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How Much a Night Costs at Heart Evangelista’s Co-owned Harlan Beach Villa in Boracay?

Do you have a hint of how much per night costs at Harlan Boracay?

By: Mira Maestrecampo | May 08, 2023
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Harlan Beach Villa Boracay, Harlan Boracay, Boracay private resort

Look at Heart’s resort in Boracay, as you guess how much the rate is per night.

Images: Harlan Beach Villa Boracay Facebook page

The superb, 6-star private beach villa and themed resort in Boracay is owned by wealthy and gorgeous socialite Heart Evangelista. If you are her avid fan and follower, you already have a few glimpses of how Harlan Beach Villa Boracay’s appearance in photos. The Balinese-inspired resort in Boracay is open to the public as it can be anyone’s little paradise on the world-famous pristine island.

Like its owner, expect an expensive, stylish, and classy resort of this private resort in Boracay, as it boasts dazzling views and lavish amenities. Harlan Beach Villa is also constructed in aesthetic, architectural designs that live up beyond your expectations of what an expensive, luxury villa would look like.

Here are some exciting things you will need to know when you want to have a grand vacation at the Harlan Beach Villa Boracay (and how much it costs a night)!

Luxurious Vacations for Any Kind of Traveler

Harlan Beach Villa Boracay – Harlan Boracay – Boracay Private Resort, Harlan Beach Villa Boracay

The façade of Harlan Beach Villa stuns the island of Boracay.

Image: Harlan Beach Villa Boracay Facebook Page

Harlan Boracay is meant for a thalassophile and those beach lovers who want a private Boracay getaway in peace. This themed resort in Boracay gives you a one-of-a-kind experience on the island as you celebrate life’s precious moments with your family and friends or when you want to have some time alone on the island.

Experiencing this tropical paradise getaway is something for the books with its world-class amenities, beachfront location, and genuinely serene and luxurious ambiance that cater to travelers who want to go all-in on their summer getaway escapade. This beachfront resort is at Boracay Station 1, where White Beach is just 8.2 kilometers away!

Harlan Beach Villa Boracay – Harlan Boracay – Boracay Private Resort, Harlan Boracay

Experience Boracay—the Heart Evangelista way.

Image: Harlan Beach Villa Boracay Facebook Page

Harlan Beach Villa Boracay offers a getaway that you always dreamed of having. Heart Evangelista’s 1,073 square-meter Boracay, Balinese-inspired private resort is made of high-quality, raw materials constructed into uniquely-designed craftsmanship. Harlan Beach Villa Boracay also offers lavish amenities such as plated breakfast meals, a bathtub overlooking the beach, a spacious living and dining room, an infinity pool overlooking Boracay’s beaches, and a private chef that can accommodate your gastronomic needs. The Boracay private resort also has internet access in all its areas, water sports activities arranged on site, a flat-screen TV, and all the necessary bath essentials and toiletries.

A Little Paradise: Rates and Accommodations at Harlan Boracay

Harlan Beach Villa Boracay – Harlan Boracay – Boracay Private Resort, Harlan Boracay

Nature meets tropical paradise at Harlan Beach Villas.

Image: Harlan Beach Villa Boracay Facebook Page

Each of the four villas or rooms of the Harlan Beach Villa Boracay has a king-size bed, and the master bedroom has a bathtub overlooking the skies and shores of Boracay. Choose from Casita 1 (67 square meters), Casita 2 (46 square meters), Master 1 (67 square meters), or Master 2 (41 square meters). The living room measures 106 square meters, and the dining area and kitchen measures 42 square meters. Harlan Beach Villa Boracay’s villas have nipa-hut-themed facades, blending perfectly with the island’s crystal clear waters and pearly-sand beaches.

Harlan Beach Villa Boracay – Harlan Boracay – Boracay Private Resort, Boracay private resort

Feel tropical in any of the resort’s luxurious rooms.

Image: Harlan Beach Villa Boracay Facebook Page

As you can imagine from the measurements of the rooms, Harlan Boracay offers spaces where you can roam and rest cozily. The white and wood designs of the casitas will make you feel at home while the windows open up to Boracay’s most amazing views.

The bathrooms at Harlan Beach Villa Boracay are fascinatingly perfect spots to take selfies and groupfies with the barkada! The bathtubs have textured finishes, which is unique compared to bathtubs in luxurious hotels. Even the bathrooms are Instagrammable, as confirmed also by Heart Evangelista herself.

Harlan Beach Villa Boracay – Harlan Boracay – Boracay Private Resort, Harlan Beach Villa Boracay

See that glimpse of the ocean by the window?

Image: Harlan Beach Villa Boracay Facebook Page

The rates per night for the whole property depend on the season and dates of reservations. During Peak Seasons, rates are PhP130,000 to PhP150,000 per night; High Season rates are PhP100,000 per night, and Low Season rates are PhP80,000 per night.

Harlan Beach Villa Boracay – Harlan Boracay – Boracay Private Resort, Harlan Boracay

Nothing beats this luxurious view at Harlan Boracay.

Image: Harlan Beach Villa Boracay Facebook Page

You can contact Harlan Beach Villa Boracay for specific dates for your planned beach getaway:

Location: Station 1: Zone 3 Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan 5608
Rates: PhP80,000 to PhP150,000 per night for the whole villa property

Heart Evangelista’s Balinese-inspired resort in Boracay is a traveler’s beach getaway dream. Whether inside or outside Harlan Boracay’s villas and casitas, you will always see the majestic views of Boracay anywhere you look. At Harlan Beach Villa Boracay, anyone can have a different luxurious island experience—you just have to claim it!

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Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

Rates may change without prior notice.

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