3 Upcoming Concerts and Events in Cebu City this April 2018

Let these live shows and events heat up your summer!

By: Peter Parcon | April 11, 2018
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Cebu concerts and events 2018

Summer is almost here and people are looking to get away and have a good time. While the beaches of Cebu are still some of the best places to spend some downtime, Cebuanos can also look forward to a handful of other events during the summer. From an intimate evening of serenades to a dance party in northern Cebu, the island’s all geared up to give you the hottest summer ever!

1. Bryan White and Endless Summer for Bullcoin Gold Tour

Where: Skyhall B, SM City Seaside Cebu
When: April 13
Prices: PhP6,300 for VIP seats; PhP3,700 for Premium seats; PhP2,700 for Standard seats

Cebu concerts and events 2018

Bryan White brings the Bullcoin World Tour to SM Seaside City Cebu with Endless Summer in April.

Image: Music Museum

American country music fans are in for a treat as Bryan White brings the Bullcoin Gold Tour to the Queen City of the South. Bryan White rose to popularity during the 90’s with his notable songs including “From This Moment On,” “God Gave Me You,” and “Beautiful Place.”

Performing with White are two of the members of the 80’s pop group, The Moffats. Clint and Bob Moffat teamed up to form Endless Summer and released an EP in 2016 with their debut single “Amen for Women.” Now the duo, together with White, is all set to serenade their fans with an absolute throwback of their best hits.

Tickets for this event are available on the Ticket Tailor website.

How to get to SM Seaside City Cebu: From SM City Cebu , you can get on a MyBus headed for SM City Seaside Cebu.

2. Sultry Taste of Summer

Where: Lapyahan, San Remigio, Cebu, Philippines
When: April 14
Prices: PhP400 for VIP; PhP200 for General Admission

Cebu concerts and events 2018

Time to have fun in San Remigio at the Electro Music Festival.

Image: North Boom Productions

San Remigio comes alive again as the Electro Music Festival returns to the northern Cebu town for the Sultry Taste of Summer 2018. Guests, get set to dance to the beat of MC Benson, who saw his career take off as the resident disc jockey at Alcohology and Club Den. The former Monster Radio BT 105.9 DJ also set the house on fire at Liv Superclub as a guest MC for the Masked Friday Sinulog 2018.

Guests availing general admission to the Sultry Taste of Summer get a free Tyvek wristband and one round of beer. Meanwhile, VIP guests will receive all these along with a Sultry Velcro strap and special VIP access.

How to get to Lapyahan, San Remigio: Ride a bus headed for San Remigio at the Cebu North Bus Terminal. Another option is to get on a bus headed for Bogo City and catch a jeepney headed for San Remigio.

Check out our list of bars in Cebu City or browse the Dining & Leisure category of the ShoppersGuide Directory.

3. Bon Odori 2018

Where: J Centre Mall
When: April 28-29

Cebu concerts and events 2018

The Bon Odori Japanese Music Festival returns to Cebu in April.

Image: Lorjie Chu

Bon Odori is a style of dancing typically performed during Obon, a Japanese holiday when people return to their ancestral homes to honor the spirits of their ancestors. In Cebu, Bon Odori has become an annual festival highlighting cultural exchange and celebrating Japanese culture. Spearheaded by the Japanese Association of Cebu, the event has become one of the most-anticipated events for people enthralled with Japanese culture.

This year, the Bon Odori 2018 is set to be held at J Centre Mall on Apri 28 and 29. Visitors get to taste Japanese food at the food park, learn how to make mochi (Japanese rice cake), and watch a karate demonstration. Cosplay fans can also let their creativity run wild during the cosplay contest at the event, with exciting prizes up for grabs.

Ticket prices are currently unavailable, but the tickets were priced at PhP20 each in the past. They are available at the entrance of the event.

How to get to J Centre Mall: From Ayala Center Cebu, you can ride a jeepney headed for the mall at the public utility vehicle terminal of the mall.

Tips for attending events:

  • Go to the venue early. Some events and concerts close their doors once the show starts. Consider the traffic on the way to the venue and give yourself at least an hour head start so you can still prepare accordingly.
  • Follow the rules and guidelines set by the organizers of the event, especially regarding prohibited materials and overall conduct.
  • If you are attending a concert or show, go to the restroom before it starts. It may not be easy to find your way back to where your friends are once everything gets rowdy.
  • When attending concerts, shows, or parties, try to bring your friends. Aside from added company, you also get to have someone watch your back should anything untoward happen to you during the event.
  • If you’re going to the event alone, remain vigilant. Watch your belongings at all times and be wary of strangers or any conspicuous incidents.
  • Finally, just let your hair down and have fun!

Which of these shows are you attending? Drop a comment and let us know how excited you are!
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