Guide to Where You Can Get Frozen Treats in Cebu for the Hot Weather

Cool down with a sweet treat at these famous dessert shops in Cebu City.

By: Peter Parcon | March 28, 2008
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It’s getting hot in here, so it’s time to grab some frozen treats in the Queen City of the South. Did you know that the highest temperature in Cebu was recorded in 1981? The temperature then reached 37 ºC. While this may not be enough to boil an egg, it does make life in the city somewhat uncomfortable.

Fortunately, there are restaurants in the city where Cebuanos can cool off in more ways than one. All they need to do to escape the sweltering heat is to drop by the following places for frozen treats.

Room for Dessert

famous desserts in Cebu

Cotton candy-wrapped soft-serve ice cream

Image: Brennan Mercado

A part of the Casa Verde group of restaurants, Room for Dessert offers sweet treats and flavorful smoothies. The place has become one of the go-to-places for Cebuanos looking for some respite from the hot Cebu weather.

The main crowd drawer at Room for Dessert is their soft-serve ice cream, which is wrapped in fairy floss or cotton candy. This Instagram-worthy treat looks like something out of a fairy tale with its cotton candy pillow and colorful toppings.

How to Get There: From SM City Cebu, get on a My Bus to SM Seaside City Cebu. Room for Desert is located at the Sky Park of SM Seaside City Cebu.


famous desserts in Cebu

The delectable Lava Cake from Fudge

Image: Fudge Restaurant

From its humble beginnings as a quaint little confectionary store, Fudge has grown to become a place where Cebuanos can enjoy desserts.

While all the offerings at Fudge are delectable, their Lava Cake is beyond description. The cold exterior of the cake belies the hot chocolate flowing inside it.

How to Get There: Get on a jeepney headed for Ayala Center Cebu. Fudge is located at the fourth floor of the new wing.

Sulbing Dessert Café

famous desserts in Cebu

Sulbing Dessert Cafe offers a good selection of sulbing flavors.

Image: Sulbing Dessert Cafe

For lovers of Korean food, Sulbing Dessert Cafe is the best place to beat the heat in Cebu. The café is one of the few restaurants in Cebu offering sulbing or Korean snow ice dessert.

Sulbing Dessert Café offers a wide variety of sulbing for its customers. Each bowl of sulbing is big enough for two people.

How to Get There: From Ayala Center Cebu, ride a jeepney headed for Talamban. Ask to be dropped off at Gaisano Country Mall. Sulbing Dessert Café is located at the outside perimeter of the mall, along with other food and beverage outlets.

Frozen Snackbar

famous desserts in Cebu

Chocolate Decadence ice cream cake

Image: Frozen Snackbar

Frozen Snackbar is a hole-in-the-wall dessert shop offering different types of sweet treats. They have a good selection of parfaits, sundaes, and fruit smoothies.

The most popular item on their menu is their ice cream cake, which comes in different flavors. For halo-halo with a twist, you can try their durian halo-halo which comes with chunks of the exotic fruit.

How to Get There: From Ayala Center Cebu, you can ride a jeepney headed for General Maxilom Ave. and get off at National Bookstore – Mango Plaza Cebu. Walk along Juana Osmeña St. until you reach Century Plaza Commercial Complex.

Dolce Café Cebu

famous desserts in Cebu

Chocolate Overload shake from Dolce Cafe Cebu

Image: Dolce Cafe Cebu

Cool, refreshing treats only get better when you get to enjoy them up on a mountain. You can certainly do this at Dolce Cafe Cebu, one of the popular coffee shops in the city. The panoramic view offered by the café allows customers to escape from the hustle and bustle of life in the metro.

The menu of Dolce Café has a good selection of thirst-quenching fruit teas and a wide variety of blends and shakes.

How to Get There: You can get on a jeepney headed for Nivel Hills. Dolce Café is located right beside Anzani + Bellini Champagne Bar.

La Marea Pastry Shop

famous desserts in Cebu

A warm brownie cup is perfect for the hot weather.

Image: La Marea Pastry Shop

La Marea Pastry Shop is a quaint little pastry shop that offers sweet refuge for anyone looking for a place to escape the heat. While its interior design is simple, their menu offerings are not. They offer a long list of cakes, sylvannas (frozen buttercream cookies), and other baked goods. The most popular offerings at the shop are their warm brownie cups. The place is also known to have the best cheesecake in Cebu.

How to Get There: From Ayala Center Cebu, you can ride a jeepney headed for Talamban. Ask to be dropped off at the Crossroads Mall along Banilad road.

Butterbean Desserts Cafe

famous desserts in Cebu

A personalized Butterbean snowflake dessert

Image: Magic 92.3 Cebu

Butterbean Desserts and Cafe started off as stalls selling brownies and cookies in some malls in the city. From its simple beginnings, it then became a café offering a good variety of comfort food and delectable desserts.

The café at their Tojong St. branch has an ice cream bar where customers can make their own Butterbean ice cream creations. Customers can choose the coating and toppings they want to use on their custom-made dessert.

How to Get There: From Ayala Center Cebu, you can take a short walk along Tojong St. until you reach Butterbean Desserts Café.

When temperatures rise, Cebuanos will be at ease since they can always find refuge in their favorite dessert shops.
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