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Don’t Spoil Your Trip: What to Do in Boracay When It Rains

What to do in Boracay when it rains on your vacation? Your answers are here!

By: Elizabeth Garde | August 28, 2023
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Don’t let the rain spoil your trip to the world-renowned island of Boracay!

Images: Rhonalyn Tutica Morris (L); Mandala Spa and Resort Villas Facebook page (R)

The world-famous island of Boracay is a popular beach destination that attracts many travelers from the Philippines and tourists from around the world. Not only is the island known for its crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, Instagrammable places to go in Boracay, and gastronomic spots, but it is also the perfect spot for many outdoor adventures and water activities.

Imagine all these thrilling things you can do on Boracay Island as you schedule a trip to the island, and when you finally arrive, the sky pours out heavy rain. It’s a bummer to think of being at the beach on an unexpected rainy day, but don’t fret! Boracay is still much of a tropical paradise even when it rains with these activities in Boracay. So read on if you’re still wondering what to do in Boracay when it rains on your vacation!

1. Have a relaxing massage at a spa.

What to Do in Boracay – Activities in Boracay – Yoorekka PH, what to do in Boracay

Nothing beats a relaxation time on a rainy day.

Images: Mandala Spa and Resort Villas Facebook page

Who said that physical activities are the only best things to do in Boracay? Well, whoever did might not have experienced having a massage on a rainy day at one of the world-class spas in Boracay. Don’t worry about canceling that island hopping trip due to the heavy rain, and book a relaxing spa day at the nearest wellness spot to your hotel.

You can check out Mandala Spa and Resort Villas for their wellness services that will ease your stress and tiredness. If you’re lucky enough to be around the Station 3 area, you can find their humble oasis on the island and never wonder what to do in Boracay on a rainy day again. You can select from various wellness treatments and therapeutic experiences as you seize the day with a serene activity in Boracay.

2. Do shopping and check out souvenir items to bring home.

What to Do in Boracay – Activities in Boracay – Yoorekka PH, activities in Boracay

You’ll be amazed by the shopping finds in Boracay.

Images: D’Mall Boracay Facebook page

Shopping is not just an activity in the city; you can also do a whole day of shopping galore on a rainy day in Boracay. You can check out many shopping finds at D’Mall Boracay or the Boracay Bamboo Market. It’s best to believe that it’s one of the physical activities in Boracay if you’re still dwelling on what to do in Boracay when it pours. The budget that should be allotted to your canceled plans or different activities in Boracay can be put into shopping instead! Plus, returning home a few things to your loved ones is a fulfilling deed.

3. Book a stay in a hotel with a pool

What to Do in Boracay – Activities in Boracay – Yoorekka PH, best things to do in Boracay

Swimming at a fancy pool in Boracay is never less fun than swimming in the island’s pristine waters.

Image: Alta Vista de Boracay Facebook page

The upcoming Ber-months is probably a season where you can highly expect rainfalls. But still, don’t cancel your flight to Boracay just yet, and push on that getaway vacation in the Ber-months when you book a hotel with a swimming pool accommodation. The rain can bring high tides, making it unsafe to swim at the beach. But do not worry because you can still enjoy your vacation and some hotel activities in Boracay as you chill by the pool and admire the beach and horizon views. If you are a pluviophile or someone who finds peace of mind during rainy days, you won’t have to worry about what to do in Boracay when it rains on your trip.

4. Have drinks at an island bar or at a beachfront café

What to Do in Boracay – Activities in Boracay – Yoorekka PH, what to do in Boracay

Eating and having a hot cup of your favorite drink on a rainy day is fun in Boracay!

Images: Cafe Del Sol Facebook page

Everyone knows that eating is a delightful activity when it rains, and it’s no exception on this list of what to do in Boracay in case the sunny weather forbids it. There are so many food options in Boracay, but what complements the tropical vibe is going for light snacks and some drinks at an island bar or a beachfront food spot. You can check out some of these island bars in Boracay, like Cafe Maruja or Cafe Del Sol. You can hang out with your friends for a rainy brunch on a weekend or a cup of hot chocolate while relaxing to the sounds of the rain.

5. Go on an international food trip

What to Do in Boracay – Activities in Boracay – Yoorekka PH, activities in Boracay

How about a hot soup of ramen to comfort you?

Images: Boracay Beach Truck Facebook page

To add thrill to your food trip experience on the island, the rainy days are a sign to go for something new on what to do in Boracay, like having an international food trip! You can check out Boracay Beach Truck, offering island bowls inspired by international cuisines, Cha Cha’s Boracay, which serves different seafood flavors, or Aria Cucina Italiana, the best Italian restaurant in Boracay. All these restos and more are yet to be discovered, so you can try to add exploring international food to your itinerary and list of activities and what to do in Boracay on your next rainy beach getaway.

You can also have your international food choices delivered to your hotel doors by contacting them on their social media accounts, contact numbers, or official websites.

There is never a dull moment in Boracay, whether it rains or shines! Don’t worry about the sun hiding on a beautiful beach because there are still many things to do on Boracay Island, like these best-recommended activities in Boracay. Now, you’ll never have to worry about what to do in Boracay when it rains, and you can still push through that getaway in Boracay, admire its beauty, and enjoy the best things to do in Boracay.

Go to Yoorekka Magazine for more travel tips and things to do in Boracay!

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