,100.

The Family Room accommodation can cater to up to three persons per room, and this accommodation with a beach view comes at a price range of PhP3,200 to PhP4,900, while accommodation with a garden view is at PhP3,000 to PhP4,700.

The most extensive accommodation among the rooms is the Bungalow, suitable for two people. The Bungalow accommodation with a garden view is at PhP2,100 to PhP4,100.

The Apartments are good accommodation options if you are with a group of friends since this accommodation is ideal for a maximum of four people. The Apartments with a garden view accommodation rates start at PhP5,000 to PhP7,200.

Address: Station 2, Boracay Island 5608 Malay, Philippines
Contact Number: 036 288 6324
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bbboracay/
Website: http://www.bbboracay.com/

Boracay Island is indeed a paradise for many, whether you prefer the zestful nightlife or the tranquil serenity. The most memorable beach trips in Boracay do not have to be grand or luxurious. Unknowingly to some, Boracay is also home to many resorts and hostels that have preserved the old vibes of Boracay. Bamboo Bungalows Boracay is a resort that is worth checking out for travelers and beach lovers who prefer the quiet vibe in the hideaways of this beautiful island.

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