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See Why This New Beachfront Seafood Restaurant in Boracay Is A Hype

It offers a great selection of seafood!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | May 25, 2022
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Percy Seafood Boracay, seafood restaurant in Boracay, best seafood restaurant in Boracay

The perfect beachfront view coupled with the best tasting seafood dishes on the island is found at this newly-built resto.

Images: Percy Seafood Boracay Facebook page

Although the summer season ends, plans to hit Boracay do not stop there! Ideally, an enjoyable rest and relaxation wouldn’t be complete without spontaneous food trip adventures on the world-famous island. From discovering classic dining spots to newly established restos, you’ll have an insatiable knack for the best eats on Boracay Island, particularly the best seafood restaurants in Boracay, especially after discovering this mouth-watering, newly-opened seafood restaurant—Percy Seafood Boracay! With a load of travel goals and dream Boracay destinations on your bucket list, you must extend your vacation this year to make those goals come to life.

A laid-back feel at Percy—situated on the majestic beachfront of Boracay

Percy Seafood Boracay – Best Seafood Restaurant in Boracay, Percy Seafood Boracay

This stunning beach view of Boracay will take your breath away while sitting in the open-air resto.

Image: Percy Seafood Boracay Facebook page

The Sunny Side Café Group has finally done it to serve the best, carefully crafted seafood menu in a recently opened yet hyped-up dining spot in Boracay, the Percy Seafood Boracay. With this new Boracay food venture, Percy Seafood Boracay and the whole Sunny Side Café group are passionate about serving Boracay tourists with only the best and most authentic seafood dishes available. The new beachfront restaurant, opened last April 8, also represents growth and moving forward with the post-pandemic effects on tourism and leisure on the world-famous island.

This seafood restaurant in Boracay is delectably a seafood lover’s paradise where you can feast on a plethora of seafood menus that will make your Boracay holiday trip more exciting. You can quickly locate this seafood resto on the long beaches of Boracay since it is practically situated on the beachfront of Seaworthy Hotel and Resort, Station 1. As you enter, you will be welcomed with a tropical, warm, rustic ambiance that complements the breezy atmosphere of Boracay.

The overall ambiance of the Percy Seafood Boracay is decorated with a local, rustic feel with its woven chairs, sturdily built tables, and handcrafted decorations with hints of rattan and green and white accents.

It offers a great selection of seafood.

Percy Seafood Boracay – Best Seafood Restaurant in Boracay, seafood restaurant in Boracay

The unique and mouth-watering dishes at this resto are definitely on point as Chef Natalia Moran takes charge of the kitchen.

Images: Percy Seafood Boracay Facebook page

Percy Seafood Boracay lets you have a stellar seafood adventure as your taste buds gauge each bite. The vast choices of seafood dishes range from classic to modern takes on seafood and incorporate a dash of Asian and Western elements in each of the dishes served. The wide range of seafood menu starts with The Percy Seafood Cocktail, a cold dish composed of prawns, oysters, scallops, mussels, and clams topped on cold ice with lemon and tasty marinara sauce. This dish highlights each local seafood flavor, which costs PhP1,490 per serving.

Another bestselling seafood bet is the Grilled Palawan Lobster at PhP4,950, served with garlic butter sauce or Thai Nam Jim sauce. Besides specialty lobster dishes, you can also choose from delicious crab dishes such as Thai Curry Crab at PhP1,490 per serving, and the Thai Crab with Glass Noodles, at the same price. You can also try the Steamed Crab with Garlic Butter or the Hong Kong-style Typhoon Shelter Crab for your insatiable crab cravings. Percy Seafood Boracay is tagged as a resto that serves the best crab dishes in Boracay, and you can taste each of these bestselling crab dishes at only PhP1,490 each serving.

If you want to dig in for an overwhelming seafood dish, then the Royal Seafood Tagine at only PhP1,950 for three to four people would be best recommended for you. This seafood delight is made of prawns, squid, mussels, and fish stewed in a harissa-tinged base Moroccan-style.

Vegan seafood dishes are also available, namely the Tofu Grain Bowl which can range from PhP380 to PhP390, Caribbean-style Jerk Chicken, and Steak Frites. Each dish costs a range of PhP590 to PhP1,190.

Location: Seaworthy Boracay, Station 1 Beachfront, right in front of Willy’s Rock
Budget: PhP120 to PhP4,950
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PercySeafoodBoracay

It’s applauded how Percy Seafood Boracay claims to be one of the best seafood restaurants in Boracay despite the restaurant just recently opened. Now that you know that this restaurant exists, add them to your itinerary at Boracay Island! This seafood resto will surely boost your adventurous taste buds on any day.

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Stay safe as you travel and dine in! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

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