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It’s No Trick: You Can Actually Do These 5 Activities in Boracay for Free

Here are some free things to do in Boracay that’ll make you relish the island’s beauty

By: Mira Maestrecampo | January 25, 2023
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Everything is costly on this famous island, except for a few free things to do in Boracay!

Budget-friendly travelers often look for various affordable options in Boracay, from hotels to food options. Boracay Island has been a hot spot tourist destination for years, yet, it is also known to many that one should allot an ample amount of money for a Boracay trip, including expenses for fares, accommodations, food, and a budget for leisure activities. To stop the worry and fuss, you might want to check out these free things to do in Boracay!

Other than not spending a penny on these activities to do in Boracay, you’ll also have the opportunity to appreciate the sand, sun, and sea of the Philippines’ pristine island.

1. Read a book by the beach and temporarily rest from social media.

Free Things to Do in Boracay – Activities to Do in Boracay – Yoorekka, free things to do in Boracay

Don’t forget to bring your favorite book to your Boracay trip!

Reading a book by the beach is an underrated therapy that some might miss doing while on a trip to Boracay. Besides being a free activity on the island, reading a book by the beach is also proven to be a powerful wellness combination. Reading a good book widens your vocabulary, increases your emotional intelligence, and ignites your empathy. Setting foot on where the land meets the sea and sky in Boracay while holding a book in your hand sets a relaxing tone and establishes a calm mind, an encounter you can rarely have and may not experience just anywhere.

A social media rest is also one free thing to do in Boracay. Instead of holding your phone and having your nose buried in what’s latest on the Gram, turn it off, breathe, and enjoy the breeze of Boracay while you’re still on the island.

2. Watch a thrilling fire dancing performance at Boracay’s beaches.

Free Things to Do in Boracay – Activities to Do in Boracay – Yoorekka, activities to do in Boracay

Talented fire dancers in Boracay brace you for a heart-stopping performance.

Image: Kasbar Boracay (Official Facebook Page) Facebook page

The fire dancers of Boracay are back after a few years of temporarily stopping their performances because of the pandemic. Watching a fire dance performance has always been free in Boracay. You can usually find fire dancers at night while having dinner or taking a stroll at the beach. Fire dancing performances in Boracay are not just to fascinate the beachgoers. It’s also a way that a Filipino or Aklan local can show his or her talents and earn an income from it to support his or her family’s needs.

Fire dancing never loses its thrill in giving a show to the beachgoers with rhythmic dances while twirling and swinging fire around their bodies and exemplifying fire stunts. This has been a Boracay signature, and tourists always anticipate their performance every night. Fire dancing dances are free for the public to watch compared to other performance shows. Witnessing this activity on the island is one of the fun things to do in Boracay, which you shouldn’t miss.

3. Catch sunsets and vibe in a main character moment.

Free Things to Do in Boracay – Activities to Do in Boracay – Yoorekka, fun things to do in Boracay

Breathtaking is an understatement when describing sunsets in Boracay.

Sunset lovers never forget this free thing to do in Boracay. Catching pink skies and sunsets by the serene beaches is more than just a free and fun thing to do in Boracay. Sunsets can be described as picture-perfect sceneries that would make anyone appreciate the beauty of nature. You can watch this phenomenon in famous Boracay spots like White Beach, Puka Beach, and Manoc-Manoc Beach. The kitesurfing spot, Bulabog Beach, is also a great spot to witness the beautiful sunset of Boracay.

4. Take a picture of the Boracay Keyhole.

Free Things to Do in Boracay – Activities to Do in Boracay – Yoorekka, free things to do in Boracay

The Boracay Keyhole is a spot worth visiting and has no entrance fee!

Image: Boracay Newcoast Facebook page

Boracay Keyhole is a famous landmark in Boracay that locals associate as a ‘hole in a rock’ nestled northeast of Boracay. This spectacular rock formation sits in a Boracay development called the Boracay Newcoast. Boracay Newcoast is a new development from Megaworld Corporation and Global Estate Resorts within the island’s vicinity. The Boracay Keyhole is surrounded by crystal clear waters, and the overall picture shows stunning scenery beneath the blue skies creating a picturesque backdrop for your photos.

Visiting the Boracay Keyhole is a free thing to do in Boracay. You would just have to take a trike to go to the landmark. The Keyhole is also a popular attraction among bikers but is now a renowned spot for other tourists, couples, or even solo travelers.

5. Visit Willy’s Rock and do a self-photoshoot

Free Things to Do in Boracay – Activities to Do in Boracay – Yoorekka, activities to do in Boracay

This attraction is not located in the Maldives or Barbados—on the island of Boracay!

Going to Boracay’s most photographed landmark, situated at Station 1, is a fun thing to do in Boracay. Willy’s Rock is a volcanic rock formation with a unique shape, which makes it a famous attraction in Boracay. Arguably, it has a postcard-like scenery that is an attractive background for taking pictures or even just an attraction worth looking at. There is no entrance to Willy’s Rock and visiting this attraction is one of the best free things to do in Boracay.

Besides the unique rock formation, Willy’s Rock is a dedicated shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary that sits on the rock’s surface. The religious grotto has existed for a thousand years, and guests claim to love visiting the place only a few minutes away from the shores of Boracay.

Getting to do these fun activities for free at Boracay is more enjoyable since you also take the time to appreciate the island’s natural beauty—without breaking the bank!

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Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

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