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10 Yummy Restaurants to Visit for a Food Trip at Streetmarket Boracay

Grab some great eats from these hip restaurants at Streetmarket Boracay.

By: Karen Bermejo | February 17, 2018
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Streetmarket Boracay restaurants

The question of where to eat in Boracay is sometimes the hardest to answer when you’re in a group. At Streetmarket Boracay, you can treat everyone to lunch or dinner in just one place. Located in Station X in Station 3, this upscale picnic-style array of restaurants in Boracay Island is where you can eat Italian, Mexican, Japanese, and other Asian flavors in one area.

Don’t know what to expect from Streetmarket Boracay? Here are 10 yummy restaurants in Boracay that you can check out at Streetmarket.

1. Little Wave Coffee Co.

Streetmarket Boracay restaurants

Coffee and pastry is a perfect breakfast combination.

Little Wave Coffee Co. aims to give their customers a caffeine fix in a playfully different way. Their signature coffee named The Little Wave is made of espresso and milk shaken together and finished off with sea salt cream. They also mix espresso and thick custard cream to create what they call Death Cream (PhP290). For those who prefer it simple, they also have coffee brewed with an AeroPress. They also serve pasta and other pastries.

2. Fat Rice

Streetmarket Boracay restaurants

A sumptuous plate of Fat Rice Curry Crab

You might need some extra rice when dining at Fat Rice. The place serves a blend of Southeast Asian flavors mainly from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. You can try traditional dishes like the Fat Rice Curry Crab from Thailand (PhP590), laksa from Malaysia (PhP350), cha ca “la vong,” a traditional fish dish from Vietnam (PhP290), and their own take on the classic Filipino adobo (PhP250).

3. Santa Peligrosa

Streetmarket Boracay restaurants

This short-rib chili is braised for 12 hours.

With fresh ingredients from Mexico, Santa Peligrosa serves classic Mexican favorites—tacos, burritos, and nachos (PhP125 to PhP350). But unlike your regular Mexican place, Santa Peligrosa draws its inspiration from the famous burrito and taco haven in the Mission District of San Francisco, California. You can try their burrito mujado or burrito topped with sour cream and guacamole (PhP390). The burrito with barbacoa or braised beef filling is a crowd favorite, while the guacamole and chips (PhP225) are perfect for snacking.

4. Supermagic Burgers & Ice Cream

Streetmarket Boracay restaurants

Umami burger from Supermagic

From its first location at the beachfront in Station 3 and now at Streetmarket, Supermagic Burgers & Ice Cream remains a famous burger place in the island. They serve classic burgers made with prime imported beef. Their signature burger (PhP195) is seasoned with umami dust, a blend of Kampot pepper, sea salt and some secret umami-laden ingredients. They also serve shrimp rolls (PhP350) and 'shroom burgers (PhP225). You can pair your burger with their chipotle cheese fries (PhP105), frozen custard (PhP140), ice cream shakes (PhP95 to PhP250), and craft beers (PhP250 to PhP330).

5. Winner Winner

Streetmarket Boracay restaurants

At Winner Winner, any dish will always have some fried chicken

Winner Winner serves everything fried. You can pair your deep-fried chicken (PhP325) with mashed potatoes or rice, and season it with gravy or honey butter. Then, complete your dish with creamed greens, corn bread, and fried pickles. Diners can choose from their best-selling fried chicken flavors: home-style buttermilk or honey butter.

6. Diavolo

Streetmarket Boracay restaurants

Diavolo takes pride in its very own porchetta pizza.

Diavolo serves brick oven pizza, bringing a dose of Neapolitan taste to the island. While their pizza (Ph450 to PhP475) is already a must-try for its authentic Italian taste, their porchetta plate—a spiced rolled pork belly (PhP350)—is another crowd favorite. The pork dish complemented with grilled vegetables is cooked sous vide for 36 hours.

7. Poketo

Streetmarket Boracay restaurants

Yakitori bowl from Poketo

Poketo, which means pocket, is a type of izakaya, a Japanese gastropub. The tiny gastropub serves yakitori (grilled meat skewers) and other fast Japanese eats such as tempura (battered and deep fried seafood or vegetable) and udon (wheat flour noodle dish). Their yakitori bowl (PhP290) includes three sticks of your choice, rice, and onsen egg or egg soft-cooked in warm water.

8. Percy Seafood

Streetmarket Boracay restaurants

Crispy calamari and chips made with fresh squid from Aklan

For some raw food and seafood, you can go to Percy Seafood. Their most famous dish is cioppino, an Italian seafood stew (PhP250). For pasta, they have vongole or pasta with clams cooked in white wine. Aside from that, they also serve poke or fish salad (PhP350), oyster, and other flavorful seafood dishes.

9. Sugar Cloud

Streetmarket Boracay restaurants

Mango bingsu with lychee cream from Sugar Cloud

For your sweet cravings, you can try some iced desserts at Sugar Cloud. They serve bingsu, the famous shaved ice dessert from Korea (PhP220). You can try bingsu flavors in mango, watermelon, lychee and avocado, all perfect when it’s too hot outside. You can also put some lychee cream to add flavor to the dessert.

10. Nonie's

Streetmarket Boracay restaurants

Nonie's serves classic dishes with a healthy twist.

Nonie’s is promoting sustainable movement in the island by serving gourmet dishes made with locally sourced products. The restaurant is known for serving light and healthy dishes. They have bao slider (PhP250) made with vegan patties and other vegan-friendly food and drinks. They also serve their meat dishes (starts at PhP350) with healthy grains. To quench your thirst, you can have some of their fresh cold-pressed drinks and smoothies (PhP170). The restaurant has also started selling the products that they use for their dishes.

With these 10 yummy restaurants at Streetmarket Boracay, everyone’s cravings can be satisfied under just one roof.

* Photos/Images are from the official Facebook pages of featured establishments.

* Prices may change without prior notice.

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