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Here Are Pasalubong Centers in Cebu to Buy These 8 Most Popular Pasalubong Products

Here’s where to buy pasalubong in Cebu!

By: Peter Parcon | September 01, 2023
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Aside from taking in the sights and sounds of Cebu, you want to take something home with you.

Images: (from left to right) Cebu’s Peanut Browas Facebook page, Writer, Zubuchon Facebook page

Pasalubong is a memento of your local trips, like in Cebu. From lechon to dried mangoes, Cebu has a lot to offer for tourists who love food. We came up with a list showing some of Cebu pasalubong centers and the items you can bring home, with information on pasalubong centers in Cebu to buy them.

1. Dried Mangoes

Pasalubong Center in Cebu - Where to buy Pasalubong in Cebu, pasalubong center in Cebu

Cebu is known for its dried mangoes.

Image: Profood International Corporation

Dried mangoes are tasty treats that have satisfied the sweet tooth of both locals and visitors for over three decades. They have also found their way into the homes of many households around the world. Profood International Corporation is one of the oldest dried mango manufacturers in Cebu. The company established the first Mango Museum in the country in 2012.

You can find Cebu dried mangoes at the grocery and supermarket shelves and pasalubong centers in Cebu. Islands Pasalubong also offers a good variety of Cebuano delicacies. There are four Islands Pasalubong branches conveniently located along the usual tourist routes, with their flagship store located within walking distance of Magellan’s Cross along Magallanes Street.

2. Rosquillos

Where to Buy: Titay’s Rosquillo, grocery stores, supermarkets

Pasalubong Center in Cebu - Where to buy Pasalubong in Cebu, Cebu pasalubong center

The iconic Rosquillos from Titay’s

Image: Titay’s Facebook page

Rosquillos are ringlet-shaped butter cookies made famous by Margarita “Titay” Frasco. Titay started producing these home-baked treats in 1907, and today, it is still one of the favorites in Cebu’s Pasalubong Center. You can buy a box for PhP79.

Where to buy this pasalubong in Cebu? While these butter cookies are available in major supermarkets and groceries, and pasalubong centers in Cebu, the best place to get them is at its source, Titay’s Rosquillos in Poblacion, Liloan. You can also purchase other biscuits, pastries, and bread at the main outlet of Titay’s in Liloan, about an hour or so away from Cebu City.

3. Danggit (Dried Rabbitfish)

Where to Buy: Taboan public market

rosquillos biscuits on the table

Dried fish at Taboan Market

Image: Writer

The Cebu danggit is another famous Cebuano delicacy visitors bring home with them. This small dried fish can be eaten at any time of the day, but it is usually eaten during breakfast paired with rice and sliced tomatoes. It’s a different ambiance of pasalubong center in Cebu, but some visitors love to go here and buy in bulk to give as gifts to their loved ones back home.

The best place to buy danggit is the Taboan public market. A taxi would be the best way to get to the Taboan Public Market. But if you want to adventure, you can take jeepneys with the 4D or 17D signage. Tell the driver or conductor to drop you off at this Cebu’s pasalubong center, Taboan Public Market.

4. Chicharon

Where to Buy: Zubuchon, Carcar

Pasalubong Center in Cebu - Where to buy Pasalubong in Cebu, pasalubong center in Cebu

Chicharon has been Filipinos’ favorite snacks

Image: Zubuchon Facebook page

Most pasalubong centers in Cebu also offer this tasty Cebuano pasalubong item, the chicharon. It is not just a snack since it can be eaten as a viand. It can be sautéed with vegetables and meat or eaten separately.

The best way to get your hands on this sinful yet scrumptious Cebuano delicacy would be to buy it straight from Carcar, about two hours away from Cebu City. The chicharon from Carcar is already available in Zubuchon, supermarkets, groceries, and other pasalubong centers in Cebu.

5. Peanut Browas

Pasalubong Center in Cebu - Where to buy Pasalubong in Cebu, Cebu pasalubong center

This bring-home delicacy is one of the most-buys in Cebu

Image: Cebu’s Peanut Browas Facebook page

Peanut Browas is another true-blue Cebuano delicacy. Like the rosquillos, the recipe for Peanut Browas was handed down through generations by Lola Pureza. These homemade peanut-shaped delicacies are made based on the methods and standards used by Lola Pureza.

6. Otap

Pasalubong Center in Cebu - Where to buy Pasalubong in Cebu, where to buy pasalubong in Cebu

Otap bought at the Shamrock Bakery

Image: Writer

The otap is a sugary biscuit made of soft wafers and widely available in all Cebu Pasalubong Centers. This elongated snack item can be so delicate that it may crumble while you enjoy it. You should keep one hand under the otap while you eat to catch any bits that may fall.

Where to buy this pasalubong in Cebu? Otap is the best-selling product of Shamrock Bakery or other pasalubong centers in Cebu. The Fuente branch, most popular due to its location, is right across the Fuente Osmeña rotunda.

7. Hand-made Guitar

Where to Buy: Alegre Guitar Factory

Pasalubong Center in Cebu - Where to buy Pasalubong in Cebu, pasalubong center in Cebu

Parts of a Guitar Waiting to be Put Together

Image: Alegre Guitars

A hand-made guitar from Cebu is an excellent pasalubong you can bring home. The quality and craftsmanship of Cebu-made guitars are known around the world. Since its introduction by the Spaniards, guitar playing has become one of the favorite pastimes of Cebuanos and Filipinos. Guitars from Cebu are made of kamagong and narra wood, which can withstand temperature changes, making them suitable for cold Western countries.

While you can buy a Cebu-made guitar in several pasalubong centers in Cebu, you can also drop by the Alegre Guitar Factory in Lapu-Lapu City and get a good bargain for your loot.

8. Lechon (Roasted Sucking Pig)

Pasalubong Center in Cebu - Where to buy Pasalubong in Cebu, Cebu pasalubong center

Lechon is a beloved dish in the country

Image: Zubuchon Facebook page

Cebu is synonymous with lechon. The lechon in Cebu is so delectable that you can eat it without sauce. You can check any Cebu pasalubong centers and take this home, tell the shop you want it packed for your flight. The lechon is meticulously wrapped to maintain its crispiness during the trip. The price of lechon ranges from PhP480 to PhP550 per kilo.

The pig in the spotlight can be found at Zubuchon, a well-known lechon’s pasalubong center in Cebu. The store has branches all around Cebu City and Lapu-Lapu City. Famous lechon houses include CNT Lechon, Tatang’s Boneless Lechon, and Rico’s Lechon.

Do you have any other pasalubong items you want to buy during your trip to Cebu?

Check out Yoorekka Magazine for more pasalubong options!

This article was initially published in Yoorekka on June 08, 2016.

Prices may change without prior notice.

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