5 Popular Coffee Shops in Cebu

Where do coffee lovers hang out in Cebu?

By: Aldwin Joseph Tabasa | January 18, 2017
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popular coffee shops Cebu

Cebu has gained popularity when it comes to local coffee shops.The establishment of these coffee shops shows how much Cebuanos love coffee. An infusion of either a native ingredient or an imported variant makes the taste of coffee extraordinary and incomparable. Some coffee drinks have names that seem similar to one another but each drink definitely tastes distinct. How each coffee drink tastes makes the shop that offers it popular and unmatched by other coffee shops. Explore a new blend of coffee in one or all of these popular coffee shops in Cebu.

1. Dolce Café

popular coffee shops Cebu

Dolce Café has white countertops, tables, and chairs.

Located along Veterans Drive, Nivel Hills in Lahug, Dolce Café is a popular rendezvous for the young and young-at-heart. Sitting on a hillside, it gives patrons a delightful view of the city. Visit at night and you will see the gleaming view of Cebu City, but if it is peace and quiet you seek, an afternoon visit is the best. Their friendly and accommodating baristas will be more than happy to make recommendations and prepare your drinks.

popular coffee shops Cebu

Dolce Omelet paired with hot chocolate drink

Dolce Café has several best sellers that make customers come back regularly. For hot blends, these are brewed coffee and caramel macchiato. For cold drinks, their mint mocha and bubbly blueberry are highly recommended. Their bubbly blueberry, an excellent mixture of coffee and blueberry syrup, blends well the sweetness of blueberry with the subtle bitterness of coffee. A cup of bubbly blueberry costs PhP130.

Dolce Café's remote location gives the shop a very relaxing atmosphere. Their white coffee tables, chairs, and countertops show their utmost dedication to cleanliness.

Dolce Café is open every day from 7:00 AM until midnight.

2. Tablea Chocolate Café

popular coffee shops Cebu

Tablea at JY Square Mall

Tablea Chocolate Café is famous for mixing chocolate and coffee beverages. Tablea is a locally ground chocolate drop and is popularly used in beverages. Locals used to pair a cup of tablea drink with puto og mangga (sweet sticky rice and mango) for breakfast but now, you can have a cup of tablea drink any time of the day.

popular coffee shops Cebu

Puto Maya with Fresh Mango and Sikwate (L); Rich dessert shakes (R)

Tablea's best-selling coffee is Café Mocha, a combination of mocha and tablea. It is the only coffee drink in their menu that is mixed with the local chocolate. The drink is smooth and the aroma of tablea dominates the mix. The mix does not leave chocolate residue which makes Café Mocha a good choice. At PhP115 per mug, Café Mocha is best served hot but there is a cold blended variant at PhP 130. However, if Café Mocha is not your preference, just tell their efficient and attentive baristas and they will offer you a drink that suits your taste.

Tablea Chocolate Café has several locations in Cebu. They have kiosks at the 2nd floor of the Northwing in SM City Cebu and at the 2nd floor of the Active Zone in Ayala Center Cebu. They also have a café at the ground floor of JY Square Mall in Lahug. They are open from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

3. The Civet Coffee

popular coffee shops Cebu

The Civet Coffee signage

The Civet Coffee offers coffee obtained from civet dropping; hence, its name. They serve specialty coffee called drip coffee. Their coffee has five variants: barako, Kenya AA, Yirgacheffe, Honduras, wild blending and, the most popular, 30% of civet dropping. A cup of each drip coffee variant, except 30% of civet dropping, costs PhP120 for the hot blend and PhP130 for the cold blend. Only served hot, a cup of 30% of civet dropping costs PhP590. The Civet Coffee also serves coffee with 50% and 100% of civet dropping and requires an advance order before coming to the shop.

popular coffee shops Cebu
Image: Ahjo Bantolinao

The Civet Coffee’s best seller is Dutch Americano, a brewed coffee that is slightly creamy with the right sweetness. It is recommended to those who prefer less strength in their coffee and is best paired with choco truffle cake. You can get a regular Dutch Americano at PhP120 while a large one costs PhP130.

popular coffee shops Cebu

Interior of The Civet Coffee

The Civet Coffee is perfect for those who seek good ambience and a spacious area. You may ask their knowledgeable and efficient baristas for coffee recommendations.

The Civet Coffee branches are located at M.L. Quezon National Highway, Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City; Mactan Newtown, Punta Engaño, Lapu-Lapu City; and at the ground floor of Skyrise 4, Cebu IT Park, Cebu City.

4. Coffee Prince

popular coffee shops Cebu

Façade of Coffee Prince

Seemingly inspired by the popular Korean rom-com series of the same name, The Coffee Prince has been operating for years. Located near banks, offices, and establishments including the Cebu Provincial Capitol and the Cebu Doctors’ University Hospital (CDUH), it has remained popular due to its strategic location as well as its bright interiors and comfortable spaces. Elevated platforms and colorful pillows replace the table-and-chair setup. Patrons like taking selfies with the paintings on the wall and fixtures as background.

Coffee Prince's best-selling drink is the java chip while the popular espresso-based drink is Caramel Macchiato. Their prices range from PhP75 to PhP200.

popular coffee shops Cebu

Coffee Prince’s interior

Visit the café after office hours to best appreciate the interior and lighting. The coffee shop is open from 7:00 AM to 2:00 AM Monday to Friday and from 7:00 AM to 3:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday. It is located at 0246 Osmeña Boulevard, Capitol Site (across Cebu Doctors’ University Hospital), Cebu City.

5. Caffe Hausbrandt

popular coffee shops Cebu

Hausbrandt’s interior

Caffe Hausbrandt has attracted coffee fans with their interesting mixes of coffee and chocolate such as mocachino and Cremoso Chokola. Their coffee and chocolate mixes are shipped directly from Italy.

popular coffee shops Cebu

Hausbrandt's best seller is Café Americano, which they serve on a mug for PhP120. Their food presentation is simple yet the taste is premium. They serve desserts like cakes, cookies, muffins and specialty gelato. Their baristas are very friendly and attentive and they provide customers excellent service and relevant information about their products.

The ambience is also excellent. With bright lighting and neat interiors, and soothing jazz music playing in the store, the atmosphere is very relaxing, making Hausbrandt a favorite spot for studying and brainstorming. Caffe Hausbrandt is open every day from 8:00 AM to midnight.

Each coffee shop blends its drinks uniquely. Drop by and have a cup of coffee, enjoy the view or simply engage in conversation in any of these five popular coffee shops in Cebu.

Prices subject to change without prior notice.

Click the store names to see their exact addresses and contact numbers.
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